Turf & Gardens

Turf & GardensThe finishing touches to any landscape design are achieved with the turf and gardens.

Plant selection and style are vital to finishing the landscape project to the clients individual taste and particular requirements. Experience and knowledge of plants that perform well are critical in creating gardens that are long lasting, a minimum of maintenance and fuss and will increase the value of your landscaping over time.

Styles and themes

Turf & GardensThere are many styles and themes to consider. The choice should be based on the individual landscape project and the tastes of the client. Some of the styles and themes that are possible include, formal, tropical, cottage, native and so on.

Pools and gardens

A swimming pool is usually the focal feature of a landscape project. The gardens should compliment the area to provide a the best aesthetic possible. There are some considerations that need to be made however, such as anything that floats or can be blown by the wind is likely to end up in the pool. Plant selection should be considered carefully to avoid mess from leaf drop and flowers, yet providing the wow factor to create a stunning pool area.

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