Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls form the cornerstone of most landscape projects.

Unless you build on a near level site there will be some need for a retaining wall. Whether it be ground stabilization, changing land contours, creating level areas or as a landscape feature, retaining walls are an integral part of most landscaping projects

Retaining walls can be built from many different materials and constructed in many different ways. Besser block, linkwall block, timber sleeper, concrete sleeper, natural stone just to name a few. Not all are suited to every situation and most times only one or two types of wall will provide the best solution. If you are planning to engage a contractor for your project make sure they are capable of providing you with all the options available to ensure you end up with the best result.

Feature retaining walls can be used to create an eye catching feature in your landscape project. Split face block, rendered block, natural stone etc. are just some of the finishes that can make your landscaping look amazing.

At Bluestone Landscaping we are licensed and capable of building any retaining wall you may require. We construct retaining walls from any material. Because of this we can offer our clients the best retaining wall to suit their situation, from a 2metre high structural wall to a 600mm feature wall in the front garden.

Sleeper retaining walls

Retaining WallConcrete sleeper retaining walls are becoming a very popular alternative to traditional timber retaining walls. While timber still has its place and can create a durable retaining wall that is natural looking and price competitive, concrete sleepers have many advantages.

Concrete retaining walls are far more durable than timber and with the inline posting system take up less room than timber retaining walls. Given the advances in concrete sleepers in recent years their pricing has become far more competitive with timber sleepers and given their longer life span definitely provide value for money and a very effective retaining wall system.

Rock walls

Natural stone is an option to use in the construct retaining walls. From the large boulder wall (better suited to large developments), to feature hand places walls that can be an attractive option if your project requires a natural looking finish. There are many types of rock that can be used for retaining such as sandstone, basalt, bluestone, natural bush rock or granite.

Concrete Retaining Walls

There are many concrete products that are used to build retaining walls such as concrete sleeper, linkwall block, besser block, formed concrete, spray concrete. As with all retaining walls each method and material is more suitable to certain situations than others. The key to choosing the best solution is to engage a contractor who is capable of constructing all types of retaining walls and will provide you with the correct advice for your project.