Drainage & Earthworks

Drainage & Earthworks

Garden landscapes are a beautiful feature in any home.

The aesthetics that they create are quite unique and appealing. Considering that every garden design is one of a kind, they garden landscapes also add a touch of your uniqueness to your home. Many gardens are a reflection of the owner of the house since every aspect of the garden including its design, content and theme is a personal attribute they chose for their homes.

An important factor that should take prominence while creating your garden landscape is the drainage. Garden landscape drainage is a crucial factor that determines or affects the design of the garden and its content in some way. The overall drainage of the garden can be an asset or a troublesome pain that may lower the value of your home.

The Importance Of Having Proper Garden Drainage Installed In Your Home

In many instances well designed, maintained and scenic garden landscape around your house adds the value of your home. If you intend to sell your house, you are better placed to get a great deal as the garden adds value to the house and pushes up the asking price you can quote for your house.

Garden landscape drainage is also an important element of your home in protecting it from flooding and formation of bogs around the house. In areas that receive a lot of water in terms of rainfall, there is always a high probability of flooding especially when rainfall received exceeds the ability of the soil to hold water. Garden drainage in this case can function as a ventilating mechanism; getting the excess water and diverting it to the city’s sewerage installations.

Garden drainages also function to keep the garden at optimum productive levels; at just the right soil moisture content to have your garden green, lush and beautiful. The purpose of any garden landscape is to beatify the environment around the house. Beauty stemming from plants can only be achieved when the conditions of the plants are perfect. Too much water may kill your flowers and other plants you have in your garden. The opposite is also detrimental to the survival of the plants. Little or no water moisture content in the soil kills your garden due to wilting.

Landscaping Drainage Designs And Factors To Consider When Installing One

Having looked at what make Landscape garden drainage an important part of the landscaping and to some extent the house, we should familiarise ourselves with environmental factor to consider when designing the landscape.

Topology Of Your Property

Drainage & EarthworksA good topology is one that directs water away from your house. However, more often than not, this is not the case. Many properties have their land being flat and in worse cases the overall grade is sloping is the centre of direction of water flow. This is can have a very adverse effect to the foundation of the house.

To remedy this, there are several solutions that a perfectly capable to handle this on a permanent basis. One of them is using French drains that divert water from your house to the city’s drainage system. French drainages take many forms but generally, they are plastic tubes with perforations that let in water. The pipes are surrounded by gravel wrapped around to deter soil from finding its way to the pipe. The whole system is set up trenches that angled that ensure water flows away.

Soil Compactness And Presence Of Hard Pans

Presence of hard pans on the soil surfaces or the soil being excessively compact leads to stagnant surface water forming. This causes a lot of water to accumulate on the surface causing formation of bogs.

This scenario is best remedied using a system of underground drains. The drains ideally should let the water sip in and direct it way from the garden.

High Water Table

Properties that around mash land as well as those bordering the coastline or lake shores are greatly affected by this condition. This can be remedied by plating water loving plants (shrubs, trees and flowers) in your landscape garden.

Types of drainage Systems That Can Be Installed For Garden Landscaping

The garden landscape drainages are divided into surface, sub-surface and downspout drainages. Each of these systems is uniquely crafted to handle certain drainage challenges.

As you have already noticed, solving drainage problems require technical expertise and experience. Bluestone landscaping provides a mix of expertise and experience. Furthermore, a touch of artistry is added in the mix to make the landscape exciting and lively. Contact us for the best garden landscape drainage installations.

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