Decks & Pergolas


Decks & Pergolas

Timber decks – a great option to create a usable outdoor area.

Decking is a fantastic way to create a usable outdoor area with aesthetic appeal. Timber provides a warmth and natural feel that is hard to match with any other finished surface.  Of course timber needs to be maintained to preserve its rich colour and prolong its life.

There are options to natural timber such as composite decking. This does not require the same maintenance as natural timber while still giving the appearance of decking.

There are many options to consider when choosing a deck such as timber, composite deck, floating design, post and footings. At Bluestone Landscaping we construct using all types of material and construction methods. All decking is fastened with stainless screws of concealed fastenings. We construct our decks to last so that our clients can enjoy them for years to come.


Decks & Pergolas

Pergola – outdoor living, aesthetic feature

Pergolas are a great way to provide an outdoor living space and/or a stunning structural feature. Whether constructed from natural timber or steel, solid rooved or battens, there are many choices for design and construction. Allow us to help you explore your options and enhance your landscaping project.

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