Concreting, Paving & Tiling

Concreting, Paving & Tiling

Decorative concrete, cost effective option for a hard finish.

Decorative concrete provides a cost effective option for finishing areas that require a hard finish. driveways, paths, courtyards etc are all places where decorative concrete can be used to create a durable, attractive, cost effective finish.

Coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, stencil concrete are popular types of finishes that can be used to create a practical, low maintenance area. Because concrete is formed and poured while it is still in plastic form it can be shaped any form allowing it to be customized to suit individual landscape projects. This also allows for the concrete surface to be shaped to allow for drainage.

At Bluestone Landscaping we offer concreting as part of our landscaping service. It forms an integral part of landscape design, allowing us to create landscape finishes that are durable, attractive and low maintenance.


Concreting, Paving & Tiling

Pavers- durable, attractive and timeless.

Pavers are a great option to creating an attractive durable finish for your landscaping project. With endless colours, formats and styles there will be something to suit your taste and provide to stunning finish for your landscape project.

Concrete pavers are manufactured in an amazing variety of colours, formats and styles. They provide a great option for finishing hard surfaces. Clay pavers are durable and provide the variation of a natural product. Whilst the colours and formats are not as varied as concrete pavers they create a timeless look that is hard to replicate.

At Bluestone Landscaping we happily use all types of pavers and paver finishes. This means the hardest thing you will have to do is choose the right pavers for your job!


Concreting, Paving & Tiling

Natural stone tiles

Tiling is used to create and up market feel for your landscape project. Natural stone tiles are a great option for out door areas, creating a timeless finish that is both durable and attractive.       There are many choices of manufactured tile that can also be used. The choice of size, colour and style are endless.

Tiling is one of the options we provide at Bluestone Landscaping for your hard surface finishes. Because we offer tiling, paving and concreting at Bluestone Landscaping we are able to work with our clients to provide them with the best possible solution to create the landscape of their dreams