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Picking The Right Plants For Summer

When it comes to tending the garden, there are a huge number of reasons people do it. There are people who really enjoy gardening as something relaxing to do. They love the idea of putting together beautiful flowers, spreading color and joy around their yard and making everything look bright and cheerful.

There are others who would rather put together a great vegetable garden, growing their own food. They love the idea of using the sweat of their brow to put food on their plate, and so they want to make sure that, come the end of summer, they’ll be able to have the biggest, juiciest, tastiest vegetables they can possibly have.

Whatever the reason, if you’re going to try setting up a garden this summer, then you’re going to need to figure out the right plants for summer. There are a number of ways to do this, but no matter what, there are some basic steps you’re going to have to follow.

You can’t just grab a bunch of plants that you think look nice, after all. What you think looks pretty or might taste good is going to be a step, of course, but it’s not the first step. It’s not even the second step. It’s a step that comes much later in the process of picking the right plants for summer.

First, you need to figure out what kind of garden you’re going to grow. Do you want a flower garden, or a vegetable garden? This one should be easy to figure out. Do you want to grow plants because you think they’ll look pretty, or are you hoping to grow food that you can eat?

Either one is going to take a bit of work, but the exact kind of work is going to be different. It’s important to understand the kind of work you’ll be doing, because it really is different. Vegetable gardens tend to require a lot more water, for example. They’ll also require a lot more work to keep the weeds and pests away.

Flower gardens tend to require less water overall. In point of fact, over watering a flower garden can easily lead to killing the flowers. It can wash away vital nutrients from the soil, nutrients that flowers are going to need in order to grow beautiful and healthy.

And while flower gardens need care to ensure you don’t have a weed problem, they don’t require quite as much work to keep the pests away. In general, any kind of insect or animal that nibbles on flowers are the kind you want there, because they help to cross pollinate the plants. This allows more to grow elsewhere, spreading the joy and beauty across the world.

Once you figure out what kind of garden you’re going to grow, you have to figure out what kind of plants will actually survive. There are many plants that require a certain kind of temperature and weather in order to grow. That doesn’t just mean hot or cold, either. Certainly, there are certain plants that only grow in the winter, and other plants that only grow in the summer.

However, there are also certain plants that only grow in mild summers, where as other plants need hotter weather to properly bloom. If you don’t live in an area that can promise the appropriate weather, then you should not grow that kind of plant. All you’ll do is put plants into your garden just to have them wither away and die. Hard to have a proper garden if your plants are all dying!

Once you figure out what plants are going to actually grow in your garden, that’s when you can begin making choices based on what you think looks nice or what you think might be tasty. Once you get to this point, you’ve managed to narrow down the field of potential plants quite a bit.

You’ll know whether you’re looking for vegetables or flowers, and you’ll know if the vegetables or flowers you’re looking at are going to actually be able to grow healthy and strong when you plant them. Since those are the two most important things to know, you might as well start thinking about what you like!

The best way to find out all this information is by doing some heavy research. You can head to the internet, of course, because the internet really does have a great deal of information. You can simply head to Google or Bing and type in keyword searches such as “plants for summer”.

You’ll get a huge number of different websites, all telling you all about the different plants you can get. However, just going to the internet isn’t necessarily going to be the best option. It’s true that there’s a huge amount of information, but it’s hard to sift through it all to make sure you’re finding the right information.

It’s a much better idea to go to your local lawn and garden store and ask questions. They’ll be able to help you figure out what kind of weather you actually have in your area. What you think is a hot summer may actually be a mild summer in terms of growing plants, after all. Similarly, what you think is a lot of water may not be enough water for certain plants.

Once you know those things, you can go about setting up your garden!

7 Landscaping Ideas

High quality landscaping can turn a yard full of odd looking bushes and grass in to an interesting and high-quality garden with the help of right landscape design. When it comes to landscaping, there is no dearth of ideas as one has access to a number of good ideas thanks to the Internet. You can easily search through a variety of different websites to get these ideas.

There are thousands of websites dedicated to the art of landscaping, where professional and experienced landscaping artists share their own ideas and experiences with particular designs and choice of various plants, focus pieces and other things in specific areas. Here is a list of 7 landscaping ideas that can add a lot of variety to your garden. Use these 7 landscaping ideas to design a completely unique and amazing garden.

Walkways Can Add a Lot to the Looks of Your Garden

Walkways made of concrete or loose stones are one of the most inexpensive ways to landscape your garden. Walkways can be used for walking in the evening or for a relaxed night stroll. There are a number of different types of stones that can be used for making the walkways. For instance, you may use crushed stone or small river stone to create that walkway.

It is important to edge the walkway in the right manner to ensure that the stones do not move over the other grassy areas. Also, there is a lot of advice available on the Internet for free to use the stones in completely unique designs to create a unique looking garden.

Use Unique Planting Designs

It’s not necessary to spend a ton of money on plantings to create a beautiful design. There are a number of cheap trees, shrubs and flowers available today that can help you create that beautiful looking garden at a low cost.

You may use smaller trees that are high quality and do not cost much. Trees help in breaking up the monotony created by shrubs. Similarly, evergreen shrubs help in bulking up and providing greenery during the winter months. There are many inexpensive varieties of shrubs available today.

Create Retaining Walls

There are a number of different types of retaining walls that can be created in a number of designs for landscaping. In fact, most of the professional landscaping artists make use of retaining walls in a completely unique manner to add to the beauty of the garden. There are a lot of different ideas available on the net to help you make a retaining wall in the garden.

Make Use of Cheap Fencing

It wonít be wrong to say that fencing can add a lot of a value to your garden. There are many different types of fencing materials available today that are not only cheap but also add to the looks of your garden. For instance, you may use fencing made of bamboo or some other inexpensive material that not only have offers privacy but also enhances the looks.

Take Inspiration from the Nature around You

Internet is not the only source that you can use to get some really amazing and inspiring landscaping ideas. Ideally, you should look around and take inspiration from the nature. For instance, you may include flowers, shrubs and stones that are locally available at a low cost and also look good.

Add an Island Bed

You may also add an Island bed in the middle of your garden to enhance the looks of already great looking garden. These not only add height to the middle of your garden but also add a bit of mystery to the overall landscape.

Dress up the Driveway

If your driveway is not attractive, you can always make use of light coloured plants and materials to hide it. One of the best places to take attention away from the driveway is to create a raised island in the middle of your garden. You may add various flowers and plants to the island so that it completely takes attention away from the driveway.

Overall, there is no shortage of landscaping ideas these days. There are a number of different websites that offer high quality landscape ideas. You are not just limited to the 7 landscaping ideas mentioned above as you may also use various magazines on the subject.

While deciding upon the design of your landscape, it is also important to keep in mind the maintenance requirements of the garden. Maintenance takes a lot of time and effort and your garden wonít keep looking amazing if you do not maintain it properly.

Finding A Reputable Gold Coast Landscape Contractor

There a plenty of people out there who are present themselves as landscapers, however potential customers need to be aware not all is as it seems. So how can you tell if you are engaging the services of a reputable contractor or some “fly by nighter”, who will change their phone number once your job is finished.
1.Check their BSA trade license. Make sure the license is for the correct trade i.e structural landscaping. Make sure the name on the card matches the name of the company / individual you are dealing with. Make sure you get a signed contract for the work to be carried out.
2.Ask for trade references and check them out. View the contractors previous projects.
3.Don’t fall for the cheapest price. Call for more than one quote and compare the description of works and price quoted. ASK QUESTIONS!

Gold Coast Value For Money Landscaping

Value For Money Landscaping

Consider a client who decides to take on their own landscape project. They engage various contractors to complete different stages of works. Looking for the best price they call three quotes for each stage of works, being earthworks, fencing, retaining walls, concreting, paving and turf and gardens.

That is 18 quotes, that alone is a job and a half. With all the quotes in the construction costs look reasonable and it would appear that the project will be completed well within the budget. However no one considered drainage, waste removal, the quotes didn’t include required approvals and so on. The extras bill will quickly add up and start to stretch the budget.

However the biggest cost is to the finish of the landscape project, unless the whole project is considered from the start the final finish may be a bit like a jigsaw with a few pieces missing, it just doesn’t work!!

The answer is to engage the services of a qualified landscape contractor to complete your landscape project. At Bluestone Landscaping we are licensed builders restricted to structural landscaping. That means that whilst we handle most aspects of landscaping in house we can also directly engage other contractors to complete any landscape project.

Our clients only need to make one call to us to complete their landscaping. One contract, one job, one uniform finish and real value for the money spent on their landscaping. So if you are considering landscaping in the Gold Coast / Sth East Queensland region please contact us at Bluestone Landscaping.