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What To Consider Before Landscaping

Are you looking to redesign your entire landscape? Are you just making a few changes to the landscaping design already in place? Are you wondering what to consider before landscaping? Whatever the case, you need to consider a few important factors before commencing anything. Most people prefer visiting the local garden store to browse through selections. However, creating a plan before trying anything is a good idea. Well, here is what to consider before landscaping.

Knowing The Yard

You need to consider elements such as the climate in your region, the topography, the type of soil and many more things before you can start landscaping. You can find all the necessary research online. Depending on the current conditions of your yard, there is a chance you might have a micro climate. Therefore, take that into consideration before doing anything. Don’t forget to consider the drainage of water into the soil, especially away from the house and into the other areas of the landscape.


Before doing anything, you need to consider who will be using the yard once it’s finished and how it will be used. For instance, are your children going to be playing in the yard? Are the pets going to be sleeping or playing in the yard? Do you consider using the yard for entertaining guests? Note that, it’s possible to create different spaces for various uses with specific designs and tricks. Don’t forget to add walkways for moving people from one area to the other effortlessly.


By choosing a particular theme for your yard, you can guide plants and unify your landscape accordingly. You can choose consistent forms or shapes in the garden. When choosing a particular theme, you should consider the current architecture of your home. Any theme you choose should complement the style of your home since the backyard is an extension of the house.

A good theme will guide you in choosing which plants to add to your yard and where to place them. It’s also a good way to decide on the best structures and decorations for the landscape. You can either choose geometric themes, natural themes or anything else that brings out a colorful and beautiful yard.

Link Spaces

If you want to make the best use of your yard, you should think of it as another room in your house. If your house has carefully planned and designed rooms, you should do the same with your landscape. You can achieve this by using various landscaping materials wisely to bring out the best out of your yard. Create walkways and openings in the garden that allow easy exploration and movement.

Choosing The Right Plants

During the planning session, you should assess the function of plants in your landscape when it’s done. You can add plants to the yard for various functions. For instance, they can provide delicious vegetables and fruits, add beautiful scenery to the landscape and also provide beautiful and relaxing aromas in the yard.

You can also use the plants as barriers and boundaries thus defining the areas in the yard. It’s easy to block the view and allow access to any area using specific plants. For instance, you should consider low growing plants to prevent access but provide a beautiful view of the yard.

If you place the plants correctly, you can also alter the conditions in the landscape site. For instance, you can control the light, wind or temperature in any specific landscape using particular plants. They can also provide insulation from other noisy features in the landscape such as water fountains or bird houses.

Structured Plantings

When choosing plants, you should consider the various visual planes in the yard. For instance, you should consider the overhead planes such as trees or archways. Secondly, you should check the vertical planes such as the spacing of the plants, layering or staggering of plants. Don’t forget about the individual and overall heights of all the plants in the yard. Finally, there is the ground plane that determines the grouping and arrangement of smaller plants, hardscapes and also groundcovers. If you repeat similar structures throughout the yard, you will get a unified view.

Attention To Detail And Highlighting Important Points

If you want to highlight a particular area of your landscape, you should use garden ornaments, distinct structures or unique plants. The different sizes, shapes, colors and textures will direct the attention to the particular area. Each of these items has unique attributes that can complement and contrast accordingly. Therefore, if you take that into consideration, you can create a very integrated and appealing landscape.

Of course, not only the visuals should be considered. Don’t forget about the aromas of the plants you choose to enhance the overall experience of the garden. For instance, you should find the scents that come into play when various flowers bloom and how they will complement each other.

Future Additions And Maintenance

Of course, the plants will not look brand new forever. That’s why you need to consider how they will look after some time has passed. On that note, you should consider the growth rate of plants, the maintenance requirements and also the size of the plants when mature. Provide each plant with enough room for maturity but you should keep in mind the optimal conditions to achieve the desired height and size of maturity.

In conclusion, with this information on what to consider before landscaping, you should be able to choose the right plants for your yard, the good designs, and themes that bring out the beauty of your garden.

Drought Resistant Plants

Is water a scarce resource where you live? Or maybe you want to create an environment-friendly garden? If so, drought resistant plants will be a great idea. These wonderful plants require very little water and they can make your landscaping much more attractive.

Wondering about the top 10 drought resistant plants? Hereís a list to consider.

Apart from being incredibly heat-tolerant and needing only small amounts of water, yarrow requires little to no maintenance and care. It produces beautiful yellow flowers that will make the garden stunning even in the absence of water.

Yarrow is a great companion plant for crops. Many pests, rabbits and deer arenít going to come near this plant. Apart from being beautiful to look at, yarrow has some practical advantages, as well.

Sunset Strain
Included in the list of top 10 drought resistant plants, sunset strain is a California native. The evergreen plant produces beautiful and delicate flowers.

Keep in mind that youíll have to put a bit of effort in guaranteeing excellent drainage for this plant. This is one of the main reasons why sunset strain is a wonderful pick for rock gardens.

Daylilies are perennials and they are especially recognized for the versatility that they provide. These delicate flowers come in a range of bright colors, making them ideal for landscaping purposes.

Daylilies grow in all kinds of soils. They donít require a lot of water to blossom and the care for these plants is minimal. Even individuals that have never gardened before will find it incredibly easy to grow daylilies and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

This is another plant that comes in numerous varieties, all of these having excellent drought-resistance qualities. The leaves change their appearance from spring to autumn, which is another interesting sedum characteristic. Sedum requires sun and well-drained soil to grow.

Known for its beautiful and aromatic flowers, lavender can be grown in gardens that arenít watered too often.

Lavender is a perennial shrub that can grow in all types of soil. It may even have a little bit of preference for sand and gravel. You donít need to pay special attention to the lavender plants. An occasional cut will be needed to maintain the form of the plant but thatís it!

Flowering Quince
The plant is mainly known for the vibrant, spectacular red blossoms. Flowering quince doesnít require a lot of water. In fact, if the summer is particularly dry and the autumn is rainy, youíll probably enjoy some late bloom.

Flowering quince can reach a height of up to eight feet. It requires a lot of sunshine and well-drained soil.

Chaste Tree
This is another beautiful shrub requiring very little water. Chaste tree can range in height from eight to 15 feet and it requires a lot of sun. The cone-shaped, purple flowers have a spectacular scent, which is one of the main reasons for the popularity of chaste tree.

Chaste tree is also available in white and pink varieties, in case you want to diversify the purple a little bit. This plant attracts hummingbirds, as well as butterflies. It requires little to no maintenance.

Cheerful, yellow and delicate ñ these flowers are a wonderful addition to every garden.

Sundrops will continue blossoming from spring to early fall. Donít plant these beautiful flowers in rich soil because they can become aggressive and spread out extensively.

Purple Coneflower
These flowers have a slightly unusual appearance but they can be used to diversify just about any garden. Purple coneflowers are very resilient perennials that require little water and little care. Even if you arenít particularly focused on keeping your garden in the best possible condition, youíll get dozens of purple blossoms that will attract numerous butterflies.

Purple coneflowers prefer a lot of sun and well-drained soil. When planted in these conditions, the coneflowers will reach a maximum height of five feet.

American Beautyberry
This North American native produces small pink berries in large clusters. The color of these berries is incredibly attractive and they will persist until the autumn, giving your garden a bit of decorative flare.

American Beautyberries also have dark green leaves and delicate white flowers in the spring. The plants prefer partial shade. The soil should be rich and fertile. Make sure that it is also particularly well drained.

This was our top 10 drought resistant plants list. Choose the varieties and the colors that correspond to your preferences and your lifestyle. Your experience and the amount of time you can dedicate to gardening will also be determining.

Choosing A Gold Coast Landscape Contractor

Thinking about creating a landscape project? Unsure where to start? Choosing the right contractor could be the difference between a successful, happy outcome or a costly disaster. Whilst there is no bullet proof way to guarantee you landscaping will go without any hitches, however there are certainly some steps you can take to reduce the risks.

1. Check that the contractor you engage is licensed and that they hold the relevant license for the works to be performed.
2. Any legitimate contractor will suggest that you sign a contract for works above $3300
3. Don’t always accept the cheapest quote, and if you do ensure that you check all the inclusions and exclusions. A large extras bill at the end of the job is always a nasty surprise but often this is what accompanies the cheapest quote.
4. Don’t hesitate to ask for and check work references. Any decent landscaper will be able to provide these without any problems
5. Ask questions and expect answers. If you don’t feel comfortable refer to the first 4 points.

If you are considering a landscaping project on the Gold Coast or the South East Queensland region please call us at Bluestone Landscaping.

Sustainable Gold Coast Landscaping Solutions

Sustainable landscpaing

Our core business is to provide a structural landscaping service for the Gold Coast. However we are preparing to provide our clients with some exciting new possibilities by incorporating sustainable practices into our landscaping. Fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, vegie gardens, aquaponics and many other ways for you to receive added benefits from your landscaping projects. The intention is to create landscaping that provides an interactive experience whilst producing something of value. The yard need no longer be a maintenance/mowing issue.

Sustainable Landscaping On The Gold Coast

Sustainable Landscaping solutions

At Bluestone Landscaping on the Gold Coast we are recreating the service that we provide to our customers to include more sustainable landscape practices.  Fruit trees, vegetable gardens,  stormwater harvesting, aquaponics and eco friendly materials just to name a few. So if you are looking to engage the services of a landscaper on the Gold Coast and want more out of your landscape than something that looks good if you maintain it, please contact us at Bluestone Landscaping

Low Maintenence Gold Coast Landscaping

We are often asked,” can we create a landscape that requires no maintenence?”. The simple answer is no. All landscaping will require some maintenece, unless your happy with a mess of weeds and overgrown shrubs.  Low miantenence landscaping is achievable however, even with the water restrictions we experience in South East Queensland. Properly selected plant material, application of quality soil and water retention agents, correct application of mulch and  gravel, and the use of  quality turf or synthetic grass are some of the answers to the challenge. Combined with the use of procucts that are durable and construction methods that will endure, it is possible to cretate a landscape that will require minimum maintenence.

At Bluestone Landscaping, ,we have the knowledge and expierience to create a landscape solution that answers the challenges of requiring minimum maintenece and allowing our clients to have more time to enjoy their weekends.