Are you looking to redesign your entire landscape? Are you just making a few changes to the landscaping design already in place? Are you wondering what to consider before landscaping? Whatever the case, you need to consider a few important factors before commencing anything. Most people prefer visiting the local garden store to browse through … Continue reading What To Consider Before Landscaping

Is water a scarce resource where you live? Or maybe you want to create an environment-friendly garden? If so, drought resistant plants will be a great idea. These wonderful plants require very little water and they can make your landscaping much more attractive. Wondering about the top 10 drought resistant plants? Hereís a list to … Continue reading Drought Resistant Plants

Thinking about creating a landscape project? Unsure where to start? Choosing the right contractor could be the difference between a successful, happy outcome or a costly disaster. Whilst there is no bullet proof way to guarantee you landscaping will go without any hitches, however there are certainly some steps you can take to reduce the … Continue reading Choosing A Gold Coast Landscape Contractor

Sustainable landscpaing Our core business is to provide a structural landscaping service for the Gold Coast. However we are preparing to provide our clients with some exciting new possibilities by incorporating sustainable practices into our landscaping. Fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, vegie gardens, aquaponics and many other ways for you to receive added benefits from your … Continue reading Sustainable Gold Coast Landscaping Solutions

Sustainable Landscaping solutions At Bluestone Landscaping on the Gold Coast we are recreating the service that we provide to our customers to include more sustainable landscape practices.  Fruit trees, vegetable gardens,  stormwater harvesting, aquaponics and eco friendly materials just to name a few. So if you are looking to engage the services of a landscaper … Continue reading Sustainable Landscaping On The Gold Coast

We are often asked,” can we create a landscape that requires no maintenence?”. The simple answer is no. All landscaping will require some maintenece, unless your happy with a mess of weeds and overgrown shrubs.  Low miantenence landscaping is achievable however, even with the water restrictions we experience in South East Queensland. Properly selected plant material, application … Continue reading Low Maintenence Gold Coast Landscaping