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Six Ideas For Landscaping Around Swimming Pools

There are several ideas that you may want to consider if you are going to landscape around your swimming pool. For some people, they are really not sure what to do. They may put chairs, tables, and even potted plants in random locations, but deciding on how to landscape properly might not be easy for them to accomplish.

This is why many people will hire a landscaper to come to their property in order to resolve this issue for them very quickly. If they can do this, they will be able to start changing the entire landscape of their backyard, all based around what will look great around the pool.

Here are six ideas that you ought to consider for landscaping around swimming pools, and also how to find a landscaper that will be more than happy to do this for you.

Ideas For Landscaping around Swimming Pools

For those that would not understand why this is a good idea, it has to do with improving the way that your backyard looks. The swimming pool is going to be a fun area for everyone to enjoy, but it’s nice to have landscaping around it.

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort for some of these ideas, whereas others may require a professional landscaping company to do many of these tasks. However, landscaping around swimming pools is going to be fun if you ever try it, and here are some great ideas for you to consider.

Put In A Waterfall

If you have a swimming pool installed, or even if you are putting one in, a waterfall is a great idea. This is going to require a substantial amount of rock, as well as plaster of Paris, in order to mold the entire structure in such a way that it looks completely natural.

The water will actually come from the recirculating pumps that can be installed into the existing water system for the swimming pool. This is one way that you can really make your entire swimming area so exotic looking, something that you may actually need a professional landscaper to do if you have never done this type of project before.

Create a Garden Theme

Adjacent to the perimeter of the swimming pool itself, you can start to build a garden theme. You are going to put bushes, vines, and flowering plants, ones that will give it a very tropical appeal. It is recommended that you also add rocks that are quite sizable on the sides which can complement the flora that you are planting. It will give it a very naturalistic appearance, and it may become one of your favorite places to relax just looking at your garden like oasis in your backyard.

Plant Grass

Most swimming pools are going to have concrete which circumvents the entire pool which is standard for any swimming pool that is installed. A large hole is dugout, the swimming pool is put in, and there is typically a perimeter of about two or 3 feet of concrete out from the edges.

However, you could plant grass all around the pool, or even build up the edges with dirt and plants on top of that. You would need to put some type of flashing of sorts around the pool perimeter to make sure that the dirt did not fall in.

However, most people will simply plant green grass around the edges of the pool if they do not already have concrete extending outward. This will make it nice for people to just sit on the side of the pool on soft green grass that is growing.

Install Palm Trees

Palm trees are one of those unique trees that actually have very shallow roots. If you have ever seen them being put in the middle of a street, this is why this is possible. A full-grown tree can actually be brought in, and by using a crane, you can drop the palm tree into the whole and it will grow quite naturally. It is recommended that you choose much smaller palm trees, perhaps only 10 or 15 feet high.

Bonsai Trees With Limestone

You can also install bonsai trees on the perimeter of your pool, specifically in areas where they will be segregated area you will want to have areas that are either lower in the ground, surrounded by rocks, with the bonsai trees in the center.

You could also have raised areas where you can do the same, perhaps adjacent to not only your swimming pool, but your hot tub if you also have one. This combination of limestone bricks, along with the bonsai trees, creates a very elegant appearance.

If you do have an existing swimming pool and it looks very plain, you really need to consider doing this. It’s actually simple to do, and if you don’t know how to do any of these things, you can always hire a landscaper to do it for you.

It may take quite a bit of effort on your part to coordinate purchasing and planting the palm trees, or properly installing the limestone walkway, but the other ideas are things that people can probably do on their own.

It’s a way of making your backyard really stand out, instead of just having a swimming pool that people can enjoy. It will make the entire backyard area come alive, and it will be a great selling point if you ever decide to sell your home.

However, while you are there, it’s going to be one of your favorite places to spend your time in your newly renovated backyard area all based around your swimming pool.

Landscaping Ideas For Gold Coast Backyards

Great Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

Owning a house is part of the American dream. It’s no wonder, when you consider what a house really is. It’s more than just a home, though it’s certainly that. It’s an investment. It’s a way to ensure that no matter what the future holds, you’ll always have something that’s worth money, that people will pay for in order to own.

This means that it’s beneficial to ensure that your house is well tended. There are a number of ways to do this, everything from adding new rooms and maintaining the structure, to simple upkeep. Yet by and large, the most popular way to increase the property value of your home is via landscaping.

Why Landscaping?

Landscaping is more than simply planting a garden. That can certainly be part of it, but it’s far from the whole. There’s a reason it’s called landscaping, and not just gardening.

When you landscape, you actually change the shape and structure of your yard. This can include planting hedges along the property line, so as to mark where the property begins and ends while also making it look attractive. It can include adding things like fountains and small ponds, giving local wildlife a place to stop and get water. These are all things that are included in landscaping.

Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

While landscaping for front yards is fairly simple, many people have a hard time coming up with landscaping ideas for backyards. There are a few different reasons for this. One, people are just less likely to see the backyard. Because of that, many of the more decorative ideas are somewhat pointless. The only person who would see them are the people who live in the house, or people who are over to visit.

The other reason is that many people want the backyard to be functional. That is, they want to ensure that they and their family can use the backyard for a variety of things. After all, the backyard is a safe place for children to play and for the family to host get togethers. This means that any landscaping ideas have to take that into account, and allow for it.

Luckily, there are some great ideas that can work incredibly well for the backyard. These ideas allow for both decoration, as well as some amazing uses.

1. Patios

A patio is a great choice for a backyard. Patios are more than simple slabs of concrete that stretch out from the back of the house. They can be that, of course, but those are fairly basic. When you get a patio put in as part of landscaping, it can become a beautiful set up for parties and meal times. You can set out some wonderful furniture, a nice grill, and set up a backyard bar-b-que. Or, you could plant a few shade trees over the patio, and have a nice place to sit and relax as you have a glass of iced tea and read a book.

2. Backyard Pond

A small pond in the backyard may seem ridiculous, but it can add quite a bit. Not only can it add an air of beauty to the yard, but it can also be a great way to add a bit of activity. If you’re feeling especially energetic, you could even ensure that there’s fish in the pond. You could use it for some backyard fishing, if you’re the type to enjoy that.

Even if you’re not the type to enjoy fishing, it can still be quite nice to sit back and watch the birds and other animals come by for a drink or for a bit of playtime. It can also be a nice place for frogs to jump about, giving the backyard a bit of nature that you might not have otherwise.

3. Shade Trees

Trees come in all shapes and sizes, but shade trees are great for a backyard. They’re large, and they have a great amount of foliage. Not only that, but depending on the type of tree you can have a great play area for your children. There are very few children who don’t enjoy climbing trees, and having the proper kinds of shade trees planted into your backyard gives them that opportunity. If you or your children are the type to do any kind of carpentry work, you could even build a tree house!

4. Vegetable Gardens

While flower gardens are great for the front yard, since they’re mostly decorative, the backyard is great for vegetable gardens. A vegetable garden does take a bit of work, since you have to plant, maintain, and harvest the vegetables. However, it can also be a source of food. It allows you to grow your own food, so you know what you’ll be getting is healthy. Not only that, you could use it to help teach your children the value of hard work.

Landscaping ideas for backyards are numerous, and based on what kind of backyard you’d like to have. Some people enjoy having a decorative backyard, allowing them to look out of their back door and enjoy the view. Other people want a more functional backyard, allowing them to use their property for something beneficial to themselves and their family.

Whatever you want for your yard, just take a few minutes and come up with some plans. Talk with some professional landscapers, as well. They can help you choose a backyard that will raise your property value and make you happy.

What To Consider Before Landscaping

Are you looking to redesign your entire landscape? Are you just making a few changes to the landscaping design already in place? Are you wondering what to consider before landscaping? Whatever the case, you need to consider a few important factors before commencing anything. Most people prefer visiting the local garden store to browse through selections. However, creating a plan before trying anything is a good idea. Well, here is what to consider before landscaping.

Knowing The Yard

You need to consider elements such as the climate in your region, the topography, the type of soil and many more things before you can start landscaping. You can find all the necessary research online. Depending on the current conditions of your yard, there is a chance you might have a micro climate. Therefore, take that into consideration before doing anything. Don’t forget to consider the drainage of water into the soil, especially away from the house and into the other areas of the landscape.


Before doing anything, you need to consider who will be using the yard once it’s finished and how it will be used. For instance, are your children going to be playing in the yard? Are the pets going to be sleeping or playing in the yard? Do you consider using the yard for entertaining guests? Note that, it’s possible to create different spaces for various uses with specific designs and tricks. Don’t forget to add walkways for moving people from one area to the other effortlessly.


By choosing a particular theme for your yard, you can guide plants and unify your landscape accordingly. You can choose consistent forms or shapes in the garden. When choosing a particular theme, you should consider the current architecture of your home. Any theme you choose should complement the style of your home since the backyard is an extension of the house.

A good theme will guide you in choosing which plants to add to your yard and where to place them. It’s also a good way to decide on the best structures and decorations for the landscape. You can either choose geometric themes, natural themes or anything else that brings out a colorful and beautiful yard.

Link Spaces

If you want to make the best use of your yard, you should think of it as another room in your house. If your house has carefully planned and designed rooms, you should do the same with your landscape. You can achieve this by using various landscaping materials wisely to bring out the best out of your yard. Create walkways and openings in the garden that allow easy exploration and movement.

Choosing The Right Plants

During the planning session, you should assess the function of plants in your landscape when it’s done. You can add plants to the yard for various functions. For instance, they can provide delicious vegetables and fruits, add beautiful scenery to the landscape and also provide beautiful and relaxing aromas in the yard.

You can also use the plants as barriers and boundaries thus defining the areas in the yard. It’s easy to block the view and allow access to any area using specific plants. For instance, you should consider low growing plants to prevent access but provide a beautiful view of the yard.

If you place the plants correctly, you can also alter the conditions in the landscape site. For instance, you can control the light, wind or temperature in any specific landscape using particular plants. They can also provide insulation from other noisy features in the landscape such as water fountains or bird houses.

Structured Plantings

When choosing plants, you should consider the various visual planes in the yard. For instance, you should consider the overhead planes such as trees or archways. Secondly, you should check the vertical planes such as the spacing of the plants, layering or staggering of plants. Don’t forget about the individual and overall heights of all the plants in the yard. Finally, there is the ground plane that determines the grouping and arrangement of smaller plants, hardscapes and also groundcovers. If you repeat similar structures throughout the yard, you will get a unified view.

Attention To Detail And Highlighting Important Points

If you want to highlight a particular area of your landscape, you should use garden ornaments, distinct structures or unique plants. The different sizes, shapes, colors and textures will direct the attention to the particular area. Each of these items has unique attributes that can complement and contrast accordingly. Therefore, if you take that into consideration, you can create a very integrated and appealing landscape.

Of course, not only the visuals should be considered. Don’t forget about the aromas of the plants you choose to enhance the overall experience of the garden. For instance, you should find the scents that come into play when various flowers bloom and how they will complement each other.

Future Additions And Maintenance

Of course, the plants will not look brand new forever. That’s why you need to consider how they will look after some time has passed. On that note, you should consider the growth rate of plants, the maintenance requirements and also the size of the plants when mature. Provide each plant with enough room for maturity but you should keep in mind the optimal conditions to achieve the desired height and size of maturity.

In conclusion, with this information on what to consider before landscaping, you should be able to choose the right plants for your yard, the good designs, and themes that bring out the beauty of your garden.

Gold Coast Landscapers

What is landscaping. Is it an art form, is it engineering solutions, is it construction, is it problem solving to create the best possible solution for every individual situation, or is it just plain hard work? I would suggest that landscaping is all of these things and more. If designed and installed correctly landscaping address any drainage issues, create usable outdoor areas, be constructed with integrity to last the test of time and provide a eye pleasing finish for you to enjoy for years to come.

Whilst it is possible to teach different elements of landscaping the only real way to bring them all together is years experience of dealing with different challenges  and creating the solutions needed to overcome them and deliver the best possible finish to any landscape project. Any landscaper who aspires to be good at their job needs to learn through solving problems on the job and creating the best solutions. The question is; do you want someone learning on your job or do you want to feel sure that the person you engage has the experience to complete  your project professionally to the highest possible standard?

When you engage a contractor for your landscape project there are things you should check; 

Ask for and check references.

Check QBCC license details and history. 

Ask your contractor about different options for your works i.e fences, retaining walls, concrete etc. A good contractor will have at least 2 or 3 options and be able to explain the pros and cons. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person you engage for your project. Remember experience counts, not all good landscapers have been around for a long time but all landscapers that have been around for a long time are good ones.

When you engage a  contractor to deliver your landscape project ensure that they can complete the scope of works required to deliver the finished product. If other trades are to be engaged, such as plumbers, electricians, renderers ensure that the contractor you choose has a  Builder Restricted to Structural Landscape license, otherwise they will not be able to engage other contractors to perform your works legally.Potentially leaving you to deal with and organize other trades and contractors. This can be time consuming, add to construction time and costs and frustrating if you don’t understand exactly what has to happen to finish your landscape project. If you engage a contractor who is capable of quoting all of your works there should be nothing left out of the pricing, everything should be considered and the quotation should reflect the true cost of the project to be undertaken so that you don’t end up with a costly extras bill at the end of the job. This also means that the project is considered as a whole, all sections of works being performed in consideration of the next stage to provide you with the best possible finish to your landscape project.

Bluestone Landscaping has been servicing the Gold Coast/South Brisbane area for more than 10 years. Our staff have been landscaping for more than 25 years and are ready to provide you with the best possible service. We specialise in refurbishment and restoration of existing private residential landscaping. From repair/replacement of retaining walls to garden rejuvenation and full landscape refurbishments. We value our customers and endeavour to provide them with the best possible solutions, personalized service and an experience that means you will want to  refer us to your friends. Whether it be our polite, courteous staff; attention to detail; site cleanliness and organization or our willingness to go that extra yard to make sure our customers are happy.

If you are considering a landscape project that involves;

retaining walls; timber, concrete sleeper, linkwall,  block

retaining walls higher than 1 metre fences; colourbond, timber,  blueboard,  pool fencing.

concreting; plain, exposed, covercreting drainage

deckspergolas and patios paving 

tiling turf and gardens water features irrigation design  and consultation

Please contact us at Bluestone Landscaping for an obligation free quote. We Service all areas of the Gold Coast and South Brisbane. From Coolangatta, Elanora, Southport, Ormeau, Willowvale, Hope Island, Maudsland, Ashmore, Robina, Logan, Springwood and all areas in between. Whatever your needs we look forward to servicing you landscaping requirements.

3 Landscaping Drainage Solutions

In order for your landscaping to be healthy and look its best, it is critical that it drain properly.  Having the right landscaping drainage solutions is especially critical whenever there is a high water table, dense soil or flat land.

If the right drainage systems are not in effect, water can collect and drown plants, undermine structures and turn your new landscaping into a swamp. The potential for so much damage makes it imperative to address drainage issues before designing and planting any new landscaping.

Does Your Landscaping Have Drainage Problems?

The first thing you need to do is analyze your backyard and its nature.  You may need to get help from a professional landscape architect in order to assess what the exact topography is.  The site might appear very flat, but there can also be spot elevations which can potentially cause problems as well.

Another factor that often plays an important role when it comes to drainage is ground water.  This relates directly to rainfall patterns.  For example in the South in low lying areas, the water table is often only a few inches underneath the surface.  These types of conditions can limit what your planting options are and also cause all kinds of construction problems.

Rainfall is often a catalyst for drainage problems to emerge.  In areas where heavy downpours are quite common, sites that drain poorly can flood very quickly if the proper drainage solutions have not been implemented.  When heavy rainfall is added to a high water table, the potential for damage to occur increases substantially.

Test Your Drainage Situation

There is a simple test that you can do to determine what is taking place underground.  Dig a hole that is approximately two feet wide and deep.  Fill the hole with water.  If it drains completely in around one hour, you have excellent drainage.

You may have a problem if it takes approximately 12 hours for it to drain, and if it takes over 24 hours you have a serious problem that can negatively impact the deep roots of your shrubs and trees.

3 Landscaping Drainage Solutions

1.  Surface Drainage

Sites with clay soils tend to have problems with water lingering on the surface.  In theory, all lots are graded so that water flows from the backyard down into the side yard to a storm drain or the curb.  However, lots are not always properly graded by builders and water becomes trapped.

This causes muddy areas in gardens and lawns.  In order to combat this problem, surface grading is one drainage solution that can be used to help ensure there is sufficient fall in order for the water to drain.

One ancient drainage solution is the French drain.  It gathers the water and then a place is provided underground where it can percolate down through the dense soil.  Basically this solution entails digging a trench and then filling it with gravel and sometimes a perforated drain line as well.

Geotextiles or roofing felt is then placed over the gravel and then the soil is replaced.  In order to drain the trench, the surrounding area gets graded so that the water will not gather on the ground’s surface any longer and cause problems.

2.  Underground Drainage

If the soil contains a hard pan layer, the whole site might suffer from standing water and poor drainage.  It is too challenging to try and use spot solutions in this type of situation.  You need site-wide grading along with a drainage plan that includes an underground piping system that is fed by trench drains or drop inlets.  New plastic piping is easier to install and it is also easier to remove water from the site and into the storm drain directly.

In areas with high rainfall like the Pacific Northwest or Florida, your drainage plan might be the most critical aspect of your landscaping.  These types of drainage systems are more expensive to install, but they are well worth it.

Where a storm drain is either inaccessible or nonexistent, the type of system can flow into a sump underground.  It is basically large hole that is filled with gravel.  The water stands in the sump until it finally drains away.

3.  Use Water Loving Plants Or Raise The Planting Area

Low lying areas that have a high water table are difficult to landscape with.  During the growing season, plant roots that are in saturated soil do not get a sufficient amount of oxygen and rot quickly, similar to what happens to an over-watered house plant.  Certain plants that grow in wetlands and river bottoms can thrive in a high water table landscape.

Some good options include riparian species that are from local swamps, fens and bogs since they have adapted naturally to your soils and climates.  Another good candidate is trees that come from similar wetlands from other areas of the world.  They add more diversity than what may be available from plants that are native to your area.

Another drainage solution for landscapes with a high water table is raising the planting area.  This option is expensive but also very effective.
Raised beds and planters can often be used to help combat the problem of a high water table.

Too much water can wreak havoc on your gardens and lawn.  The 3 landscaping drainage solutions above are some of the most effective ways to combat poor drainage conditions.  To avoid problems in the first place, consider these solutions before planning any new landscaping project.

Nature Stone Walls and Landscaping Designs

You want your home to be as beautiful outside as it is inside. Your lawn, garden and landscape are an important part of making a harmonious, beautiful outdoor appearance for you home.

While most designs and plantings can be done in DIY fashion, you might want to get some professional landscaping help to make it more incredible than you can imagine.

Retaining walls are an essential part of a beautiful design. These help keep the landscape and gardens stable. Nature stone walls and landscaping are a unique, natural-looking way to add beauty to your outdoor area all while doing the job of retaining walls to keep the  stability intact.

Nature stone wall designs are virtually unlimited.  You can get a wall that blends with the garden or trees, or one that surrounds them for visual emphasis and impact. You can choose one that is curvy, straight or angled. They can be installed to look formal or rustic in a way that complements any size yard or any style home.

Choosing Form and Function

Any nature stone walls and landscaping designs have the job of helping with drainage, preventing flooding, keeping erosion at bay and beautifying the surroundings. All you need to do is decide upon the designs that will best fit your style.

A professional landscape or hard scape company can assist you with ensuring any functional needs are met by your nature stone wall. With their help, the wall will last for years.

Natural stone walls are excellent for creating landscapes along steep hill slopes. You may have thought you couldn’t landscape any steep areas in your yard, but you can. With nature stone, you can create garden paths along the slope to create an incredible charm.

You can decide how you want your wall to look. Create your own vision and implement it with the help of your hard scape professional.

Some nature stone walls and landscaping arrangements need to keep a sloped or hilly area from eroding. This is necessary to keep any and all plants there healthy, but it also helps keep erosion from causing more problems in the future, including protecting your home’s foundation from destabilizing.

Leave the engineering to the professionals so that a secure, stable installation job can be done right the first time with the right materials. You can take over the job of deciding how the wall should look.

It is not worth it to build your own wall with natural stone only to have a flood wipe it out or damage it. Trust a landscape professional to handle the design and construction while you work on creating the most attractive looking garden or patio.

Find qualified professionals near you to offer the design plans as well as samples of the types of stone you can use to build your gorgeous retaining walls.

The company you choose will probably have a website filled with sample photographs of their previous projects and designs. Use these as inspiration to create your designs and also use the website to choose the perfect stones for those designs.

Design Ideas

Stone walls work to fluidly blend your home’s design with nature in a harmonious manner. They can enhance patio areas, add dimension to flower beds and they can even make your outdoor living room or kitchen look like something out of an architectural magazine.

These walls can actually be crafted into seating areas around fire pits or near water features. They can surround or accent water features. Your outdoor space will be made to look elegant, natural and relaxing.

What many of your friends and family may not realize is how big of a job many of the wall areas have to keep your home and yard safe from flooding or other ground debris following a huge rain storm in your area.

If you want, you can see natural stone samples in person before choosing them. Your hard scape or landscape company can come to your home with them for you to look at, or you can visit a local showroom.

You are sure to find a beautiful stone that is right for your landscaping desires after taking the time to see all the stones available. They are available in an array of natural shades from browns to grays to so much more.

Installing your stone wall can transform your patio. You can take the existing patio and add definition and texture to create a patio where you will enjoy the beauty of the rest of your landscape. The stones can enhance any furnishings you have or any lighting you have set up on your patio.

Do not forget that, with your hard scape professional’s help, you can even build custom features like benches to put around your garden. You can even take individual stones and set them up in various arrangements around outdoor lighting fixtures to hide them in the day, and make them light up with a magical hue at night.

Make your home as beautiful on the outside as you have it on the inside. See what working with nature stone and landscaping designs can do for you garden and outdoor areas.

You can get the best of both function and form with them and increase your home’s value. Many of your stone wall creations will keep your yard and home safe as well as something to treasure for many years to come.

Landscaping Around A Pool

Having a home pool is something to be very proud of you like to swim or just enjoy the soothing comfort it provides. You don’t need to actually swim in the pool to enjoy it, since today you will find backyards that have a pool as the centerpiece make for a very creative landscaping project.

With so many choices for landscaping around a pool, it is important that you choose something that is functional and fits well into the surrounding area. In other words, you do want it to stand out a look great, but you don’t want it to take away from the natural beauty that the pool offers. The surrounding landscape should compliment the design and shape of the pool so everything flows naturally.

There are many companies that specialize in creating a backyard oasis for those people who love to vacation at home. Today you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy vacations when you can have all of that right at home.

Even better if you live in a warm climate where you can take advantage of the pool all year round and everything else you create in your backyard.

When we think about landscaping around a pool many ideas might come into your head. First and foremost you should take a look at the design of the pool, how much property you have surrounding it and what would you like to accomplish.

If you are someone who throws a lot of backyard parties, you may want a bigger patio surrounding the pool where people can congregate. If you are a party person you probably want to keep the flower beds and wood chips, rocks and boulders away from the walkways to give the area a more open space. This allows people to walk around and not be confined to one particular area.

Many people love to accent their pool with an outdoor kitchen. This is a true backyard oasis when you build a covered kitchen area close to the pool.

You can have something custom built so it naturally flows with the design and shape of the pool all while not getting in the way. Around the kitchen area you can create seating that overlooks the pool. Of course with kitchen you have so many ideas that it can take up an entirely new article.

For outdoor kitchen designs search the internet to see how homeowners integrate them as a landscape project around the pool.

The landscaping around the pool is going to be determined by your budget. The more money you have to spend, the fancier designs you can come up with. This is mostly true when creating gardens or putting in big boulders and stones that tend to be very pricey.

A lot of people like the look of big boulders surrounding the pool area. In fact they like it next to the spa, or a part of the pool area where a waterfall is created.

When trying to create a waterfall effect usually big boulders are necessary, unless you want something that is already prefabricated. Most of the time however people who do have waterfalls flowing into their pool like to go all out and spend the extra money creating big rock formations. Out of these rock formations comes a waterfall that looks spectacular.

It is better to have flower plantings and wood chips outside the immediate pool area, perhaps off to the side of the deck or patio where that stuff cannot get into the pool.

If dirt or wood chips are too close to the pool people may step on it and the result is that you will have a lot of that stuff floating in the pool. It can clog the filter and drain causing all sorts of problems.

Custom made stone work surrounding the pool area is always very nice, and you can accent that with strategically placed lighting. On top of the stones you can have rocks, boulders and a flower bed that is higher up. Inside that can be placed a lot of colored lights, giving the backyard a very nice glow at night.

All walkways and paths can be custom designed depending how much you want to spend. You can have a wood deck surrounding the pool, stepping stones and rocks, or just plain cement that can be colored to look nice.

All the walkways should be accented with nice lighting so people can find their way around the backyard, and in some areas you can have fancy ropes to that are tied to wood posts sort of like how you see on boardwalks.

With so many different designs landscaping around a pool can be a fun project that you figure out yourself. You can do this today thanks to so many wonderful online pool designs where it is easy to see what others have created.

Taking their designs and using them to create something that flows well in your own backyard, while taking into account your property shape can end up looking spectacular.

You don’t need to be an award winning landscape designer in order to create an oasis of fun in your backyard. Using the pool as the centerpiece, there are so many different creations you can come up with that your friends and family will simply love.

Now you have no reason to spend money on costly vacations when you have it all right here at home!

Landscaping To Sell Your Home Fast

A very important consideration to make when you are trying to sell your home is to improve the exterior. This could be a paint job, a new roof, or perhaps touching up the trim, but there is something that may also be just as important.

The landscaping that surrounds your home should be immaculate, something that is able to attract a person’s attention, potentially captivate them, motivating them to find out more about the home that you have for sale.

There are many things that you can do in order to improve the appearance of your property, tips on landscaping to sell your home.

Why Landscaping Is Important

When a prospective buyer looks at the images of your home on the web, and especially when they do a drive-by, the first impression that they get can mean the difference between being able to sell the home or not.

First impressions are very important in social situations, and they also apply to the things that people want to buy. If your yard has not been mowed in many weeks, and the flower bed is dead, these are clear signs to the person that might want to purchase the home that it might not be right for them.

Landscaping creates an image in their mind of what it might be like for them to live at your house. If the first thing that they see is chaos, they will probably move on to something else.

Where To Begin With Landscaping

The very first place that everyone starts is the front yard, that which is facing the street. Doing a drive-by, you should be personally impressed with what you see, otherwise imagine what the other person might be thinking.

It needs to be perfect, everything manicured to the smallest detail, creating a picture-perfect scene. That is your goal when landscaping the front of your home which may include trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn, and ensuring that any type of flower bed is healthy and well kept.

In the backyard, this is the area that typically seals the deal when people come to visit. They will want to see a manicured backyard, flowerbeds if you have any, and trees that have been pruned. Now let’s look at some ways to improve your landscaping if it is very basic as described above.

Using just a few of these suggestions for the front and back of your home can almost ensure that an interested buyer will actually go through with the deal. Now let’s look at some ways to improve landscaping to sell your home.

Ways To Improve Your Landscaping

One way to impress people that are walking up to your home is to put in some type of stone walkway. This could be couple stone or brick, something that looks elegant and potentially European, adding to the appearance and value of the home.

Along the way, there should be flowers on the side, or a linear rock garden with different sized stones of many different colors. As they are walking up, the yard should be perfectly cut, perhaps with ornaments such as gnomes, or adding a fountain out in front of your home can also sealed the deal.

If you are doing landscaping in the back, it’s always important to have as many flowers as possible in a multitude of colors. There is no need for a walkway, but if you do have a patio, make sure that it is swept.

If you have a deck that circumvents the house, be sure to have it freshly painted or stained. This will give the home a much newer appearance, and in doing so, it will allow you to command a higher asking price that the buyer will not have a problem with.

Things To Avoid With Landscaping

Sometimes the problem with landscaping is not so much what you forget to do, but the mistakes that you make if you are trying to landscape at all. For instance, if you are putting groundcover over the areas where you have flowers, they can become over exuberant, growing too fast and giving the wrong appearance.

If you are putting in a rock garden, there is no need to add too many rocks or it will simply look like a pile of stones that is out of place. Likewise, if you are planting flowers, there is no need to land 30 or 40 different types of flowers packed into one small area as this will give the impression that everything is overgrown.

Finally, in the back you need to make sure that everything is orderly, from the patio table and is positioning to the barbecue if you have one in the back. Essentially, you don’t want anything to look cluttered, giving the impression that there is not a lot of space on the exterior of your home, a common reason that people often backout of purchasing a home before the deal is done.

Advanced Landscaping Ideas

If you have a little extra money, you might want to consider hiring a professional that can come out to evaluate your situation. They will take into account everything that needs to be done such as the existing living elements such as the flowers that you are planted, a garden if you have one, and the type of trees that you have on your property.

They will also evaluate the natural elements of your property which can be different for homes that are on small or large parcels. They will look at the terrain, different landforms that may be in the background that can be used to your advantage, something that only a landscaper with horticulture and artistic design skills with be able to notice and utilize in improving your landscaping.

Other forms of landscaping include Aquascaping which is the use of fountains and aquatic plants, carefully constructed using stones, rocks, or even driftwood. Arboriculture is the management of the different plants that you have, as well as the trees, which may include vines, shrubs, and perennials.

All of this will be very obvious to a trained expert in landscaping, and they will be able to present ideas to you very quickly. Based on the recommendations, you can get them started as soon as possible, preferably prior to your realtor coming out to take pictures and people driving by to look at your house.

Although it may seem like a simple project, landscaping your front and backyard, it actually takes an artistic eye. The proper positioning of plants, rocks, and vines that are growing on your house or fence, can make or break the overall appearance.

Whether you decide to add a fountain, a stone walkway, or create a brand-new patio outback, all of this can contribute to the final image in the minds of potential buyers that they will remember, and image that should motivate them to consider purchasing your home based upon implementing these ideas for landscaping to sell your home.

Landscaping Design Tips You Should Implement

If you question various people, you will get different comments regarding the landscape designing issue. In fact, you are most likely to get hundreds of comments on the topic landscaping design tips.î The main reason behind this fact is that different people have different views, likes and perspectives regarding land designs.

As per traditional view, landscaping design include detailed drawings that specify the location of every flowerbed and shrub on the land. When you bring home a new plant from a neighbors nursery, you will be taking part or engaging in landscape designing.

Actually, landscaping refers to the processes through which a person tries to reform the appearance of an area or compound, giving it a better look. Landscaping entails processes like digging ridges, planting flowers, grass and clearing of bushy areas.

Often, people unwarily engage in activities that affect landscape design. This can cause a great difference in what is expected from landscape designs. At times, the activities may result into poor landscape design that must be corrected.

This is why you need to understand the tips discussed below for successful landscape designing. This article, explains some landscaping design tips that will certainly help you choose the best landscaping design.

Consider Equipment Access Plans
First and foremost, you need to think of relevant equipments before you proceed to choosing a given landscaping design and eventually proceed to the actual landscape designing procedure. Choosing correct equipments is a simple but key step to getting success in the entire procedure.

Remember, you are expecting the most excellent results and therefore, using apt equipments on suitable designs is a necessity. When you identify the required equipments, you should also formulate clear methods through which you will easily access them when required.

Be Keen With Focal Points
This is a very important point. The attention you uphold when focusing on important parts of the landscape determines the visual results you are likely to get from the landscaping design you opt to use. Some of these focal points include the forms, color and textures that the design must have.

You should be careful and make sure that you only include features that are worth. To keep everything beautiful, you should mix a series of colors that creates the best match. For example, red should be complemented with other bright flowers like those with yellow or pink facades.

Scale and Size
You must also remember that using correct scales is a prudent idea. In fact, you should be keen with the number of flowers you plant in a given area. Be careful not to overcrowd them in one area and also don’t plant them in a sparsely manner since this will also affect their elegance.

In addition, regularly check on the on the heights of the flowers to make sure they portray some consistency. What this factor calls for is that you should go for the landscaping designs that much the size of the area. Also, choose the designs that rhymes and suits the area.

Choose Simple Landscapes
Before you settle on using a certain landscaping design, you should find out if you have the ability to maintain and take good care of it on later dates. For instance, formal landscaping designs are commonly used by rich people.

It will be so unfortunate if a financially unstable person chooses to use such kinds of landscaping designs. He may not manage to cater for its cost at some point and hence, he may end up losing the initial appearance. What this factor entails is that you should use designs that are less costly and good for your budget.

Since there are so many landscaping designs you should choose from, taking one that suits the fashion used in your area is a wise idea. The design should be able to portray how updated you are when it comes to fashion. Besides, if you the most topical designs, you will be guaranteed of paramount and beautiful results.

The society in which you live determines the general lifestyle you have. If you are from a society whose people are using specific landscaping designs, with a belief that other designs represent evil, you are obligated to stick to the ways of the society. If you would like to introduce modernized designs, mix them with the traditional ones and introduce them in a way that they are not so visible.

Most importantly, you have to be keen with the kind landscaping design you choose if you what to get commendable results. Landscaping designs will for sure determine the matches and elegance resulting from the procedure. Apparently, designs means the entire features you use and thus, check on color, size, highest, length scale, match and textures you use. If you implement the landscaping design tips discussed in this article, you should be rest assured that you will get the best results in no time.

7 Landscaping Facts You Should Know

Landscaping can be best defined as the art of improving a land/property’s value by making it environment and family friendly. Although most people see it as a mere waste of money, landscaping has many positive effects on the outdoor space and adds more than just the appearance of a home. Discussed below are seven landscaping facts that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Improves property value:

Having a professional landscaper landscape your home makes your property more attractive and appealing, which increases its base value. Many homeowners take advantage of a well-manicured landscape to sell their properties. Moreover, a well-landscaped landscape does attract high-value tenants and buyers, which means it will fetch more money than it would it wasn’t well designed.

2. Environmental impact:

Flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges planted for beautification purposes has many environmental benefits. To begin with, these entire floras do provide a habitat for birds and insects that are beautiful to watch. In addition to this, the trees and flowers help cleanse the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants while releasing oxygen into the air. This means the air around the landscaped property will be oxygen-rich and very clean.

3. Landscaping creates a safe haven for wildlife:

This is especially the point for vast lands with homesteads in the middle. Planting trees, grass, flowers, edges and life fences not only makes your properly more appealing but also attracts other beauties such as insects, birds and squirrels among others. Using natural landscaping features such as life fence, flower gardens, and waterfalls, also attracts many other animals and fish as well. This means you can step outside and enjoy the beauty of nature in your home.

4. Energy conservation:

Garden landscaping in and around your property does help in lower utility bills thus leading to energy conservation. How, you may ask. Planting trees on your home/property provides protective cover against harsh winter winds during the cold season, which means your home is protected against the extreme coldness. These trees also help capture the winter sun and provide a protective shelter and shade in summer. This means the HVAC systems won’t have to run on full power, or all day long to keep your house cool. Thanks to professional landscaping, your energy bills will be much lower. This is one of the many landscaping facts that many people know very little about

5. Improves property functionality:

Some plots of land are often seen as a wasteland. This be because the place is marshy, or its gradient too steep for any structure to be erected on. The good news about this is that, a professional landscaper can improve the plots functionality by redesigning its slope. This however require earth moving machines, architectural wisdom, knowledge, and precise placing to make the plot usable. Although most professional landscapers may have all the required machinery and devices for the job, many of them can hire the devices/machinery to make the task possible. It doesn’t matter how sloppy or swampy your piece of land is, a professional landscaper can transform it into a highly productive piece of land.

6. Cost:

The initial professional landscaping cost may cost anything between a few hundred to a thousand dollars. This however depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to convert the plot into a paradise. This also depends on the type of machinery and efforts that require precision to achieve the desired professional look. Although the initial task lies with the landscaper, it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure everything is maintained properly. This includes replacing plants, watering, buying pesticides and fertilizers, as well as sealing wood decks. Although many people see this as an unnecessary cost, the cost of maintaining a well-landscaped property is minuscule when compared to the initial costs.

7. Creates liveable buffer zones:

It doesn’t matter where your property is located, a landscaper can transform it by creating green buffer zones that make it healthier and more fun to live in. The landscaper can design the property in such a way that, it reduces heat radiation and noise pollution, especially in noisy neighborhoods. Moreover, landscaping helps in soil conservation through soil erosion control, evaporation control as well as reducing stormwater runoffs that result to flooding.

From the landscaping facts discussed above, it is clear that landscaping has many beneficial impacts on the society, the environment, the economy and many health reasons. Although the initial costs may seem like unnecessary spending, benefits that come from the same are far more beneficial. This because your property will not only have a higher value but also attract high value and prominent tenants as well as help conserve the environment. Planting trees does help preserve the environment as it purifies the air, safeguards our homes from draught, and also prevent desert encroachment. A well-landscaped property is more fun and healthier to live in as compared to any other property in your neighborhood. You can save lots of money in the long run by having your home landscaped.