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DIY Building A Firepit

When you decide that you are going to build a backyard fire pit, you will want to make sure that you do it properly. If you do not do it properly, the fire could easily get out of your pit and spread around the yard. Since this is the case, you may want to have some DIY building a firepit advice to help ensure that you can build your firepit and keep the fire contained. With that being the case, here is some advice that will make the building of your fire pit go quickly and safely.

Land Survey

This is going to be one of the first things that you need to do and is often one of those things that gets overlooked quite a bit. If the land is not level, then the bricks that you are using to build your fire pit up with will not be level. This also means that when you are burning a fire in the pit their is a chance that the wood can roll around.

Then you will have the problem of the wood putting to much pressure on the outer wall of the pit and this can cause it to collapse. To avoid this issue, you need to find land that is level or if you cannot do that, dig down a little bit to level the land off to ensure the pit is built up properly.

Material Choice Matters

Just like any DIY project you will need to be careful with the materials that you select to use for the building process. This may seem as a shocker for a lot of reasons, but with a fire pit you need to get brick to do the inner lining, unless you do a fire ring that is rated for direct flame exposure.

If you do not do this, their is a chance that you could end up getting a brick that when you light your first fire inside of it will fail. Then you will have problems with the fire coming out of the side of your bricks where it is not supposed to be coming out. Not only that the fire bricks that are meant for the fire pits tend to have a higher temperature rating, which means they will deflect more of the heat back into the fire or the chimney direction to keep it from burning people who are by the fire.

Seal The Fire Pit

Losing the heat that you have generated in the fire pit can be a bad thing if it is coming out the sides. Since this is the case, you may want to consider the different ways that you can seal the sides of the fire pit. This way you do not have to worry about the flames coming out of the sides of the pit, but nor do you have to worry about the fire pit having the heat come out as radiant heat directly from the flame. So you will be able to protect yourself and the visitors that you have coming over from getting hurt by the fire pit that you have worked so hard to get put into your back yard.

Way To Stoke The Fire

This is a challenge that you tend to overlook until you have your first fire in the pit and the flames are roaring. That is how are you going to put the wood into the hot fire that you cannot get close to. In most of the fire pits they are just a big giant open hole, but some of them are going to be more elaborate and require you to put the wood in at a specific area to keep the fire going and not block any air flow. Since this is the case, you need to make sure you consider how you will be able to put the wood in and make sure you do not get burned.

Cooking Utensil Selection

When you are completing a DIY building a firepit project you may be tempted to start to cook on the fire right away. While this is a great idea, you need to make sure you select the proper utensils to cook on the fire with. This can include something as simple as a fork that has a really long handle to roast marshmallows on or something as complicated as a stew pot that has to be held over the fire on a wooden tripod. All of these are going to make a difference in how well you can cook, but it will help you know if the fire pit was built properly and can be used in the manner you want it to be used.

When you decide to do a project around the house, you need to realize it can be a lot harder to do than what you think. This is when you should use some advice when you are doing these projects to avoid making any mistakes. This is very true when you do a DIY building a firepit project. When you do this, it is going to make it easier for you to get the project completed and know that it is done at a level that is going to keep the fire pit going for years to come, but also avoid any type of injury people may experience from the fire pit and flames.

Best Landscaping Plants For Your Garden

Landscaping Plants For Your Gold Coast Garden

Is it time to start putting new plants in your garden? Do you want to make changes that will be put in place right away? It is important to think about the landscaping that is going on as soon as you can. It is best to look at the plants you are putting on as well because so many people forget about this, and that is not good at all. You want to make sure the landscaping is not troubling you to a point where it becomes hard to manage.

Here is more on the best landscaping plants for your garden and which ones you should be putting in.

1) Snapdragon

This is an annual plant and is gorgeous to look at. You will enjoy having it in the garden, and it is something you will want to have put in. Other plants don’t provide this quality, but you will get it here without a doubt.

The Snapdragon is a loved plant because it blossoms well and is going to be the heart of your garden.

You will enjoy the fact that it is going to manage well in most warm climates and is not going to trouble you on that end.

2) Caladium

Are you looking to add a bit of shade to your garden? Too many bright colors can start to overwhelm, and you might not want them on your side. This is why people start pushing towards caladium and what it has to offer.

You have to think about caladium as much as you can because it will help out.

You want to think about caladium for your garden as you are laying it all out because it is going to change things up for you without a doubt.

3) Black-Eyed Susan

This is going to kick in during the middle of July, and it is gorgeous. This is a perennial and is going to self-seed. This means you are going to have beautiful flowers come out again and again.

You are going to enjoy this one because the yellow is nice to look at from afar.

It is going to add the pop you want in your garden and landscaping relies on this for quality.

This is a great plant for anyone, and the size of your garden is not going to matter when this is put in.

4) Yaupon Holly

What about shrubs? You want to mix these in as well because they give your landscaping a bit of an edge that is going to be missing. You want to think about the Yaupon Holly when you are putting together the garden.

it is a nice addition because you are getting something that is comprehensive.

It is one that is going to grow tall and look good.

This is always a nice option for those who don’t want to fill their garden up with something that is going to be all about the flowers.

You have to move past this.

5) Spiraea

The shape of this plant is immediately noticeable, and you will enjoy it. The look is that of something falling and it looks great.

This is one of those white plants that you will want to have in the garden.

It is an easy landscaping plant to have in your garden because it fits well and looks fantastic.

You won’t have to fiddle around with it for too long, and it is going to be manageable for a long time to come. The Spiraea is a beautiful plant without a doubt, and you will love it.

6) Lavender

When people talk about low-maintenance options, they are going to be talking about this plant. It is one of the best you are going to get when it comes to a robust option that is going to stay there for a while.

With other plants, you have to manage them all the time and keep an eye out. If you don’t, they fall apart, and that is horrible.

For those who are meticulous, you will be okay with those plants all the time, but others are going to need to go with the best landscaping plants on the market, and this would be one of them.

7) Cleome

The final addition to this list would be the cleome and people like it because of how unassuming it really is. You will be able ot add it to your garden and know it is going to look nice.

You won’t have to think about anything else and that is always nice.

Why not choose something that is manageable in the long-run?

This is one of those plants that just works for the landscaping needs you are going to have. Get the cleome plant in and watch as it flourishes in your landscaping layout.

When it comes to the best landscaping plants, these are hte ones that are well-rounded and are going to give you more than jsut aesthetics. They are going to give you quality and persistent value, which is always needed. You don’t want to keep going back to options that are not worthwhile.

You will enjoy having these plants in your landscaping layout because they will work and they are going to adjust to what you want.

The growth patterns are lovely, and you will enjoy how it all comes together in the long-run.

Why not get the best plants? Choose these and you will love them.

Landscaping Ideas For Gold Coast Backyards

Great Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

Owning a house is part of the American dream. It’s no wonder, when you consider what a house really is. It’s more than just a home, though it’s certainly that. It’s an investment. It’s a way to ensure that no matter what the future holds, you’ll always have something that’s worth money, that people will pay for in order to own.

This means that it’s beneficial to ensure that your house is well tended. There are a number of ways to do this, everything from adding new rooms and maintaining the structure, to simple upkeep. Yet by and large, the most popular way to increase the property value of your home is via landscaping.

Why Landscaping?

Landscaping is more than simply planting a garden. That can certainly be part of it, but it’s far from the whole. There’s a reason it’s called landscaping, and not just gardening.

When you landscape, you actually change the shape and structure of your yard. This can include planting hedges along the property line, so as to mark where the property begins and ends while also making it look attractive. It can include adding things like fountains and small ponds, giving local wildlife a place to stop and get water. These are all things that are included in landscaping.

Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

While landscaping for front yards is fairly simple, many people have a hard time coming up with landscaping ideas for backyards. There are a few different reasons for this. One, people are just less likely to see the backyard. Because of that, many of the more decorative ideas are somewhat pointless. The only person who would see them are the people who live in the house, or people who are over to visit.

The other reason is that many people want the backyard to be functional. That is, they want to ensure that they and their family can use the backyard for a variety of things. After all, the backyard is a safe place for children to play and for the family to host get togethers. This means that any landscaping ideas have to take that into account, and allow for it.

Luckily, there are some great ideas that can work incredibly well for the backyard. These ideas allow for both decoration, as well as some amazing uses.

1. Patios

A patio is a great choice for a backyard. Patios are more than simple slabs of concrete that stretch out from the back of the house. They can be that, of course, but those are fairly basic. When you get a patio put in as part of landscaping, it can become a beautiful set up for parties and meal times. You can set out some wonderful furniture, a nice grill, and set up a backyard bar-b-que. Or, you could plant a few shade trees over the patio, and have a nice place to sit and relax as you have a glass of iced tea and read a book.

2. Backyard Pond

A small pond in the backyard may seem ridiculous, but it can add quite a bit. Not only can it add an air of beauty to the yard, but it can also be a great way to add a bit of activity. If you’re feeling especially energetic, you could even ensure that there’s fish in the pond. You could use it for some backyard fishing, if you’re the type to enjoy that.

Even if you’re not the type to enjoy fishing, it can still be quite nice to sit back and watch the birds and other animals come by for a drink or for a bit of playtime. It can also be a nice place for frogs to jump about, giving the backyard a bit of nature that you might not have otherwise.

3. Shade Trees

Trees come in all shapes and sizes, but shade trees are great for a backyard. They’re large, and they have a great amount of foliage. Not only that, but depending on the type of tree you can have a great play area for your children. There are very few children who don’t enjoy climbing trees, and having the proper kinds of shade trees planted into your backyard gives them that opportunity. If you or your children are the type to do any kind of carpentry work, you could even build a tree house!

4. Vegetable Gardens

While flower gardens are great for the front yard, since they’re mostly decorative, the backyard is great for vegetable gardens. A vegetable garden does take a bit of work, since you have to plant, maintain, and harvest the vegetables. However, it can also be a source of food. It allows you to grow your own food, so you know what you’ll be getting is healthy. Not only that, you could use it to help teach your children the value of hard work.

Landscaping ideas for backyards are numerous, and based on what kind of backyard you’d like to have. Some people enjoy having a decorative backyard, allowing them to look out of their back door and enjoy the view. Other people want a more functional backyard, allowing them to use their property for something beneficial to themselves and their family.

Whatever you want for your yard, just take a few minutes and come up with some plans. Talk with some professional landscapers, as well. They can help you choose a backyard that will raise your property value and make you happy.

Types Of Landscaping Features

Landscaping Feature Types

If you are bored seeing an empty yard, you can always bring it to life by installing various landscaping features. There was a time when the choice for landscaping materials was limited but these days, you can get your hands on some very exciting and fun materials to add freshness and fun to your yard.

There are a number of resources available online that can help you in choosing the right kind of landscaping features. There are many different types of landscaping features that you can add to your yard to make it look good and functional. Here is a list of some of the major types of landscaping features that are available at a low cost. It is also advisable to hire the services of a professional landscaping company to create a design that looks great and does not cost too much money.

Types of Landscaping Features

Water Features

There are many different types of water features available in the market today at an affordable price. If you do not have any water features in your yard, it may look boring as they will be nothing that flows. Water features offer spots to relax. One popular type of water feature is a waterfall that not only looks good but also provides the soothing sound of running water.


One of the most popular types of landscape features is various types of rocks in many different places. Rocks can be used in a variety of places such as garden beds as well as having a large boulder in the yard as a focal point along with various smaller ones scattered around.

There are many different types of rocks that can be used in your yard for landscaping. You can use flagstone for making pathways, walkways as well as outdoor patio floor. These rocks are large in size and available in a variety of colors. These can also be cemented together for extra stability.

You also have the option of white marble that is often found in flower gardens, walkways as well as flower beds. A garden full of colorful flowers by the bright white colored marble looks great. Marble can also be used as a walkway.

River rock is also a popular choice of rock for many homeowners. These are usually used in lower areas of flower gardens as well as flower beds. This rock is great for landscaping around swimming pools as it retains its natural looks as if it is lying in a mountain stream.

Pea gravel is also a popular choice as these are available in a variety of colors. These not only offer excellent drainage but look great. These are also excellent for use in a walkway as these do not shift much while walking.

Boulders are large rocks that can be used in a variety of ways. These can be used for outlining a group of flowers or trees by creating a circle of boulders around them. These are also often used as a focal point on swimming pools as well as fountains.


When it comes to landscaping, you cannot ignore plants. There is a wide variety of plants available for landscaping today and you can always find some particular types that will make your yard look beautiful and colorful throughout the year.

Annuals are plants that live for just one season. These are used for adding seasonal color to planters and flower beds. Some of the common ones include marigolds, zinnia, petunia, vinca and pentas among others.

There are biennial plants that live for two years. In the first year they produce foliage and flowers in the next year. Some of the examples include Canterbury bells and foxglove among others.  Most of these are vegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale and parsley among others..Perennials plants have a life of more than two years and these are backbone of any landscape. Some of these plants keep their leaves throughout the winter depending on the climate.

One of the best ways to add great variety of colors to your landscape is to have bulbs in your garden. These not only look good but also take very little effort to grow. These self propagate which mean that these spread quickly to fill a small flower bed. Some of the most widely known bulbs include daffodils and tulips. While many people associate these with spring, there are many others that bloom during summer months.

There are also evergreen plants that retain leaves year-round and these add a much needed spot of color in the winter months. Some of the evergreens include cedar, pine and fir among others. If you have a water garden as part of your overall landscape, you should consider adding aquatic plants as these not only look good but also purify and oxygenate the water. There are hundreds of varieties of aquatic plants including water lilies. Some of these float on the water surface such as lotus where others remain submerged.

Fresh Turf

You may also think of getting turf installed in your yard if you don’t like the idea of having yellowish and sparse grass in your yard. After all, there is nothing better than the smell of fresh green grass in the summer months.

Overall, these are some of the main types of landscaping pictures that you can add to your yard at a low cost. It is recommended to hire the services of a professional landscaping company if you want to create a unique and appealing design with various features that look good all year round.

Advice For Landscaping Sloping Blocks

Building on a sloping block has some real advantages, including sweeping views and natural ventilation. It is usually more expensive to build on a sloping block and landscaping sloping blocks can take some innovation, but the result can certainly be beautiful.

Since it does cost more, you must determine if it is worth it to landscape a slope rather than just putting in sod for a lawn. The position of the slope in relation to the surrounding area, along with the type of block of land will often determine if it is feasible to landscape sloping blocks. It is important to do your homework first before beginning any landscape effort on a slope.

The Cost For Landscaping Sloping Blocks

There are several factors that impact the cost of building on and landscaping sloping blocks. First is design. It can be difficult to engineer a construction on a slope. You may need a detailed land survey and the advice or input of a structural engineer to determine what home designs will work and how hard it will be to construct your preferred design.

The next issue is access. If your plot is severely sloped, it can be difficult to provide access to the site and may require additional fees to transport materials to the construction site.

Excavating a sloping block is also a factor in determining costs. It is almost certain that some type of excavation will be required for a project on a sloping lot. Foundation work also often requires special engineering and materials to ensure a level surface for  construction.

Landscaping sloping blocks can also pose challenges for builders. The block may require a couple of retaining walls and issues with erosion, rocks, and other obstacles may need to addressed.

It is possible to help reduce building costs on a sloping block by selecting lighter weight building materials or innovative designs.

Sloping Block Advantages

The primary disadvantage of building on a sloping block is the cost of building. There are also several advantages to building your home on a sloping block and you may find these advantages outweigh the building costs. One of the most obvious advantages is the view.

You can build your home to enjoy a sweeping view. This is one of the best reasons to build on a sloping block. Another advantage is that homes built on a higher elevation usually enjoy more natural ventilation. Your home can be situated and designed to capture all the prevailing breezes, making it easier to cool.

If you hire a designer who specializes in environmentally friendly homes, talk with them about building a timber-framed home that will not retain heat like a brick home would. Depending upon the location and design of your home,  you can drastically reduce or completely eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Home on sloping blocks are in high demand and short supply. Many experts in home renovation look for homes on sloping blocks to purchase and renovate because they know the home will bring a good purchase price. This is also true for your new home. Your finished home on a sloping block will most likely be worth more than it costs to build.

Landscaping A Sloping Block With Retaining Walls

If you do decide to build on a sloping block, you have a few options when it comes to landscaping. The first option is to cut into the slope and then use retaining walls to create a level space for gardens or lawns. If your block has severe slopes, consider terracing the slope with moss rocks.

Before you start landscaping, you must determine the levels. When it rains, water runoff can be a problem, so you will probably need grates connected to your storm water pipe.

One of the most popular landscaping options for sloping blocks is to use retaining walls of concrete railway sleepers or concrete blocks. These types of retaining walls can be very pretty and quite decorative. You can even form curves using these materials and have a choice of different colors. Both of these types of retaining wall materials are available in different patterns and colors to match your garden theme.

If you slope is more severe, you may need to use a retaining wall of moss rock to help retain soil over a high and wide area. Your landscaper will place the moss rocks with a bobcat and then dress the wall with bark chip or river pebbles. The area can then be planted with natives or palms to help soften the effect of the retaining wall.

If your sloping block is spacious, you may be able to combine both of these types of retaining walls into your landscaping. Before you begin landscaping, be sure and check with your local council for any relevant regulations. You may need council approval if your retaining wall exceeds a certain height. It is not a good idea to start construction or landscaping before getting council approval since it could be very costly if your retaining wall design is not approved and you need to start over.

Landscaping Blocks To Keep The Angle Of The Slope

Using landscaping blocks can help you retain the slope of an incline or hill on your land. You can use the landscaping blocks to maintain the slope’s angle instead of building a retaining wall. Setting landscaping blocks into the hill creates an appearance of steps the move upward gradually. These steps help hold back the soil and create areas for potted plants, decorative items or an easier way up the hill.

Building on and landscaping a sloping block can be a challenge. However, the elevation offered by a sloping block can also provide glorious views and more natural ventilation.

Gold Coast Garden Wall Designs

Having a garden is one of the best things for a good living. Having a place to spend time when stressed or relaxing is a good idea, and it is even better since you have the option to choose what should be there and what should not.

There are many people who have spent a lot of money to ensure they have the best-looking garden. There is a lot that goes into having a great garden, and it is important to careful weigh the different options and choose the right ones. There are some people who assume having a garden is just about planting a couple of plants and setting up furniture.

The process will involve choosing garden wall designs with the different elements and materials to be used. Different people have different preferences, and it will be up to you to decide what makes and what doesn’t.

One thing that many people don’t put enough effort in choosing is the design of the garden wall. There are many options out there and it is important to know how to choose. The design you choose will be determined by your preference and how much you want to spend on your garden walls.

There are different designs out there and you should choose the one that suits you the most. There is no need to choose a good looking gardening wall that will interfere with the general look of your garden. It is always important to have all the aspects of the garden work together and bring out the best possible look.

One thing you should also put into consideration is the expected lifetime of the garden walls. There are some that may seem a great option at first but will end up costing a lot. There is also the issue of maintenance. Below are some of the steps you can take to ensure you have chosen the best gardening wall design for your garden.

Create a performance specification
Creating a performance specification can seem like a complicated process, but it is very simple. Start out by making a list of the criteria your fence needs to fulfill. This process can save you a lot of time you would have otherwise used to go through other options you wouldn’t have chosen anyway.

On the list, you should include all the factors you deem important for any gardening wall. If you want to have a wall that provides from the neighbors you need to list it down. If you have kids, then you also need to ensure that they have been well considered in choosing the gardening walls. The security should also be considered.

One mistake that many people make when choosing the design is going with the one that meets their aesthetic requirements. There is no need of having a beautiful fence that doesn’t meet other functions. If you have kids, ensure that their safety is the first priority over everything.

Choose the right material

The type of material you go with when choosing garden wall designs can affect the design and the cost of a gardening wall. The material you go with should not only fit the theme of the garden but also that of your home. Do some research and find out which materials go together and which should never be used together. Seeing the bigger picture will save you a lot of effort and money.

The safe and traditional materials can be the best option, and it is a better place to start than the newer options. The height of the wall can also determine the material to be used. If the wall will be higher than 600mm, there needs to be concrete strip footing support. This is why you need to consult a landscaper.

Ensure that the wall design meets your privacy needs

Make sure that the design you choose will provide you with the privacy you require. This is a good idea especially if the property is uphill or level with the other properties around. Put up a simple timber frame or sheet and see of the fence you want to choose will provide you with the privacy you need.

Different materials have different pros and cons and you need to put all of them into considerations. There are some materials that will cause noise reverberation while there are some that will provide you with complete acoustic privacy.

The gardening walls must meet the required safety levels

It is important to get the safety requirement needed to build a gardening wall from your local authority. A landscaping can provide you with all the resources. There are some guidelines that are usually followed when putting up a wall.


Climate will play a part in determining the design of wall you can choose. An example is a tile that is usually used in Mediterranean location cannot be used in frosty locations. If you are going to use stone, then you should consider using the local stones and rocks. You can easily make a local stone look very contemporary by creating straight edges. If you are going for the rustic feel, then you can choose different stone sizes.


This is one of the most important things you need to consider when putting up a gardening wall. Choose the option that meets most of your criteria in the list you had previously made, and it should be within the budget. With the right information, you can have the wall you have always wanted without spending much. Choosing garden wall designs should not be as hard as it may seem.

7 Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

7 landscaping ideas

When you want to be sure that you are able to get the absolute most of your property, you need to focus on the exterior as much as the interior. With this in mind, you can develop some landscaping plans that will allow you to not only protect the aesthetic quality of your property, but also to increase and sustain the property values that you enjoy. With this in mind, there are a number of different landscaping decisions that you can make in order to take full advantage of this property to the best of your ability.

With this in mind, read on and take advantage of these 7 landscaping ideas, in order to make the most of your property for the long haul. You can handle some of these landscaping matters on your own, or reach out to a landscaping contractor who is well equipped to assist you in this regard.

Take advantage of these 7 landscaping ideas for best results.

#1: Create A Winding Nature Walkway

When you want to be sure that you are truly embracing nature, while still  operating with great direction and efficiency, this is one of the best steps you can take. You will be able to create a cobblestone, brick, brick pavers or other walkway which is adorned with bordering plant life that will be rich and vibrant. This walkway makes it easy for you to navigate your property, in a way that makes it very easy to get around with beauty and peace of mind. Make sure that in addition to a number of plants, you also install a number of lighting fixtures which will illuminate your past and entice you to enjoy the cool night air.

#2: Create A Relaxation Nook

One of the greatest steps you can take with your exterior landscaping is to create a relaxing nook. This nook can feature a number of fixtures which will make it easy to take a load off ó some examples include a hammock, lawn and garden chairs and a patch of greenery that is excellent for a picnic. This will make you want to spend plenty of time outdoors amongst your landscape, which will pay huge dividends when the spring and summer months arrive.

#3: Plant A Garden With Fresh Flowers, Fruits And Vegetables

Imagine how exquisite it will be to relax amongst your landscaping with fresh flowers to smell and succulent, sweet fresh fruit to pick. You can receive this any time that you decide to plant a garden in your landscaping. This will give you the opportunity to test out your green thumb, while also enjoying riches of your labor as an end result. There are countless types of plants that you can instill into your garden, so take this as a challenge and an opportunity to play around with different seeds and plant species.

#4: Align Bushes For A Clear Property Entrance

Another great step to take for your property is to align bushes that lead to your property. This will allow you to navigate your property in a way that always gives you a taste of nature. You will also be able to decorate these bushes to your liking, which will create an excellent scene during Christmas season. You can decorate these bushes in any way that you like and will always be able to enjoy your time on your property when you have them aligned in a way that allows you to navigate your property whenever you need to.

#5: Plant A Mish Mash Of Mixed Greenery

While many people seek order and efficiency with their garden, nature is far more playful and unpredictable. If you want to give your garden a taste of the wild side, instead opt for a mishmash of different flowers, grass, bushes and other forms of plant life. This will allow you to create an exquisite scene throughout the course of your landscape, so that you are able to instill a sense of wildness which is native to all of nature.

#6: Adorn A Beautiful Courtyard

A courtyard is excellent whether you want to simply relax with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or entertain company in the summer. This courtyard can be blocked off or open, extending from the rest of your yard. However you go about it, make sure that this courtyard features plenty of lighting fixtures and plants that are decorative and wonderful. Creating the courtyard that you always wanted will allow you to make it a relaxing place to enjoy yourself, regardless of what settings you are looking for.

#7: Purchase A Deck Or Patio

One of the most sound investments that you can make into your landscaping is the installation of a patio or a deck. This will give you all that you need in order to entertainment company and enjoy some sweet rest and relaxation outside drug or landscape. You can get a deck installed by a professional in order to make sure that the job is done correctly. If this is what you need, be sure that you reach out to a landscaping contractor that is licensed and insured. By taking it upon yourself to get this proper installation, you will always be in good hands in this regard and will get the finished product  when you want such a fixture for your landscape.

8 Landscaping Drainage Solutions

Ever wondered what would happen if your landscaping was flooded and messed up? Yes, it happens to a lot of people because they don’t have adequate drainage solutions in place and that is the result of that. You want to make sure you are able to prevent the issue from transpiring in the first place rather than waiting around for it to take place as so many property owners do. So, what are some of the best options that you are going to have in this regard? Here are 8 landscaping drainage solutions to ponder over.

1) Sump Pump

The first option that is going to be listed would be a sump pump and this is going to do a great job as long as it is put in place properly. You want to make sure the pump is dealing with the water that is coming in as soon as you want it to.

It will keep the water at bay and you won’t have trouble with this issue again.

The sump pump is able to take the runoff and control it before it goes out of place and causes damage.

2) Curtain Drain

The next solution would be to go with a curtain drain and this is something a lot of people do as long as they are able to.

What does this involve? You are going to put a pipe that is going to be coming out and taking the water that rolls down into the area.

This means the area itself is going to have to be lower than where the water is going to be coming from. This is why some people are not able to use this solution while others are for their landscaping.

3) Drywell

The third option would be to go with a drywell  and this is indeed a wonderful choice for those who want a perfect fit that is easy to put in place. The goal with the drywell is to create a holding tank for all water that is coming into the area that is being protected.

The drywell is going to be able to suck up the water and make sure it is staying away from what is being protected at all costs.

it is going to do a neat job of this and you are not going to have to worry one bit.

4) Surface Drainage

This is one of the cheaper options among the 8 landscaping drainage solutions and that is something you will have to note down if you are on a real budget. You have to make sure the drainage is being put in and this could be the go-to option without a doubt.

You want to make sure you are going with an option that is going to be draining the water easily and this is it. This revolves around the idea of the water sliding out from the surface after it reaches a certain point. They call it grading the land.

5) French Drain

This is a unique solution and many people are not even aware of this being a possibility and that is what makes it powerful. You are going to be able to put in a drain that is taking water from the surface but in a different manner to what has been seen with the other solutions.

A French drain is going to be a trench that is set up to collect the water as it trickles down. It is easily able to do the job and is quite affordable to say the least.

6) Water Plants

Ever thought about this? Plants are going to want water and you will have to plant one that are going to adore drinking tons of water.

These are the best because they are going to do the job for you and that is going to save a lot of trouble.

You might not even have to pay for much of anything once this route has been selected and that is always a positive.

7) Dry Stream

For some reason, people don’t look into this and that holds them back at the end of the day. A dry stream is wonderful because it is going to look nice as well.

A pump might be faster, but this is a natural solution. Just build a bed of rocks that will curtail water flow.

8) Raising Landscaping

This is the ultimate solution and one that is going to eradicate most of the issues that could arise along the way. The purpose of this solution is to just go higher because that is going to keep the water out.

The water level is generally not going to be higher and elevating the solution (If possible) is the ultimate option and will do the trick.

These 8 landscaping drainage solutions are fantastic and will yield the overall value that you are hoping to get when it comes to protecting the landscaping. You never want to be put in a spot where you are going to have to call in the pros because the area has been flooded. If you are not careful, this is what is going to happen at the end of the day and you are not going to be content one bit. To ensure you are not having to confront such a problematic issue, get ahead of it and put one of these options in place.

What To Consider Before Landscaping

Are you looking to redesign your entire landscape? Are you just making a few changes to the landscaping design already in place? Are you wondering what to consider before landscaping? Whatever the case, you need to consider a few important factors before commencing anything. Most people prefer visiting the local garden store to browse through selections. However, creating a plan before trying anything is a good idea. Well, here is what to consider before landscaping.

Knowing The Yard

You need to consider elements such as the climate in your region, the topography, the type of soil and many more things before you can start landscaping. You can find all the necessary research online. Depending on the current conditions of your yard, there is a chance you might have a micro climate. Therefore, take that into consideration before doing anything. Don’t forget to consider the drainage of water into the soil, especially away from the house and into the other areas of the landscape.


Before doing anything, you need to consider who will be using the yard once it’s finished and how it will be used. For instance, are your children going to be playing in the yard? Are the pets going to be sleeping or playing in the yard? Do you consider using the yard for entertaining guests? Note that, it’s possible to create different spaces for various uses with specific designs and tricks. Don’t forget to add walkways for moving people from one area to the other effortlessly.


By choosing a particular theme for your yard, you can guide plants and unify your landscape accordingly. You can choose consistent forms or shapes in the garden. When choosing a particular theme, you should consider the current architecture of your home. Any theme you choose should complement the style of your home since the backyard is an extension of the house.

A good theme will guide you in choosing which plants to add to your yard and where to place them. It’s also a good way to decide on the best structures and decorations for the landscape. You can either choose geometric themes, natural themes or anything else that brings out a colorful and beautiful yard.

Link Spaces

If you want to make the best use of your yard, you should think of it as another room in your house. If your house has carefully planned and designed rooms, you should do the same with your landscape. You can achieve this by using various landscaping materials wisely to bring out the best out of your yard. Create walkways and openings in the garden that allow easy exploration and movement.

Choosing The Right Plants

During the planning session, you should assess the function of plants in your landscape when it’s done. You can add plants to the yard for various functions. For instance, they can provide delicious vegetables and fruits, add beautiful scenery to the landscape and also provide beautiful and relaxing aromas in the yard.

You can also use the plants as barriers and boundaries thus defining the areas in the yard. It’s easy to block the view and allow access to any area using specific plants. For instance, you should consider low growing plants to prevent access but provide a beautiful view of the yard.

If you place the plants correctly, you can also alter the conditions in the landscape site. For instance, you can control the light, wind or temperature in any specific landscape using particular plants. They can also provide insulation from other noisy features in the landscape such as water fountains or bird houses.

Structured Plantings

When choosing plants, you should consider the various visual planes in the yard. For instance, you should consider the overhead planes such as trees or archways. Secondly, you should check the vertical planes such as the spacing of the plants, layering or staggering of plants. Don’t forget about the individual and overall heights of all the plants in the yard. Finally, there is the ground plane that determines the grouping and arrangement of smaller plants, hardscapes and also groundcovers. If you repeat similar structures throughout the yard, you will get a unified view.

Attention To Detail And Highlighting Important Points

If you want to highlight a particular area of your landscape, you should use garden ornaments, distinct structures or unique plants. The different sizes, shapes, colors and textures will direct the attention to the particular area. Each of these items has unique attributes that can complement and contrast accordingly. Therefore, if you take that into consideration, you can create a very integrated and appealing landscape.

Of course, not only the visuals should be considered. Don’t forget about the aromas of the plants you choose to enhance the overall experience of the garden. For instance, you should find the scents that come into play when various flowers bloom and how they will complement each other.

Future Additions And Maintenance

Of course, the plants will not look brand new forever. That’s why you need to consider how they will look after some time has passed. On that note, you should consider the growth rate of plants, the maintenance requirements and also the size of the plants when mature. Provide each plant with enough room for maturity but you should keep in mind the optimal conditions to achieve the desired height and size of maturity.

In conclusion, with this information on what to consider before landscaping, you should be able to choose the right plants for your yard, the good designs, and themes that bring out the beauty of your garden.

Tips On Landscaping To Sell Your Home

If you have decided to sell your home, it is highly advisable that you do some landscaping to add curb appeal. Most individuals form a lasting impression based on the first impressions of a home, but when we are trying to sell a home, we tend to overlook the landscape. Well, did you know that an appealing landscape adds 10 to 15 percent of value to a home? That means that for a home valued at $500,000, an attractive landscape could easily add $75,000 to its value.

Well, in this post, we have combined a few easy and effective tips for landscaping to sell your home that will help spruce up your curb appeal, increase your home value and help you sell your house quickly.

Tips On Landscaping To Sell Your Home

 1. Clean It Up

First and foremost, you will want to clean your exterior. There is no denying the fact that a lot of dirt and dust invaded your porch over the winter and spring. Well, you might not notice it, but if you take your broom and start sweeping your porch, you will quickly notice dirt and dust that needs to be cleaned away. After sweeping, give the porch a wash using a garden hose. If it is really dirty, you can pour a bucket of soapy water and then hose it down.

The brick or the siding on your home might also need a wash as well. In this case, it is best to use a garden hose attached to a sprayer to get rid of the dirt. If the stains are tough, you can use a sponge and a bucket of soapy water to wash them off. However, avoid using power washers. Power washers tend to remove paint from wood siding and can actually damage aluminum or vinyl siding when the water is forced behind the facia boards. If the siding is still dirty after all that, then you might want to hire a professional outdoor cleaner to do the job for you.

 2. Define The Lawn Edges

It is also important that you mow and edge your lawn. Edging the lawn makes the yard have a restrained and tamed look, which gives the impression of a lower maintenance. Creating an edge is quite easy, and it can be as simple as utilizing a spade to create a neat separation between the lawn and the fence, path or garden bed. Ideally, you can use a physical barrier such as steel, timber, stone or brick.

 3. Mulch And Weed

Weeding and mulching the plant beds helps in making your yard appear well kept and low-maintenance. As such, choose a utility mulch like forest fines or pine bark instead of the standard options like sugarcane and lucerne. Utility mulches are way better and look neat. When it comes to selling, it is more about appearance and less about appearance. Also, avoid using mulches that are too common, they can be a turn off to potential home buyers.

 4. Flower Baskets

One of the simplest ways of adding color to your outdoor and add elegance to your porch is through hanging flower baskets. Go with a color that will complement your houseís color and choose flowers that are yet to bloom. Full-bloomed flowers might look great at the store, but they are a sign that they have been there for quite a while. So, choose a basket whose flowers are about to bloom and let them come to life at your home.

 4. Declutter

Clutter makes the exterior appear unorderly. As such, it is wise to organize your exterior and put unpleasant things away. You should start by removing garbage. If you happen to store hoses, bikes, tools and other items on your outdoor, consider moving them to the back. For porch clutter, you can buy a plastic container of your choice. Plastic storage is ideal for storing items such as balls and eventually, you will have a clean porch.

 5. Trim

Another great way to tidy up your exterior is to prune any overgrown shrubs or trees near the home. This not only makes your garden look nice, but it ideally complements the architecture of your house. You can prune deciduous shrubs and tress at any time of the year, which really helps if you want to sell your home at winter.

 6. Limit The Plant Species Amount

Minimizing the number of plant species in your yard makes your garden look more uniform and easier to maintain. However, do not be too restricting with the choices. Bring in a little diversity to enhance local ecology, extend flowering times, reduce pest impact make the garden look more interesting.

 7. The Lights

You cannot afford to overlook the appearance of your home at night. Most homeowners will drive by in the evening and as such, you will want to ensure that you have low voltage lighting along the homeís driveway or near the landscape you wish to highlight. Adding lights to the part around your patio or deck will create a more inviting space and will increase the value of your home.

Great curb appeal might not guarantee that your home will sell, but it goes a long way in creating remarkable first impressions. A great outdoor is a good stepping stone for making home buyers want to see the interior. Due to its potential for increasing the value of your home and sale as well, taking care of your exterior is definitely worth the time, money and effort.  So, why not use these tips for landscaping to sell your home today?