In some areas of the world, rain and humidity are quite rare, which can rather easily make gardening quite difficult. On the other side of the coin are parts of the world where water is perhaps too abundant, which provides its own types of problems for gardeners. Among other problems is draining water out of … Continue reading The Best 7 Garden Drainage Solutions

Ever wondered what would happen if your landscaping was flooded and messed up? Yes, it happens to a lot of people because they don’t have adequate drainage solutions in place and that is the result of that. You want to make sure you are able to prevent the issue from transpiring in the first place … Continue reading 8 Landscaping Drainage Solutions

What is landscaping. Is it an art form, is it engineering solutions, is it construction, is it problem solving to create the best possible solution for every individual situation, or is it just plain hard work? I would suggest that landscaping is all of these things and more. If designed and installed correctly landscaping address … Continue reading Gold Coast Landscapers

In order for your landscaping to be healthy and look its best, it is critical that it drain properly.  Having the right landscaping drainage solutions is especially critical whenever there is a high water table, dense soil or flat land. If the right drainage systems are not in effect, water can collect and drown plants, … Continue reading 3 Landscaping Drainage Solutions

Drainage is an integral part of any landscape project. Sometimes drainage needs to be retro fitted to alleviate drainage problems. Usually this is because the drainage was not considered when the landscaping was constructed. Whilst not ideal there are many options to consider when fitting drainage retrospectively. Such options would consist of -fitting of drainage … Continue reading Gold Coast Landscape Drainage Solutions

It seems that the rain just wont leave us this year on the Gold Coast. Great for the dams and the plants but how is the drainage holding up around your place. If your expieriencing flooding, damp soggy ground or residual surface water after it has rained it could be a simple landscape issue to … Continue reading Gold Coast Landscaping And Drainage

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