There’s a huge number of terms that are nothing more than marketing. Doggy daycare, for example, is no different from a kennel. It’s a place where you take your dog when you can’t watch them for a while, and you need to hire someone else to watch them for you. Doggy daycare is just a … Continue reading Selecting A Garden Designer

Does your landscape project require a retaining wall higher than 1 metre? If so you there are some things that you will need to be aware of, such as; the wall will require a building approval; the wall will require an engineering drawing; the contractor you engage to build the wall will need to be … Continue reading Retaining walls over 1 metre high

      Often retaining walls are situated on the boundary line of a property. This means that they are also in alignment with the boundary fence. This can create some interesting challenges to ensure that the you get the best possible solution. If you are considering a project in the Gold Coast, South Brisbane … Continue reading Retaining wall with fence

If you want to maintain a garden in the Gold Coast, you’re going to want to have retaining walls. These walls will work with the natural slope of the soil, and will ensure that all of your plants can grow properly. In addition, these walls will add a lot of beauty and visual interest to … Continue reading Best Retaining Walls Contractor Gold Coast

There are so many fencing contractors available today that sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right fencing contractor. However, it also has its own benefits. It means that you can get an excellent fencing contractor at the right price. The best way to begin your search for the right contractor is to interview … Continue reading How To Choose A Gold Coast Fencing Contractor