What is landscaping. Is it an art form, is it engineering solutions, is it construction, is it problem solving to create the best possible solution for every individual situation, or is it just plain hard work? I would suggest that landscaping is all of these things and more. If designed and installed correctly landscaping address … Continue reading Gold Coast Landscapers

Does your landscape project require a retaining wall higher than 1 metre? If so you there are some things that you will need to be aware of, such as; the wall will require a building approval; the wall will require an engineering drawing; the contractor you engage to build the wall will need to be … Continue reading Retaining walls over 1 metre high

      Often retaining walls are situated on the boundary line of a property. This means that they are also in alignment with the boundary fence. This can create some interesting challenges to ensure that the you get the best possible solution. If you are considering a project in the Gold Coast, South Brisbane … Continue reading Retaining wall with fence

By using retaining wall contractors who have a good reputation, you will be able to enhance the beauty of your home with an attractive retaining wall. There are so many different types of retaining walls to choose from. If you are not design orientated, you can retain the services of a landscape designer who will … Continue reading Retaining Wall Contractors

Large retaining walls are becoming part and parcel of civil engineering, but that does not mean they are as successful as you would like them to be. In fact civil engineers consider these walls as being the most risky because of how often they fail. While, they may be easier to put together and set … Continue reading Main Causes Of Retaining Wall Failures

The retaining wall can be defined as a structure that is created for holding back or retaining water, dirt or other materials behind the wall. In common households, retaining walls are generally used for the purpose of landscaping whereas big retaining walls are used for retaining material in commercial settings. The main job of retaining … Continue reading 5 Retaining Wall Solutions

If you live in an area where the terrain is not smooth and flat, which is the majority of the country, there are several things that you can consider in order to protect your land. Not only do you want to prevent the soil from erosion, you are likely to want to implement some type … Continue reading Retaining Walls as Fences

Introduction A timber retaining wall is best to reshape home yards. The retaining wall, in this case, is built with wood posts. They add an impressive look to the garden and seating comfort. Retaining wall can also be made with stone material other than timber. Timber retaining walls appear straight with less opportunity to develop … Continue reading Timber Retaining Wall Builders gold coast

Retaining walls form the cornerstone of most landscape projects. Unless you build on a near level site there will be some need for a retaining wall. Whether it be ground stabilization, changing land contours, creating level areas or as a landscape feature, retaining walls are an integral part of most landscaping projects. Retaining walls can … Continue reading Structural Retaining Walls

Maintaining a yard can be a challenge when you live in the Gold Coast. The soil here isn’t always an ideal fit for growing plants, and it can take a lot of work to make sure your yard remains well maintained. The best way to deal with this problem is to look into retaining wall … Continue reading Retaining Wall Solutions Gold Coast