Landscaping is in essence as much about what you don’t see as what you do see. Aesthetically landscaping needs to look good and it also need to be structurally sound and functional. one of the most important aspects of landscaping is the drainage. The only time drainage is appreciated is when it is raining. The … Continue reading Landscaping and Drainage

What is landscaping. Is it an art form, is it engineering solutions, is it construction, is it problem solving to create the best possible solution for every individual situation, or is it just plain hard work? I would suggest that landscaping is all of these things and more. If designed and installed correctly landscaping address … Continue reading Gold Coast Landscapers

Sustainable landscpaing Our core business is to provide a structural landscaping service for the Gold Coast. However we are preparing to provide our clients with some exciting new possibilities by incorporating sustainable practices into our landscaping. Fruit trees, rainwater harvesting, vegie gardens, aquaponics and many other ways for you to receive added benefits from your … Continue reading Sustainable Gold Coast Landscaping Solutions

Types Of retaining Walls Are you thinking of building a retaining wall? Retaining walls are an expensive item and you should do your homework. Some things you should consider:- is the type of wall right for your particular situation is the wall aesthetically pleasing and will it complement your landscaping. is the wall structurally the … Continue reading Types Of Gold Coast Retaining Walls

Looking for landscaping or gardening ideas?  Why not try our new consultation service. Our consultant will spend time onsite with you to crete the best solutions for you landscaping challenges. Use our 20 years expierience to create the most effective solutions and ensure you get the best value for your money. This service could save … Continue reading Bluestones’s Gold Coast Landscaping Ideas