8 Landscaping Drainage Solutions

January 25, 20160 drainage, drainage solutions, Landscape Solutions

Ever wondered what would happen if your landscaping was flooded and messed up? Yes, it happens to a lot of people because they don’t have adequate drainage solutions in place and that is the result of that. You want to make sure you are able to prevent the issue from transpiring in the first place rather than waiting around for it to take place as so many property owners do. So, what are some of the best options that you are going to have in this regard? Here are 8 landscaping drainage solutions to ponder over.

1) Sump Pump

The first option that is going to be listed would be a sump pump and this is going to do a great job as long as it is put in place properly. You want to make sure the pump is dealing with the water that is coming in as soon as you want it to.

It will keep the water at bay and you won’t have trouble with this issue again.

The sump pump is able to take the runoff and control it before it goes out of place and causes damage.

2) Curtain Drain

The next solution would be to go with a curtain drain and this is something a lot of people do as long as they are able to.

What does this involve? You are going to put a pipe that is going to be coming out and taking the water that rolls down into the area.

This means the area itself is going to have to be lower than where the water is going to be coming from. This is why some people are not able to use this solution while others are for their landscaping.

3) Drywell

The third option would be to go with a drywell  and this is indeed a wonderful choice for those who want a perfect fit that is easy to put in place. The goal with the drywell is to create a holding tank for all water that is coming into the area that is being protected.

The drywell is going to be able to suck up the water and make sure it is staying away from what is being protected at all costs.

it is going to do a neat job of this and you are not going to have to worry one bit.

4) Surface Drainage

This is one of the cheaper options among the 8 landscaping drainage solutions and that is something you will have to note down if you are on a real budget. You have to make sure the drainage is being put in and this could be the go-to option without a doubt.

You want to make sure you are going with an option that is going to be draining the water easily and this is it. This revolves around the idea of the water sliding out from the surface after it reaches a certain point. They call it grading the land.

5) French Drain

This is a unique solution and many people are not even aware of this being a possibility and that is what makes it powerful. You are going to be able to put in a drain that is taking water from the surface but in a different manner to what has been seen with the other solutions.

A French drain is going to be a trench that is set up to collect the water as it trickles down. It is easily able to do the job and is quite affordable to say the least.

6) Water Plants

Ever thought about this? Plants are going to want water and you will have to plant one that are going to adore drinking tons of water.

These are the best because they are going to do the job for you and that is going to save a lot of trouble.

You might not even have to pay for much of anything once this route has been selected and that is always a positive.

7) Dry Stream

For some reason, people don’t look into this and that holds them back at the end of the day. A dry stream is wonderful because it is going to look nice as well.

A pump might be faster, but this is a natural solution. Just build a bed of rocks that will curtail water flow.

8) Raising Landscaping

This is the ultimate solution and one that is going to eradicate most of the issues that could arise along the way. The purpose of this solution is to just go higher because that is going to keep the water out.

The water level is generally not going to be higher and elevating the solution (If possible) is the ultimate option and will do the trick.

These 8 landscaping drainage solutions are fantastic and will yield the overall value that you are hoping to get when it comes to protecting the landscaping. You never want to be put in a spot where you are going to have to call in the pros because the area has been flooded. If you are not careful, this is what is going to happen at the end of the day and you are not going to be content one bit. To ensure you are not having to confront such a problematic issue, get ahead of it and put one of these options in place.