We are often asked,” can we create a landscape that requires no maintenence?”. The simple answer is no. All landscaping will require some maintenece, unless your happy with a mess of weeds and overgrown shrubs.  Low miantenence landscaping is achievable however, even with the water restrictions we experience in South East Queensland. Properly selected plant material, application of quality soil and water retention agents, correct application of mulch and  gravel, and the use of  quality turf or synthetic grass are some of the answers to the challenge. Combined with the use of procucts that are durable and construction methods that will endure, it is possible to cretate a landscape that will require minimum maintenence.

At Bluestone Landscaping,  www.bluestonelandscaping.com.au ,we have the knowledge and expierience to create a landscape solution that answers the challenges of requiring minimum maintenece and allowing our clients to have more time to enjoy their weekends.