Value For Money Landscaping

Consider a client who decides to take on their own landscape project. They engage various contractors to complete different stages of works. Looking for the best price they call three quotes for each stage of works, being earthworks, fencing, retaining walls, concreting, paving and turf and gardens.

That is 18 quotes, that alone is a job and a half. With all the quotes in the construction costs look reasonable and it would appear that the project will be completed well within the budget. However no one considered drainage, waste removal, the quotes didn’t include required approvals and so on. The extras bill will quickly add up and start to stretch the budget.

However the biggest cost is to the finish of the landscape project, unless the whole project is considered from the start the final finish may be a bit like a jigsaw with a few pieces missing, it just doesn’t work!!

The answer is to engage the services of a qualified landscape contractor to complete your landscape project. At Bluestone Landscaping we are licensed builders restricted to structural landscaping. That means that whilst we handle most aspects of landscaping in house we can also directly engage other contractors to complete any landscape project.

Our clients only need to make one call to us to complete their landscaping. One contract, one job, one uniform finish and real value for the money spent on their landscaping. So if you are considering landscaping in the Gold Coast / Sth East Queensland region please contact us at Bluestone Landscaping.