If you are going to install a deck around your home, you will want to hire a company that has a good reputation. These are companies that will be able to provide you with great prices, and excellent results, because they have been doing this for many years.

You may never have worked with one of these professionals before and will have no idea who to call. That’s why it’s important to do your research on these different businesses that can build decks for you. This is how you can find outdoor timber deck builders that can offer you great prices and do exceptional work.

What Do These Companies Actually Do?

These companies are able to do a couple different things. First of all, they can lay a foundation around the perimeter of your home where the deck is going to be. They can reinforce areas of the ground which might be soft, making sure that it does not sink over time.

They will be able to use different types of lumber, allowing you to choose from wood such as cedar, oak, redwood, and any other type of wood that you would prefer. They can also do synthetic lumber if that’s what you would prefer because it would be easier to take care of.

Once they are done, they will put a railing around the deck, making sure that everything is safe. All of this can be done by these companies that provide outdoor timber deck builders services.

Where Do You Begin Looking For Them?

You can start looking for them right away in your local phone directory. There will likely be a couple of them that advertise in this manner. If you search on the Internet, you will simply look for timber deck builders, and several websites will show up. Some of them will be in the organic listings, whereas others will be paying for the advertisements that you will see.

Your best choice will be companies that are listed in the local listings of Google, or can be found on review websites, were actual customers have left their feedback. Based upon what these people have said, you should be able to quickly find a company that will help you at a reasonable price.

However, the cost is not important initially. What you are looking for is the company that has done many jobs in your area and has exceptional feedback for the work they have completed.

How Do You Evaluate These Businesses?

You can evaluate these businesses very easily by looking at the feedback they have already received. The ones that have the most positive feedback should be your top candidates. You will want to request an estimate from each of these businesses, seeing how much they will charge for the deck that you would like to have built.

You can actually request different estimates on decks of different sizes, and those that use different materials. If you do this with each of these highly recommended businesses, this will give you an idea of how much it will cost to complete the deck that you want to build.

Ask When They Can Start

One question that you do need to ask with each of these companies is when they can actually begin. Many of these companies, especially the popular ones, are going to be very busy. If you would like to have this deck ready for summer so that you can have barbecues and entertain guests, you should find a business that can start as soon as possible. Businesses that may not have an opening for several weeks may not be your top choice, even if they cost a little bit less.

Compare The Cost Of The Materials Being Used

Although they will list the materials that they will use on the estimate, as well as the cost of purchasing them, compare each estimate based upon how much the materials will cost. This will not only be for the lumber, but also for the cost of the screws, nails, and all of the material that will be necessary to lay the foundation.

Sometimes the largest portion of a project like this is in the cost of materials that will be purchased. If you can save a substantial amount of money by choosing a different type of lumber, and work with a company that is charging the least amount for labor, this could save you thousands of dollars by the time the project is completed. It pays to look at how much each deck will cost based on both the materials and the cost of labor from each of the companies.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Deck?

The time that it will take to build the deck will depend upon the size of the deck and the type of material that will be utilized. If you are building a deck that will circumvent most of the house, you are probably looking at a week long project.

If it is just in the back, creating a small patio like area, it will probably take just a few days. This is important as you need to know how long it will take them to finish the project if you have plans with guests coming to your home in the near future.

Which Type Of Lumber Is Best For An Outdoor Deck?

If you compare the many materials that can be used for an outdoor deck, you may find yourself torn between two or three of them. Some of the most popular include Cedar decking, pressure-treated decking and composite decking options. There are many benefits to using Cedar because it has a very natural look. It comes from the heartwood of the actual tree.

This means it’s going to be much more solid, red in color, and will have very little sap which is necessary when using this material that people will be walking on. It can last as long as 20 years, and with proper treatments, it may even last longer than that. On the other hand, if you use pressure treated decking which could be virtually any type of wood, but it’s important to use premium treated boards which will have a straighter grain, fewer knots, and less of a tendency of warping.

This is going to be a much more cost-effective solution than Cedar, but there is still one more option to consider. Composite decking is actually made of manufactured planks which are composed of wood chips, plastic or even sawdust. These decks will be much more expensive than Cedar, but they are virtually maintenance free.

You can get quotes on all three of these, as well as other types of lumber, to see how much everything will cost. Based upon your budget, and what the outdoor timber deck builders think would be best, you can select that material for your deck.

How To Get Discount Prices On This Decking Material

If you are purchasing any of these materials from a larger company, this is where you are going to save the most money. In addition, if you are working with a professional deck builder, they can get this material at wholesale prices. Therefore, it pays to work with one of these professional companies because of how much money you will save on the material itself.

They can go to virtually any producer of decking material and help you save hundreds, or even thousands, on the cost of the material that will be used to build your deck. Another way that you can save money is to look for specials that are currently running and take advantage of the savings. Either one of these options can help you save quite a bit of cash on the wood or composite material that will be used for your deck.

Should You Hire A Company In Your Immediate Area?

You should certainly consider branching out from your current location if you can find a deck builder that is far less expensive. For example, if you are in a rural community, they are likely going to charge much more than a business that is in a major city. Part of the reason is that they can make a profit on charging less because they do so much more volume than a smaller business.

Additionally, they may have access to those that provide the materials for building a deck, which can also save you money. It is a good idea to get as many quotes as possible, and it is highly probable that businesses from out of your area will help you save on the total cost of this type of job. Therefore, always consider that as an option, especially if you see that you will be saving a substantial amount of money on the entire project.

How Large Should Your Deck Be?

Although this is a question that should be based upon personal preference, there are other reasons to consider the size. If you are on a limited budget, you can easily have these companies put a small deck in the backyard and then add on at a later point in time. They can also do the foundation while they are creating the first deck.

Once you have the money, you can pay them for the labor and the cost of the materials. Everything will be set up to finish the deck in its entirety, so this is an option for those that have a limited budget. Additionally, you need to consider where your house is located when considering the size of the deck that you are going to build.

Many people like to have the deck wrap around their house, whereas others just want it in the backyard area. If you have a substantial number of trees that will provide shade all around your house, this might be a reason to build a larger deck right away. This is an option for people that have a large enough budget, and that will be entertainment numerous guests that will visit their home often.

Locating professional outdoor timber deck builders should take you less than an hour. You will then submit your request for an estimate, prompting many of these companies to come out. They will take measurements, and they will also give you estimates on different types of lumber. This will give you the ability to pick and choose from many possibilities, one of which will look the most promising and will fit your budget.