If you have a backyard where you would like to do some landscaping, one of the easiest ways to get this done is to use sloping blocks. Sometimes this is one of the best ways to really help your backyard, or even your front yard, stand out.

Depending upon the length of your backyard, and the angle of the slope, you could really have your work cut out for you. If you think about terraces that you have seen, or even backyards that have this sloping landscaping, you will probably have a few good ideas.

You can literally transform a barren landscape into something very spectacular by using the natural slope of the land that is on your property. Here are some ideas and how to do landscaping on sloping blocks that will look absolutely fantastic.

How Much Land Are You Going To Landscape?

The first thing to consider is how much square footage you are going to actually landscape. For most people, it’s not that much. It will probably be less than 1000 ft.≤, and this is manageable for most people.

These smaller projects can be done in the course of a couple weekends, the larger ones may actually require professional help. It just depends on what you want to accomplish with your landscaping, and how much money you are willing to spend. Once you have chosen an area to begin with, you can start to map out where you want the changes to occur.

Once you have this design not only on the ground marked out by rocks, or pieces of wood, you should then create a diagram on paper so that you can begin to list what you are going to need in order to do your landscaping on sloping blocks.

First You Are Going To Need Your Blocks

This will be the most time-consuming portion of this project. Since the angle of your hill is going to slope down, you will obviously need to cut into the hill wherever you are going to place the blocks so that they will be flat. You will likely be walking over these, so you need to make sure that they are as level as possible.

You can usually pick up the blocks for this project at a local home improvement store. Assuming that you are working with a small area, you can probably get everything that you will need in terms of the blocks put into the back of a pickup.

Once you have leveled out the areas where the blocks will go, you can then put them in place. This will allow you to begin to really see how this project is going to end. This will give you walkways, and you can also put in stairs using blocks, or even have concrete stairs put in, so that you can easily go up and down your sloping yard area.

Next You Will Need Your Landscaping Materials

The second stage of the process is to go get the remainder of the materials that you will need. You will probably put in flowers, small trees, shrubs, and you may also want to invest in a fountain. One of the best things that you can put on a sloping backyard is a fountain that descends, only to recirculate the water back up the hill to create this stream more waterfall like appearance.

You should have sloping blocks on either side, allowing people to either walk around it, or have a flat area that you have carved out of the hill where you will have chairs and tables. You can transform your yard into something that will be not only useful, but beautiful, once you have completed all of the landscaping.

How To Organize Your Plants And Trees

Once you have positioned your plants and trees where you want them, you need to go down to the bottom of the area you are landscaping. You need to know if it’s going to be properly balanced. If you are going with the pond idea, there should be trees quite a distance from the pond so that you have an unobstructed view.

The only reason you would want to put one adjacent to the pond is if you are thinking that one day it will provide enough shade. However, that’s what you’re going to do with the patio area that you are cutting into the hill, which will serve that purpose.

The flowers can go adjacent to the pond, and down the slope following the stream of water that will likely reach another pond at the bottom. You can choose many different colors, and types of flowers, making it almost surreal in appearance.

How To Deal With The Empty Space

after all of the trees have been planted, along with the flowers, and the pond is fully functional, it’s time to finish up by doing something with the open space that is either going to be grass or dirt. If you happen to live in an area where it is extremely hot a large portion of the year, you will probably want to landscape those areas with some type of gravel or wood chips.

You might even want to consider planting creeping vines that will eventually cover these areas, creating a very unique appearance. As a general rule, the more green that you have filling these spaces, the more elegant the final product will look.

If you can afford to, you might want to consider putting in grass and a sprinkler system. You could have a very beautiful set up, but if water is scarce and temperatures are going to run high much of the year, then using gravel or wood chips is probably your best choice.

That’s really all there is to landscaping on sloping blocks. You just have to use your imagination. Just make sure that you do include elements of water, grass, rocks, and as many beautiful flowers as you can purchase to make it look very desirable.

You will probably find yourself spending a lot of time outside in this area that you have created which may take a couple of weeks to finish. Even if you don’t have the time, you can contact one of the local landscapers that will take your ideas and make them a reality.

Landscaping on sloping blocks can also improve the value of your home if you are trying to sell it. Get started today, and in just a few short weeks, you will have an absolutely beautiful sloping area on your property that you will get to enjoy.