Garden Edging Ideas

April 5, 20170admin

Today, will talk about some of the different creative ideas for edging your garden. When it comes to edging your garden it can be both decorative and done in a functional way to outline your space.

Edging can act as a guard against animals seeking to eat your vegetation. The most common forms of edging utilized today are steel, wood fencing, stone, or concrete. We also see a lot of bricks used for edging a garden space.

The first idea we want to discuss for garden edging is cinder blocks. The cinder blocks will help hold in your mulch, while also serving as an exterior planter in each of the small enclosures they possess. You can simply fill them with soil and put a couple of plants or flowers inside them while outlining your garden with style.

The cinder block option is gaining a lot of popularity that has solved many individual’s dilemmas regarding what to use for their garden. Cinder blocks are also inexpensive and pretty easy to come by so this makes for easy and low-cost garden edging.

Another great garden edging material is steel. Steel can be used to create a raised bed in any shape. This steel edging in various designs will give your garden a more rustic look as the brush starts to form on the outside of the steel. Raised garden beds are usually surrounded by a lower level of rock. This is a great look for an older type feel.

The next edging idea we will talk about today is a bit more creative, by making use of terracotta clay pots. These terracotta clay pots are fitted together from top to bottom and outline the garden.

Yesterday’s terracotta pot gives it a wonderful Spanish type look. You can shape them virtually into anything you want due to the way they fit together. This is also a very inexpensive way to edge your garden, and when it comes to saving money recycling is the name of the game.

In this next idea for edging your garden, we will talk about glass-bottle edging. Glass bottles can be extremely durable and have a high value. You can use them in your yard for a number of different reasons, and using them for edging your garden gives your space a modern, clean look.

Another attribute to using glass bottles is glass takes centuries to decompose naturally. This makes glass a very suitable material for edging and also highlights the use of responsible recycling.

Another great way to recycle and save some money while edging your garden involves the use of scrap wood. Emphasizing your garden with the use of scrap wood can be a great way to obtain any look you’re going for.

You can paint it color or use stainless scrap wood to fit your needs. You may also shape these pieces and fit them together in patterns of different sizes. This makes for highly customizable garden edging.

The next garden edging idea we will mention is the use of wooden logs for raised beds. Logs can be cut out of trees and if desirable you can cut parts of trees with corners or curves or just fit them together as straight pieces.

This gives your garden a truly rustic look that can be attained with nearly any type of wood. The natural look of this simple design gives you everything you need for a lovely garden space.

As we move further along with our garden edging ideas, we come to the use of wooden pallets. Using wooden pallets as a garden edge is a great way to build a fence-like structure to keep those pesky critters out. Wooden pallets are easy to come by as most places just give them away.

This is also a great way to help recycle unused materials. You can paint them or stain these pallets for a more durable and veneered look. Pallets usually stand about four feet high which makes for the perfect height to surround your garden. This is one of our more functional garden ideas.

Our next material on our list of garden edging ideas is stone edging. Additional stone edging can be bought in many different colors and shapes. Stone is a popular garden edging for its simplistic look and multi-purpose function. Traditional stone is a great choice due to its durable consistency.

For our last material in our garden edging ideas list, we will mention river rock. You can travel to most of your local home improvement stores and buy river rock, but this can be a little expensive. Venturing to a river or flowing stream can allow you to get this kind of rock for free.

This also gives you creative freedom to pick out the shape of rock you want. River rock is a great look at little to no cost (depending on how you obtain it), transforming your garden into a beautiful work of art. River rock is also a very durable type of garden edging.

In conclusion, there are many different ways that you can go about edging your garden. The first thing to look into is your budget and how much you want to spend when it comes to edging your garden. You can spend little to no money just by recycling old or unused materials. We wish you luck when it comes to creating the perfectly edged garden.