It won’t be wrong to say that good drainage is the key to have a healthy and great looking garden. If there is too much water in the garden after heavy rain, it may damage the plants if you do not have plants that cope well with excess water. If the drainage is not adequate, sensitive plants in the garden will die. Therefore, it is important that you pay special attention to the drainage in the garden in order to ensure survival of the plants.

Here is a list of 7 garden drainage solutions to help you remove excess water out of the garden in order to have a well-maintained garden.

7 Garden Drainage Solutions

Drainage solutions do not have to be complex always. In many cases, simple fixes can do the job for you. So, before you start taking a drastic action to get rid of the wet spots in the garden, take a close look at the situation in order to find out the source of excess water.

In many cases, you will find that you can fix the problem by simply extending a downspout or taking care of the excess discharge from the sump pump. So, extended downspout to redirect the water to some other area or make sure that the discharge from the sump pump goes to a different location in order to prevent excess water in the garden.

In case you have looked around and there is no simple fix for the problem, it is recommended to create a drainage plan for your garden. You should begin by making a sketch of the whole property including the driveway, house, garden, patio as well as other features.

Use builders level or line level to determine the high and low spots on the property. This will help in figuring out the flow of water around your property. Once you have this sketch ready, you can design a solution in order to get rid of the excess water in the garden.

One of the more simple ways to improve drainage in your garden is to improve the soil in your garden. For instance, if you put in a lot of organic matter in the garden soil, it will allow excess moisture to drain through but will absolve the needed amount of water. Therefore, think of a way to increase the organic matter content of the garden soil in order to get rid of excess water.

Another common way used by many expert gardeners to take care of their drainage problem is to raise the garden bed as it helps in improving overall drainage. Raising the garden bed is simple as you only need to make a border using compost and soil to raise the garden bed by around 6 inches compared to the surrounding soil.

Raised garden bed will take care of the excess water problem. It will also allow you to retain the compost and soil in the garden bed without investing too much money. You may also use some wood for creating a frame and keeping things in place for the stability of the raised bed.

You may also create some diversion channels with the help of a shovel to route the excess water away from the garden. Keep in mind that it needs to be planned meticulously and the excess water should not go to your neighbors or another important part of your garden.

Make sure the excess water goes on your driveway or into the storm drain or some other place where it is discharged safely. Ideally, the water should go to the storm drain but if you find it impractical, you may dig a hole and fill it with gravel and route the diversion channel there in order to get rid of excess water from your garden.

You may also use perforated plastic pipes in your garden bed in order to route the excess water away from your garden to another place. These perforated plastic pipes are affordable and you can bury these deep or lightly inside your garden to divert the water.

You can easily find these perforated pipes from home supply stores as well as from online stores. These are available in a variety of forms and sizes.

If the drainage problem is severe and you are unable to find a solution to the problem, you may also use a French drain or drainage tiles or a curtain drain but installing these systems can be expensive and also requires a lot of work. Therefore, it is recommended to hire the services of an experienced professional to advise you and help you install these systems.

Overall, these are 7 Garden drainage solutions that should help you in getting rid of the excess water from your garden. So, take advantage of the above mentioned tips and enjoy a beautiful garden.