Types Of retaining Walls

Are you thinking of building a retaining wall? Retaining walls are an expensive item and you should do your homework.

Some things you should consider:-

  • is the type of wall right for your particular situation
  • is the wall aesthetically pleasing and will it complement your landscaping.
  • is the wall structurally the best choice for your landscape project.
  • how long will the wall last, how durable are the materials.
  • are you receiving value for the money you are spending.
  • make sure you engage a licensed contractor to perform your works.

At Bluestone Landscaping we build all types of retaining walls, including :-

  • block, rendered and core filled
  • concrete sleeper
  • link wall
  • timber sleeper
  • stone pitch
  • boulder
  • sprayed concrete

Because of this we will recommend the retaining wall solution that is best suited to your landscape project. Many contractors will only recommend the walls they specialise in, i.e boulder, timber sleeper etc.

Please call us for all your retaining wall requirements.