Choosing a landscape design company can be a difficult decision. There are a lot of companies out there offering landscape design work, and some of them are likely to be far more suited to your tastes than others. If you are looking for a great landscape designer you should be sure to shop around and look at the solutions offered by several different companies until you find one that suit your needs.

Most landscape designers have a style that they prefer to adhere to. Some may like working with stone and wood to create intricate features. Some may lean towards manicured lawns or large hedges, and some will use a lot of flowers. You should try to find a designer that matches your tastes, because expecting a designer to work out of their comfort zone is likely to end in disappointment.

In addition to examining the landscape designer’s portfolio, you should ask them for references, and maybe even visit some of the gardens that they claim credit for so that you can find out what sort of work they do and whether it will appeal to you, as well as see whether the work looks as good in real life as it does in a carefully angled, lit and re-touched photograph.

When you visit the places listed in the testimonials, talk to the homeowners and ask them whether they were happy with the landscape designer and the work that they did. Ask them whether the designer cleaned up after himself, whether the work he delivered matched what they asked for, and whether the work was carried out in a respectful and timely fashion. Ask them whether there were any unexpected problems and how those problems (if any) were handled.

Once you have found a designer that you like the look of, it is a good idea to get a quotation from them, and read the quote carefully before you sign anything. You should make sure that the quote includes everything you would expect, including labour costs, equipment, materials and other expenses. Clarify what will happen if there are any unexpected problems or costs, or if the project runs over time. In addition, make sure that the designer has the appropriate insurance for the job.

Insurance is particularly important for landscape designers that have employees or work with contractors as well as those that will be doing more extensive work (such as building or digging up paths). If you need extensive work done, make sure that your landscape designers explain any planning permission or other paperwork that will be required.

Take your time and research a lot of different companies until you find the one that meets your needs. This will ensure that you get the best possible service, and that you do not have to worry about being let down by a designer that fails to finish the job or one that attempts to overcharge you for hidden extras when the work is done.