The Best Plants For Winter Periods

Most bedding plants for the spring will usually be planted during autumn while the best plants for winter will be planted during spring. Nature has a way of creating plants for each season and while you may expect winter bedding plants to be drab, some will be quite bright.  Most of these plants will typically flower during the mild spells of winter with their full bloom becoming pronounced at the start of spring.

These plants are best planted in borders, window boxes, beds, hanging baskets or containers to display their beauty at a time when there are few other plants in bloom.  One can even plant spring bulbs together with these winter plants as a touch of something different.

The good thing about these plants is that you can easily get to buy them online. You get to pick from a wide variety of flowers to suit your taste. You can even get further help from various online sources for the best results.  Below are a few of the best plants for winter that will leave your garden looking beautiful throughout the winter:


Pansies are one of the best choices that you could go for as a winter plant especially due to their versatility. Another advantage to planting this plant is that they bloom for a lot longer than most other winter plants.

They will add a touch of color to beddings from autumn all the way to spring and with little in the way of maintenance.  They come in a wide array of colors like blue, red white, purple, yellow and orange. They will do well in an area that is either sunny or shaded partially.


This is another variety of one the best plants for winter which is slightly smaller than pansies. The beauty of this plant is in the abundance with which it produces flowers.

There are trailing varieties of violas like the viola allspice mixed and upright varieties like the viola sweeties. The running types are best used with hanging baskets. An added advantage of violas is that they also have very sweet fragrances.


This is one of the most popular winter blooming plants in most gardens. This plant has been bred over the years to produce a wider variety of sizes and colors in flowers as well as a notable improvement in the flowering capabilities.

Previously it would only bloom in spring and only for a brief period but genetic modifications have ensured that it can bloom from the middle of winter onwards. This is one of the more notably hardy perennial plants that can add variety to a garden during winter months.


What makes this one of the best plants for winter is that it is both colorful and compact. It has a lot of similarities to the primrose in terms of flowering which is by umbels found at the top of short but sturdy stems.

The flowers are very colorful as well as long lasting. They are also some one of the most flagrant varieties of flowers that bloom during the winter making it ideal for window boxes.


Cottage gardens are the most popular locations for this plant because they are more relaxed in habit in comparison to other winter plants. They also give of a very attractive fragrance.

Traditionally these flowers would be planted in autumn for spring blooms but today there are varieties that will do well during the winter. These flowers are capable of growing in poor soils and look wonderful in containers, borders as well as window boxes.

 Sweet Williams

This is yet another favorite for cottage gardens and as the name suggests, has a sweet fragrance. The blooms are to be found on stiff and upright stems which make them ideal for cutting and use for flowers arrangements.

The major disadvantage of this flower is that it is not in bloom for very long. It finds an ideal home in borders, beds and containers. The red, white, purple and pink varieties add a very interesting mix of colors to a garden.


Gardeners are very familiar with this plant as it is one of the more popular winter plants. This is because they not only produce large and ruffled flowers but they are also very fragrant.

They are available in a number of colors which makes them ideal for planting in drifts. Stock flowers are also ideal for cutting and can be taken indoors for their flagrance lasting up to a week.


There is no reason why a garden should look dreary just because it is winter with all these options.
The good news is that there are other plants that will grow and bloom in winter weather.

An important factor to consider when planting them is the soils as well as the severity of winter in an area. Some are hardier than others and therefore are better for very severe winter as well as poor soils.