For many years retaining walls in the South East Queensland and Gold Coast region have been constructed using timber. Untreated timber, railway sleepers, treated hardwood and treated pine have all been used or are still in use. Most of the old unteated and railway sleepers have been eaten by termites or rotted away, and the treated timber is now used to construct timber walls.
The problem with timber is that it has a limited life span, especially when placed in contact with soil. Rot, moisture, splitting are all factors that eventually lead to wall failure. When cut treated hardwood is prone to termite infestation as the treatment is only a surface coating. Treated pine does not have the durability of hardwood and will deteriorate quickly.
Retaining walls constructed from masonary, concrete, rock are far more durable and if constructed properly should last a lifetime. Adding value to your property and giving you peace of mind. At Bluestone Landscaping we are licensed structural landscapers and we specialize in retaining walls. So if you are considering constructing a retaining wall in the Gold Coast/ South East Queensland region please contact us