5 Easy DIY Landscaping Projects

If you like to do things on your own, you must have been thinking about taking up some DIY landscaping projects. DIY landscaping is not that difficult but you need to make a proper plan and execute that plan. One of the most common misconceptions with DIY landscaping is that it’s a restricted to planting trees in various spots and keeping the grass tidy.

There is lot more to landscaping. It is a very complex process that many people do not take the time to understand. However, it should not jump into DIY landscaping without proper research.

5 Easy DIY Landscaping Projects

One of the first things you need to do before you begin is to pick an overall theme of the project. It does not need to be too complex and can be something simple such as a specific color scheme or a type of animal.

You may also choose a complex theme in case you have a lot of time such as oasis in the desert or a tropical paradise. It’s entirely up to you and it should reflect your personality. However, it is extremely important to choose your theme carefully and you should not change the team halfway through as it will affect the looks of your landscaping project.

Before you start buying things for your landscaping project, it is important to do proper research on the tress and plants you are going to buy for the project. You need to find out about the type of climates the plants live in and the type of care they need. In simple terms, you need to become an expert on the plants, flowers and trees you are going to plant in your space as part of the overall theme.

This will not only save you a lot of time and money but also a lot of stress in the long run. If you wonít take proper care of the tress and plants in your yard, they are more likely to become an eyesore in the long run.

As far as artificial decorations are concerned, experts recommend not going overboard with these decorations. Plastic lawn ornaments and decorative rocks and various other such decorations have the potential to add to the overall beauty of the landscape, when used sparingly. These allow you to add your own unique personality to the project but too many decorations look tacky and overwhelm the overall aesthetics.

Many people make the mistake of not planning their landscaping project with a tight budget. If you do not have a budget, it is most likely that you will end up spending a lot more money than you thought. Therefore, it is extremely important to make a well thought out budget and stick to it. You will not only feel remorseful later on when you go over budget but you may have to cut down on some essential expenditures to fund your landscaping budget when you withdraw money from some other funds.

Do not forget that a landscaping project can get as cheap or as expensive as you want and therefore, it is important for you to fix a budget and stick to it.

You can spend as much money as you want on a landscaping project. There are very costly things available these days that you can add to our project and it will make you yard look great but you need to maintain a balance. Experts recommend trying to save money wherever possible. Do not buy things that you cannot afford.

Here is a list of 5 easy DIY landscaping projects you can take up and these won’t take too much time and money.

Stepping Stone Path

One of the easiest DIY landscaping projects is building a stepping stone path through the lawn or garden. The only thing you are going to need is some stones. You will need to map out the path by driving stakes at either end and by attaching strings for creating an outline. It is important to measure out the stones to ensure that there is a stone for each step.

You can use a tool for removing the dirt from beneath the surface where the stones will lay and for adding stone dust for providing a stable base. If you have any doubts, there are a number of resources available online that will help you in building a solid stone path.

Water Feature

Having a water feature in your backyard makes it feel like an oasis. Building a water fountain in your backyard is not that difficult. You only need a waterproof container along with the pump and a way to run an electrical cord to the pump. You can easily find all the supplies you need at the local big box store or online.

Mini Greenhouse

For building a mini greenhouse in your backyard, you will need different types of PVC piping for assembling and securing the frame and plastic sheeting for covering the top. As far as the size is concerned, it will depend on a number of plants you want to keep inside the greenhouse.

Fire Pit

If you have the space in your backyard, a fire pit makes for a great addition. There are a number of step-by-step programs available online to build a safe fire pit. It is extremely important to make sure that it is safe to build and operate as these can be very dangerous especially when you build them too close to your home or trees.

Add a Pond

You can also add a pond to your yard for a low price. If you hire the services of professionals for building a pond, you will end up spending thousands of dollars but you can build your own pond for less than a thousand dollars if you choose the materials carefully and do everything on your own.

Overall. It is important to research a project before you start building it to make sure that you do not go over budget. Follow the above mentioned tips for 5 easy DIY landscaping projects to add something nice to your yard at a low cost.

DIY Building A Firepit

When you decide that you are going to build a backyard fire pit, you will want to make sure that you do it properly. If you do not do it properly, the fire could easily get out of your pit and spread around the yard. Since this is the case, you may want to have some DIY building a firepit advice to help ensure that you can build your firepit and keep the fire contained. With that being the case, here is some advice that will make the building of your fire pit go quickly and safely.

Land Survey

This is going to be one of the first things that you need to do and is often one of those things that gets overlooked quite a bit. If the land is not level, then the bricks that you are using to build your fire pit up with will not be level. This also means that when you are burning a fire in the pit their is a chance that the wood can roll around.

Then you will have the problem of the wood putting to much pressure on the outer wall of the pit and this can cause it to collapse. To avoid this issue, you need to find land that is level or if you cannot do that, dig down a little bit to level the land off to ensure the pit is built up properly.

Material Choice Matters

Just like any DIY project you will need to be careful with the materials that you select to use for the building process. This may seem as a shocker for a lot of reasons, but with a fire pit you need to get brick to do the inner lining, unless you do a fire ring that is rated for direct flame exposure.

If you do not do this, their is a chance that you could end up getting a brick that when you light your first fire inside of it will fail. Then you will have problems with the fire coming out of the side of your bricks where it is not supposed to be coming out. Not only that the fire bricks that are meant for the fire pits tend to have a higher temperature rating, which means they will deflect more of the heat back into the fire or the chimney direction to keep it from burning people who are by the fire.

Seal The Fire Pit

Losing the heat that you have generated in the fire pit can be a bad thing if it is coming out the sides. Since this is the case, you may want to consider the different ways that you can seal the sides of the fire pit. This way you do not have to worry about the flames coming out of the sides of the pit, but nor do you have to worry about the fire pit having the heat come out as radiant heat directly from the flame. So you will be able to protect yourself and the visitors that you have coming over from getting hurt by the fire pit that you have worked so hard to get put into your back yard.

Way To Stoke The Fire

This is a challenge that you tend to overlook until you have your first fire in the pit and the flames are roaring. That is how are you going to put the wood into the hot fire that you cannot get close to. In most of the fire pits they are just a big giant open hole, but some of them are going to be more elaborate and require you to put the wood in at a specific area to keep the fire going and not block any air flow. Since this is the case, you need to make sure you consider how you will be able to put the wood in and make sure you do not get burned.

Cooking Utensil Selection

When you are completing a DIY building a firepit project you may be tempted to start to cook on the fire right away. While this is a great idea, you need to make sure you select the proper utensils to cook on the fire with. This can include something as simple as a fork that has a really long handle to roast marshmallows on or something as complicated as a stew pot that has to be held over the fire on a wooden tripod. All of these are going to make a difference in how well you can cook, but it will help you know if the fire pit was built properly and can be used in the manner you want it to be used.

When you decide to do a project around the house, you need to realize it can be a lot harder to do than what you think. This is when you should use some advice when you are doing these projects to avoid making any mistakes. This is very true when you do a DIY building a firepit project. When you do this, it is going to make it easier for you to get the project completed and know that it is done at a level that is going to keep the fire pit going for years to come, but also avoid any type of injury people may experience from the fire pit and flames.

Retaining Wall Landscapers

Landscaping is a major undertaking and one that people are going to want to have some professional help with if they can afford it. This is very true if people have a retaining wall because these can be so unsightly and ugly at times.

However, what people need to know is they should only use the best retaining wall landscapers to help them in getting their retaining wall decorated properly. With that being the case, here are some of the reasons why people should only be using the best landscapers in the land to complete this job they have.

Proper Knowledge On The Walls

When people are thinking about landscaping these walls, they need to realize that it is going to be important for people to know more about how the walls and how they are built. With the experts they have this knowledge and it will make it easier for people to get the landscaping put into the retaining wall without having to deal with the walls structure being compromised. So people need to make sure the landscapers they are looking at are going to be experienced at dealing with retaining walls and how they are built.

Experience Of Putting The Plants In Properly

When people are growing in a retaining wall, they need to realize it is going to be a lot harder than what they think to get the plants in the wall properly or in the little outlets for plants. With that being the case, the experienced landscapers who have worked with retaining walls before will know exactly how to put in the plants  to ensure they are going to grow right. So people do not have to be concerned about the plants being put in wrong and dying off because they were not planted properly.

It is important to note that some of the experienced landscaping companies will know more about how to properly cut in the little planting holes for the plants to grow in. While some retaining walls will already have these holes in the wall, their are some walls that are a solid wall and do not have the planting holes. This means they will have to be opened up and the properly trained landscapers are able to do that to get the plants planted without causing any major damage to the wall or breaching its structure.

Plants Selected Will Grow Properly

Since this is a retaining wall, people need to know about the plants that are going to be planted and how this is going to grow. Since these plants are going to root down into the plants. So this is something that people are going to need to look for as well. With these landscapers they know which of the plants are going to be able to go down into the walls and not damage them, but also know which ones are going to have the proper root system to grow into the walls without having any type of problems. Without this, people are going to have a challenge in selecting a plant that is not going to cause them any issues.

Use Items Outside Of Plants

Sometimes people will never think about this, but they need to realize with the landscapers often will have experience of working with something other than plants all the time to make sure the place looks great. For example, an experience landscaper knows that it is not just the plants that make the place look great. Instead, it is often the way the entire place looks. So people need to make sure they look for a landscaper that is going to take the entire picture into account and come up with a design that is not going to be wholly focused on the plants. So this will make it easier for people to enjoy the retaining wall and know that it is not going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Retaining Wall Landscapers Should Be Insured

When people start to use the best landscapers around they will often find the best ones are going to have some form of an insurance policy that is going to help them out. With this being in place people will have the comfort of knowing that their home will be protected if their is any problems with the work the company did, but also know that the wall and the landscaping can be replaced if people start to have some of the issues they had before with the wall failing. Without this, if the wall were to fail and do some damage they would have to take the company to courts and sue them directly, which can lead to a long and drawn out affair without any real chance of settling for the money needed to do the repair work.

When people are looking at the different ways they can improve the look of their retaining wall they will often find it can be a difficult thing to do. However, if people want to make their walls look great on a regular basis they should know about why they need to use only the best retaining wall landscapers. By knowing this information it will be easy for people to get a great looking wall and know it is because of the landscapers they hired to do the work for them to make the improvements.

Best Landscaping Plants For Your Garden

Landscaping Plants For Your Gold Coast Garden

Is it time to start putting new plants in your garden? Do you want to make changes that will be put in place right away? It is important to think about the landscaping that is going on as soon as you can. It is best to look at the plants you are putting on as well because so many people forget about this, and that is not good at all. You want to make sure the landscaping is not troubling you to a point where it becomes hard to manage.

Here is more on the best landscaping plants for your garden and which ones you should be putting in.

1) Snapdragon

This is an annual plant and is gorgeous to look at. You will enjoy having it in the garden, and it is something you will want to have put in. Other plants don’t provide this quality, but you will get it here without a doubt.

The Snapdragon is a loved plant because it blossoms well and is going to be the heart of your garden.

You will enjoy the fact that it is going to manage well in most warm climates and is not going to trouble you on that end.

2) Caladium

Are you looking to add a bit of shade to your garden? Too many bright colors can start to overwhelm, and you might not want them on your side. This is why people start pushing towards caladium and what it has to offer.

You have to think about caladium as much as you can because it will help out.

You want to think about caladium for your garden as you are laying it all out because it is going to change things up for you without a doubt.

3) Black-Eyed Susan

This is going to kick in during the middle of July, and it is gorgeous. This is a perennial and is going to self-seed. This means you are going to have beautiful flowers come out again and again.

You are going to enjoy this one because the yellow is nice to look at from afar.

It is going to add the pop you want in your garden and landscaping relies on this for quality.

This is a great plant for anyone, and the size of your garden is not going to matter when this is put in.

4) Yaupon Holly

What about shrubs? You want to mix these in as well because they give your landscaping a bit of an edge that is going to be missing. You want to think about the Yaupon Holly when you are putting together the garden.

it is a nice addition because you are getting something that is comprehensive.

It is one that is going to grow tall and look good.

This is always a nice option for those who don’t want to fill their garden up with something that is going to be all about the flowers.

You have to move past this.

5) Spiraea

The shape of this plant is immediately noticeable, and you will enjoy it. The look is that of something falling and it looks great.

This is one of those white plants that you will want to have in the garden.

It is an easy landscaping plant to have in your garden because it fits well and looks fantastic.

You won’t have to fiddle around with it for too long, and it is going to be manageable for a long time to come. The Spiraea is a beautiful plant without a doubt, and you will love it.

6) Lavender

When people talk about low-maintenance options, they are going to be talking about this plant. It is one of the best you are going to get when it comes to a robust option that is going to stay there for a while.

With other plants, you have to manage them all the time and keep an eye out. If you don’t, they fall apart, and that is horrible.

For those who are meticulous, you will be okay with those plants all the time, but others are going to need to go with the best landscaping plants on the market, and this would be one of them.

7) Cleome

The final addition to this list would be the cleome and people like it because of how unassuming it really is. You will be able ot add it to your garden and know it is going to look nice.

You won’t have to think about anything else and that is always nice.

Why not choose something that is manageable in the long-run?

This is one of those plants that just works for the landscaping needs you are going to have. Get the cleome plant in and watch as it flourishes in your landscaping layout.

When it comes to the best landscaping plants, these are hte ones that are well-rounded and are going to give you more than jsut aesthetics. They are going to give you quality and persistent value, which is always needed. You don’t want to keep going back to options that are not worthwhile.

You will enjoy having these plants in your landscaping layout because they will work and they are going to adjust to what you want.

The growth patterns are lovely, and you will enjoy how it all comes together in the long-run.

Why not get the best plants? Choose these and you will love them.

Landscaping Rock Types

Types Of Landscaping Rocks

Landscaping rocks can be used to great effect in many different types and styles of gardens. They are cost effective, attractive, and relatively simple to care for, which makes them a fantastic addition to many different landscaping designs.

There are also a lot of different varieties of landscaping rock, each with a unique appearance and set of strengths. This makes landscaping rocks a very versatile decorative or functional feature, as different types of rocks can be utilized to create many separate looks with disparate utilitarian features.

Because they have so many benefits, fledgling landscaping designers are often quick to include many different types of landscaping rocks in their plans and sketches. But although the majority of landscaping rocks are quite sturdy and can be used in most sets of circumstances, each type of landscaping rock does have its own unique care requirements.

This is because landscaping rocks are in fact created from stones that have widely differing physical properties and mineral compositions. It is this that makes some types of landscaping rock particularly well suited to certain types of usage, and other less than ideal.

To create a good landscaping design that balances attractiveness with longevity, it is necessary to take these types of rock qualities into account. For those who are using rocks in their next project, here is what you should know about landscaping rock types and their different uses.

Pea Gravel

This attractive blend of rocks often brings to mind the bed of a crystal clear stream. It consists of many different types of rock, all of which are tumbled into smooth forms by the constant motion of a river or stream. Some sources of pea gravel also use a machine tumbling process to simulate the type of erosion caused by the movement of water. Their unique creation process gives these landscaping rocks a beautiful shine and luster, which many people find very attractive. They can also be composed of many different colors or a single hue, which makes them appropriate for many aesthetic themes.

Because the stones that constitute pea gravel are often quite small, it is best utilized as a covering for areas of ground. It makes a good bordering rock, but needs to be help in by some kind of trimming, as the smoothness of the small pebbles makes them susceptible to being washed out of place by rain or other sources of water. Pea gravel can be a little pricey, so it is often used as a small decorative touch. The individual stones are light, so pea gravel is also suitable for planting some types of plants in.

Lava Rock

These porous igneous stones come in many different sizes, which makes them quite versatile. Lava rocks are often used in water efficient gardens as a ground covering, as their many pores hold in water well whenever it is used. They are extremely lightweight, and some types of lava rock are even capable of floating. This makes it an appropriate medium for a variety of different plant types.

Most lava rocks are a light red or dusty pink color. This is a great hue for southern themed landscaping, as it evokes the feeling of a desert. Its highly textured surface helps keep it in place, so lava rock can be used to cover large areas of ground. It is also fairly inexpensive, which further adds to its appropriateness as a rock that is used for covering whole yards or driveways. It can be an attractive and ecologically friendly replacement for a grass covered lawn.


Flagstones are made from types of rock that naturally cleave into large, flat plates, making them perfect for paving. Flagstones are created from many different rocks with widely differing mineral compositions, although they all share the trait of being quite resilient.

These landscaping rocks are the best for creating a path of lane, as their broad and even surfaces are very conducive toward walking. Because most flagstones are flat on both sides, they often require some sort of textural anchoring in order to keep them from shifting over time.

Most landscaper recommend putting down some coarse gravel within a bordered area, as the rough surface produced by the gravel helps stop flagstones from moving. Flagstones tend to have rather irregularly edged shapes, which is widely considered to add to their rustic charm. Most paths made of flagstones will not piece together in a completely regular way.


Finally, the largest rocks used in landscaping are boulders. These rocks can vary widely in size, with some the approximate size of an apple and others the size of a small car. They can be made of many different minerals, and often have differing physical properties. Boulders are generally called boulders because of their size, instead of their composition.

Boulders are rather attention drawing accents, so they are best used as a centerpiece or focal point. A large boulder placed on top of a gravel bed can be a natural way to divide up a large piece of otherwise awkward looking empty space. Boulders can even be put into use as a functional feature. A few boulders around a pool can naturally suggest a sitting area.

Learning about landscaping rock types is essential for creating effective landscaping types. Once you can accurately answer most all queries about landscaping rock types, you will be able to more confidently create rock features that are attractive and long lasting.

Landscaping Ideas For Gold Coast Backyards

Great Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

Owning a house is part of the American dream. It’s no wonder, when you consider what a house really is. It’s more than just a home, though it’s certainly that. It’s an investment. It’s a way to ensure that no matter what the future holds, you’ll always have something that’s worth money, that people will pay for in order to own.

This means that it’s beneficial to ensure that your house is well tended. There are a number of ways to do this, everything from adding new rooms and maintaining the structure, to simple upkeep. Yet by and large, the most popular way to increase the property value of your home is via landscaping.

Why Landscaping?

Landscaping is more than simply planting a garden. That can certainly be part of it, but it’s far from the whole. There’s a reason it’s called landscaping, and not just gardening.

When you landscape, you actually change the shape and structure of your yard. This can include planting hedges along the property line, so as to mark where the property begins and ends while also making it look attractive. It can include adding things like fountains and small ponds, giving local wildlife a place to stop and get water. These are all things that are included in landscaping.

Landscaping Ideas For Backyards

While landscaping for front yards is fairly simple, many people have a hard time coming up with landscaping ideas for backyards. There are a few different reasons for this. One, people are just less likely to see the backyard. Because of that, many of the more decorative ideas are somewhat pointless. The only person who would see them are the people who live in the house, or people who are over to visit.

The other reason is that many people want the backyard to be functional. That is, they want to ensure that they and their family can use the backyard for a variety of things. After all, the backyard is a safe place for children to play and for the family to host get togethers. This means that any landscaping ideas have to take that into account, and allow for it.

Luckily, there are some great ideas that can work incredibly well for the backyard. These ideas allow for both decoration, as well as some amazing uses.

1. Patios

A patio is a great choice for a backyard. Patios are more than simple slabs of concrete that stretch out from the back of the house. They can be that, of course, but those are fairly basic. When you get a patio put in as part of landscaping, it can become a beautiful set up for parties and meal times. You can set out some wonderful furniture, a nice grill, and set up a backyard bar-b-que. Or, you could plant a few shade trees over the patio, and have a nice place to sit and relax as you have a glass of iced tea and read a book.

2. Backyard Pond

A small pond in the backyard may seem ridiculous, but it can add quite a bit. Not only can it add an air of beauty to the yard, but it can also be a great way to add a bit of activity. If you’re feeling especially energetic, you could even ensure that there’s fish in the pond. You could use it for some backyard fishing, if you’re the type to enjoy that.

Even if you’re not the type to enjoy fishing, it can still be quite nice to sit back and watch the birds and other animals come by for a drink or for a bit of playtime. It can also be a nice place for frogs to jump about, giving the backyard a bit of nature that you might not have otherwise.

3. Shade Trees

Trees come in all shapes and sizes, but shade trees are great for a backyard. They’re large, and they have a great amount of foliage. Not only that, but depending on the type of tree you can have a great play area for your children. There are very few children who don’t enjoy climbing trees, and having the proper kinds of shade trees planted into your backyard gives them that opportunity. If you or your children are the type to do any kind of carpentry work, you could even build a tree house!

4. Vegetable Gardens

While flower gardens are great for the front yard, since they’re mostly decorative, the backyard is great for vegetable gardens. A vegetable garden does take a bit of work, since you have to plant, maintain, and harvest the vegetables. However, it can also be a source of food. It allows you to grow your own food, so you know what you’ll be getting is healthy. Not only that, you could use it to help teach your children the value of hard work.

Landscaping ideas for backyards are numerous, and based on what kind of backyard you’d like to have. Some people enjoy having a decorative backyard, allowing them to look out of their back door and enjoy the view. Other people want a more functional backyard, allowing them to use their property for something beneficial to themselves and their family.

Whatever you want for your yard, just take a few minutes and come up with some plans. Talk with some professional landscapers, as well. They can help you choose a backyard that will raise your property value and make you happy.

Types Of Landscaping Features

Landscaping Feature Types

If you are bored seeing an empty yard, you can always bring it to life by installing various landscaping features. There was a time when the choice for landscaping materials was limited but these days, you can get your hands on some very exciting and fun materials to add freshness and fun to your yard.

There are a number of resources available online that can help you in choosing the right kind of landscaping features. There are many different types of landscaping features that you can add to your yard to make it look good and functional. Here is a list of some of the major types of landscaping features that are available at a low cost. It is also advisable to hire the services of a professional landscaping company to create a design that looks great and does not cost too much money.

Types of Landscaping Features

Water Features

There are many different types of water features available in the market today at an affordable price. If you do not have any water features in your yard, it may look boring as they will be nothing that flows. Water features offer spots to relax. One popular type of water feature is a waterfall that not only looks good but also provides the soothing sound of running water.


One of the most popular types of landscape features is various types of rocks in many different places. Rocks can be used in a variety of places such as garden beds as well as having a large boulder in the yard as a focal point along with various smaller ones scattered around.

There are many different types of rocks that can be used in your yard for landscaping. You can use flagstone for making pathways, walkways as well as outdoor patio floor. These rocks are large in size and available in a variety of colors. These can also be cemented together for extra stability.

You also have the option of white marble that is often found in flower gardens, walkways as well as flower beds. A garden full of colorful flowers by the bright white colored marble looks great. Marble can also be used as a walkway.

River rock is also a popular choice of rock for many homeowners. These are usually used in lower areas of flower gardens as well as flower beds. This rock is great for landscaping around swimming pools as it retains its natural looks as if it is lying in a mountain stream.

Pea gravel is also a popular choice as these are available in a variety of colors. These not only offer excellent drainage but look great. These are also excellent for use in a walkway as these do not shift much while walking.

Boulders are large rocks that can be used in a variety of ways. These can be used for outlining a group of flowers or trees by creating a circle of boulders around them. These are also often used as a focal point on swimming pools as well as fountains.


When it comes to landscaping, you cannot ignore plants. There is a wide variety of plants available for landscaping today and you can always find some particular types that will make your yard look beautiful and colorful throughout the year.

Annuals are plants that live for just one season. These are used for adding seasonal color to planters and flower beds. Some of the common ones include marigolds, zinnia, petunia, vinca and pentas among others.

There are biennial plants that live for two years. In the first year they produce foliage and flowers in the next year. Some of the examples include Canterbury bells and foxglove among others.  Most of these are vegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale and parsley among others..Perennials plants have a life of more than two years and these are backbone of any landscape. Some of these plants keep their leaves throughout the winter depending on the climate.

One of the best ways to add great variety of colors to your landscape is to have bulbs in your garden. These not only look good but also take very little effort to grow. These self propagate which mean that these spread quickly to fill a small flower bed. Some of the most widely known bulbs include daffodils and tulips. While many people associate these with spring, there are many others that bloom during summer months.

There are also evergreen plants that retain leaves year-round and these add a much needed spot of color in the winter months. Some of the evergreens include cedar, pine and fir among others. If you have a water garden as part of your overall landscape, you should consider adding aquatic plants as these not only look good but also purify and oxygenate the water. There are hundreds of varieties of aquatic plants including water lilies. Some of these float on the water surface such as lotus where others remain submerged.

Fresh Turf

You may also think of getting turf installed in your yard if you don’t like the idea of having yellowish and sparse grass in your yard. After all, there is nothing better than the smell of fresh green grass in the summer months.

Overall, these are some of the main types of landscaping pictures that you can add to your yard at a low cost. It is recommended to hire the services of a professional landscaping company if you want to create a unique and appealing design with various features that look good all year round.

8 Garden Design Ideas

A garden is one of the best places that you can spend your time during the spring and summer months. It is a place that you can grow virtually anything including vegetables that you will eat, and flowers that you will have on your property.

Many people find gardens to be very relaxing, not only because of their appearance, but they are addicted to planting and growing many different things. It is a form of relaxation to people that they simply cannot get anywhere else, and because of this, they will often spend quite a bit of time looking at many different garden design ideas. Here are 8 garden design ideas that you can consider for your garden this year prior to the planting season.

Plant In A Circle

Most people that plant a garden will do so in either a square or rectangular area. This is the traditional way that any type of garden looks. There are many reasons for this including the convenience of using your rototiller to till the soil before you begin to plant, allowing you to simply go back and forth until you are done.

A circular garden will require you to do the same thing, but to go in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. The benefit of having a garden that is circular in formation is that it looks unique, and by adding pathways through the garden like a mandala, you can easily create a very peaceful atmosphere in which you can plant your garden.

Combine Different Crops

Another way that you can make your garden unique is to plant your crops in certain areas that will create an end result that is beautiful. You may want to consider planting corn in the center, and then planting all of the other vegetables around the corner, creating a fountain like appearance.

By adding pathways to the corn, you can easily tend to all of the other crops you have planted, plus it will be very easy to water. You can add flowers on the perimeter of the garden to create a literal work of art that is easy to care for and will also provide you with plenty of healthy food.

Plant Under A Pergola

Similar to a gazebo, you could create an pergola with a lattice structure up on top. This is something that you could probably make in the span of a day, and because the top is not completely covered, it will provide plenty of sunlight for all of the things that you are growing.

Although these are typically erected over a walkway, these are also great for gardens. If your garden is larger, it could form the entryway to the garden, making it look very elegant.

Add Raised Garden Beds

An easy way for you to prevent animals that live under the ground such as gophers from getting to your crops, especially carrots and turnips, is to actually plant them in a raised Garden box, one that is sitting several feet off of the ground, that you water and care for every day.

This allows you to segregate everything very nicely, and also prevent your crops from being eaten. If you make the boxes nicely, it can actually add quite a bit to your landscaping in your backyard.

Create A Rock Garden

Although a traditional rock garden is comprised of many different types of rock which will include igneous, metamorphic and others, your goal would be to create a rock garden that is in the midst of your actual garden, creating a landscaping masterpiece.

Some people will either build a perimeter using rocks, and also outline the walkway which will allow you to tend to each particular crop you have planted. Others will choose a central location to place their rock garden, becoming a central point of attention.

Make A Fountain Garden

Since you will already have water coming out to this area, you might want to consider adding a fountain in the midst of the crops you are growing. Most of the seeds that you plant will not grow very tall, so the fountain will not be obscured.

You should consider picking one up from your local home improvement store, one that has a very naturalistic appearance. By placing it by itself in the middle, or purchasing multiple fountains that can be situated throughout the garden, it will create a very unique experience for you and those that visit the garden.

Create A Container Garden

Similar to the raised garden beds, a raised container garden can include anything from flowers to vegetables that you want to grow. These are actually mobile, to some degree, allowing you to reposition the different plants and flowers at different locations as you see fit.

Unlike a raised garden bed which will require a couple of people to help you do the same thing, by placing most of the plants that you will grow in medium-size containers, you can create a different landscape every day. There is one final idea to consider for these 8 Garden design ideas, one that involves the use of sand.

Make A Sand Garden

This is a unique idea which more than likely originates from Eastern countries where water is scarce. There is also a bit of classical feng shui built into this idea. You will have specific areas of your garden where you will plant flowers and vegetables, and other areas that are designated with just sand and stones.

Eastern tradition often shows people concentrating on areas where sand and stones are together, creating a very meditative experience. By properly positioning everything, using feng shui, it can create a very balanced and peaceful place where you can relax at the end of the day. Best of all, you are going to spend half the time watering because half of your garden will be made of sand.

These 8 garden design ideas are actually easy to make. It doesn’t take a lot to be creative, especially if you have done this before. Most people that plant a garden simply go out to the garden area, dig a trench, and plant their seeds.

By using one of these 8 garden design ideas, you can create a masterpiece in your backyard, or even in your front yard, that people will want to look at. Of course, you have the benefit of also having access to all of this organically grown produce that will keep your family healthy.

However, at the same time, you can have fun building these gardens, and also sitting within them once you are done watering and weeding, creating a very peaceful moment.

Renovate Your Garden Space

A beautiful garden does far more than simply make your house look good. It also provides a calming place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors, away from all of the stress of everyday life. Check out these 7 garden ideas that will help you create an amazing outdoor space:

1. Plant flowers along your driveway.

Typically, most driveways are bordered by a small strip of grass or by shrubs. While this gets the job done, it doesn’t do much in terms of enhancing the beauty of the space. One way to create a more attractive driveway is by putting in flowerbeds.

Plant a mixture of different flowers in these beds so that at least one type of flower will be in bloom all season long. To minimize the amount of maintenance required, plant the flowers extremely close to one another much like you would with a cottage garden. Additionally, consider adding mulch to keep weeds down as much as possible.

2. Use a pallet to create a vertical garden.

You can typically find old pallets for free by searching your local classified ads. Take one of these pallets and lean it up against a wall on your patio or in your garden. Fill the interior space of the pallet with dirt.  Plant herbs or flowers in each of the spaces between the boards, allowing them to trail down as they grow.

Depending on how large the spaces are, you may also need to use landscaping fabric to help hold the dirt inside, cutting small holes where the plants can fit in. Growing plants vertically can help maximize your space, making this the ideal project for a small garden.

3. Plant a butterfly garden.

Butterflies are naturally drawn to certain types of flowers. By creating a garden that contains an abundance of these types of flowers, you can attract butterflies to your yard. Spending time outside watching the butterflies can be a great way to pass a summer day.

Even better, you can use your camera to capture photos of these beautiful creatures as they visit your garden and bask in the sunlight. Do some research online to find out what kinds of plants you should choose to attract the types of butterflies that you want to see the most.

4. Use string lights to add charm to your outdoor space.

Try taking white string lights and wrapping them around the trees in your yard or draping them across your deck or patio. Small, twinkling lights can create a fairytale-like setting once the sun goes down. If you prefer, you can create a similar effect by using tiki torches or other types of outdoor lighting.

Even something as simple as citronella candles placed on your patio table can help transform your outdoor space. Nothing is quite as relaxing as spending summer evenings outside enjoying the cool air and taking in the beauty of your yard and garden.

5. Use outdoor curtains to add shade and privacy.

If you have a covered deck or patio, try hanging curtains from the edges of the roof. You can tie them back when you want a view of your garden, or close them when you want more privacy or shade. Either way, they provide a lot of versatility in how you use your outdoor space. Not only that, but they help create a sense of being in an outdoor room. Just be sure to choose curtains that are designed for use outdoors. These curtains typically are made from durable fabrics that can withstand being exposed to the weather.

6. Get creative with your planters.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on ceramic or terra-cotta planters. Instead, you can turn everyday items that you find around your home into planters. For instance, try planting flowers in an old boot or creating a miniature succulent garden in a seashell. Even things like old coffee cans can make great planters when you use them creatively.

For instance, you could hang coffee cans along the top of your fence and plant them with trailing flowers to create a beautiful display. Use your creativity to see what other types of planters you can come up with. Just be sure to drill holes in the bottom so that there is adequate drainage for the plants.

7. Build a small waterfall.

Putting in a water feature is surprisingly easy and affordable. Nothing is more relaxing than hearing the gentle sound of water as you enjoy the outdoors. Imagine coming home from work after a hard day and sitting out on your patio or in your yard next to your waterfall.

The sound of running water helps your cares and worries simply melt away. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go to the hassle and expense of actually installing a waterfall, you could just put a tabletop fountain on your patio instead. You still get the sound of running water without all of the hard work.

It doesn’t take much to completely transform your outdoor space. These 7 garden ideas should help get you started. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use your creativity when coming up with ideas for the outdoors.

You may surprise yourself with some of the amazing and inspired ideas that you are able to come up with on your own. The beauty of your garden is only limited by your imagination. These 7 garden ideas should give you a good jumping off point for planning your own beautiful outdoor space.

Top 7 Garden Edging Ideas

Is your garden lacking that finishing touch? Do you want to give it something that will refine how it appears and indeed speaks about what you have done with the area? Well, you will have to think about garden edging and how it is going to be done in your yard.

The best gardens are the ones that have gone through a particular process and then get put together. If this does not take place, the garden will look rough around the edges. It can be compared to an untrimmed beard for men. It just does not look nice.

Here are 7 garden edging ideas you can employ right away and see a difference with.

1) Mini Fence Edging

The first garden edging idea would be to make a mini fence around the garden bed. This is neat because it is almost a little land of its own and it refines how the garden looks. You can choose what type of fence you want around the garden bed, and it will fit in.

The reason people like this look is down to how it appeals to the idea of a house and its yard. The fence is a common denominator between the house and the yard, so you will like using it as a tool for edging purposes as well.

2) Small Bricks For Edging

Many homeowners like using this when creating their garden bed. They want to put little bricks around the garden bed as edging because it looks neat. There is a ruggedness to this look which is nice because you don’t want to always be rigid with your approach.

The bricks are nice because you can change the colors and go with different options based on what you want.

If there are specific shapes or sizes you want, you can do this, and it will fit in with the general idea. This is a great option for those who have bricks lying around as well.

3) Concrete Stones As Garden Edging

Are you not a fan of the bricks? What about concrete stones of different shapes? This is just as good and has the same look to it. Concrete stones are beautiful because they will look great even after the weather batters down on them.

In many climates, you will have to think about the weather and in this regard, you will enjoy having concrete stones as an option. They are robust and do great under inclement weather plus they look great which is a bonus. Why not enjoy this?

You want to think about this when you are choosing the right stones.

4) Metal Gate (Mini)

The gate you are going with should be designed for edging because it will be there for a while. Metal gates are nice because they have this look to them that screams quality. Anyone that gets to see the fence is going to know it is one that has been made with care.

It is a very good idea and one that is going to look nice once it is installed.

Edging should be aesthetic, and the metal gate is right up there with the most aesthetic options you could have.

5) Thin Tree Trunks

This is a new idea and one that has gained steam over the years. The idea is to grab smaller tree trunks and use these as edging. They look great because the trunk is something people do associate with when they are going in the yard.

You are going to be using something which might not have much of a purpose any longer, but you can now employ it for the edging. It is going to look great, and you can have it put in seconds. It is just the look that will appeal to you.

Why not use tree trunks?

6) Mini Pots (With Small Flowers)

The sixth idea from these 7 garden edging ideas would be the use of mini pots. These are pots which are going to be lined up across the garden bed. Each pot is going to be holding a small flower of its own. This is something you can experiment with.

You are essentially adding a new layer to the garden bed rather than using static options which are not lively.

It requires more care as you have to think about each flower, but you are also getting a unique look that is empowering and fun, to say the least. A great idea such as this can lead to many different creative ideas being added on top.

7) Tall Canisters

This depends on the canisters being used because some are not going to look as nice. You want to think about going with cylinders as they are lovely to look at. You want to go with something that is at least 1 foot long because it will appeal to the eye.

You don’t want it to be overwhelming, though. Look at the options and remember the color scheme has to be consistent.

These are 7 garden edging ideas you can implement, and they are going to bring life to your garden. The simplest of ideas can do the most for those who want to change the appearance of their yard. You don’t have to do things that are not going to look appealing.

The best gardens are the ones which have been refined rather than the ones which have had money spent on them. You need to look at more than just what is being spent.