Gold Coast Retaining Wall Experts

For many years retaining walls in the South East Queensland and Gold Coast region have been constructed using timber. Untreated timber, railway sleepers, treated hardwood and treated pine have all been used or are still in use. Most of the old unteated and railway sleepers have been eaten by termites or rotted away, and the treated timber is now used to construct timber walls.
The problem with timber is that it has a limited life span, especially when placed in contact with soil. Rot, moisture, splitting are all factors that eventually lead to wall failure. When cut treated hardwood is prone to termite infestation as the treatment is only a surface coating. Treated pine does not have the durability of hardwood and will deteriorate quickly.
Retaining walls constructed from masonary, concrete, rock are far more durable and if constructed properly should last a lifetime. Adding value to your property and giving you peace of mind. At Bluestone Landscaping we are licensed structural landscapers and we specialize in retaining walls. So if you are considering constructing a retaining wall in the Gold Coast/ South East Queensland region please contact us

The Happy Gold Coast Landscaping Customer

Happy Gold Coast Landscaping Customer

When a customer considers their landscaping they often base their considerations largely on price. They are happy to have shopped around and recieved the lowest price. That happiness usaually lasts until they realize that the cheapest price also means the cheapest job. Poor Workmanship, inferior products and an emphasis on cutting every corner in order to meet unrealistic prices all add up to the client being left with the expierience of being ripped off.

At Bluestone Landscaping we don’t quote to win jobs on the price alone. Primary consideration is given to the best possible solution for the job at hand. Our aim is to deliver a product that will be of more value than the investment made by our clients. So if you are considering landscaping in the Gold Coast / South East Queensland region please contact us at Bluestone Landscaping, where we’re in the business of creating happy customers.

Gold Coast Landscaping Solutions

Ever had the feeling someone is trying to sell you something. Regardless of whether you really need the product or it is right for you. Landscaping on the Gold Coast means that contractors have access to a vast array of different products and suppliers to be able to complete your landscape project
It makes sense that if someone is working for, or does lots of work for a particular company they will push that product or service. They may not consider the options or even the best solution for your landscaping.
At Bluestone Landscaping we are not aligned with any company or product in particular. We don’t “need to” sell you something that is not right for the job. Our first consideration is your landscaping. The choice is made considering structural integrity, the aesthetic finish of the project and the clients brief and budget.
So if you are considering landscaping in the Gold Coast region contact us at Bluestone Landscaping, ready to create your landscape with imagination, innovation and solutions.

Gold Coast Landscaping At Christmas Time

Christmas is fast approaching and on the Gold Coast we love to entertain outdoors. With family coming it’s time to breakout the BBQ and show off the yard. Or maybe it’s time to do some upgrading to create that beautiful outdoor space for you to be able to entertain in.

Bluestone Landscaping provides a quality landscape service for the Gold Coast and South East Queensland region. So if you are looking to get your yard into shape and be the envy of your friends and family this Christmas contact us at Bluestone Landscaping, offering the Gold Coast a complete landscaping service able to provide all your landscaping needs.

Looking For Quality Landscapers On The Gold Coast?

Answer these questions
-Are they licensed?
-Are they properly insured?
-How long have they been in business?
-Do they have references?
-Where/when can you see their portfolio?
-Is there a guarantee on their workmanship?
-Will there be a contract for the work?
-What is their scope of works?

Answer these questions and then you only have to consider the rapport you have with the landscape contractor and settle on a price.

If you can’t answer the above questions and you decide to use the contractor anyway you could well end up with inferior work, costly repair bills or just no back up service if something goes wrong later on. The “cheap” price you settled on can often become an expensive and embarrassing mistake. Not only do you need to pay to have the job done again you will also need to explain to the new contractor how you were taken for a ride in the first place!!

Remember that it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured. If you fail to do so you leave yourself open to the full cost of any repair bills that are incurred. The contractor is obliged to provide their license number when asked so make sure you ask.

If you follow the steps and answer the questions you are more likely to have an enjoyable and productive landscaping experience, with a quality landscaper

Welcome to Bluestone Landscaping Gold Coast

Bluestone Landscaping is a family based company that services the South East Queensland region. Formed in 1994 it has grown from a two man operation to now having a staff of six, with a combined total of more than 40 years of landscape industry experience. We also engage the services of many trusted contractors.

Bluestone offers a complete landscaping service, from conception and design right through to delivery of the finished landscape project. Our clients only need to deal with one contractor to have all their landscape requirements met. Let us handle the messy logistics, organize trades people and create a seamless finish for your landscape project. Most importantly let us create your dream landscape by incorporating your ideas and needs then melding it with our expertise and construction experience. Allowing you to enjoy the process of creating your ideal landscape with the minimum of fuss.