You want your home to be as beautiful outside as it is inside. Your lawn, garden and landscape are an important part of making a harmonious, beautiful outdoor appearance for you home.

While most designs and plantings can be done in DIY fashion, you might want to get some professional landscaping help to make it more incredible than you can imagine.

Retaining walls are an essential part of a beautiful design. These help keep the landscape and gardens stable. Nature stone walls and landscaping are a unique, natural-looking way to add beauty to your outdoor area all while doing the job of retaining walls to keep the  stability intact.

Nature stone wall designs are virtually unlimited.  You can get a wall that blends with the garden or trees, or one that surrounds them for visual emphasis and impact. You can choose one that is curvy, straight or angled. They can be installed to look formal or rustic in a way that complements any size yard or any style home.

Choosing Form and Function

Any nature stone walls and landscaping designs have the job of helping with drainage, preventing flooding, keeping erosion at bay and beautifying the surroundings. All you need to do is decide upon the designs that will best fit your style.

A professional landscape or hard scape company can assist you with ensuring any functional needs are met by your nature stone wall. With their help, the wall will last for years.

Natural stone walls are excellent for creating landscapes along steep hill slopes. You may have thought you couldn’t landscape any steep areas in your yard, but you can. With nature stone, you can create garden paths along the slope to create an incredible charm.

You can decide how you want your wall to look. Create your own vision and implement it with the help of your hard scape professional.

Some nature stone walls and landscaping arrangements need to keep a sloped or hilly area from eroding. This is necessary to keep any and all plants there healthy, but it also helps keep erosion from causing more problems in the future, including protecting your home’s foundation from destabilizing.

Leave the engineering to the professionals so that a secure, stable installation job can be done right the first time with the right materials. You can take over the job of deciding how the wall should look.

It is not worth it to build your own wall with natural stone only to have a flood wipe it out or damage it. Trust a landscape professional to handle the design and construction while you work on creating the most attractive looking garden or patio.

Find qualified professionals near you to offer the design plans as well as samples of the types of stone you can use to build your gorgeous retaining walls.

The company you choose will probably have a website filled with sample photographs of their previous projects and designs. Use these as inspiration to create your designs and also use the website to choose the perfect stones for those designs.

Design Ideas

Stone walls work to fluidly blend your home’s design with nature in a harmonious manner. They can enhance patio areas, add dimension to flower beds and they can even make your outdoor living room or kitchen look like something out of an architectural magazine.

These walls can actually be crafted into seating areas around fire pits or near water features. They can surround or accent water features. Your outdoor space will be made to look elegant, natural and relaxing.

What many of your friends and family may not realize is how big of a job many of the wall areas have to keep your home and yard safe from flooding or other ground debris following a huge rain storm in your area.

If you want, you can see natural stone samples in person before choosing them. Your hard scape or landscape company can come to your home with them for you to look at, or you can visit a local showroom.

You are sure to find a beautiful stone that is right for your landscaping desires after taking the time to see all the stones available. They are available in an array of natural shades from browns to grays to so much more.

Installing your stone wall can transform your patio. You can take the existing patio and add definition and texture to create a patio where you will enjoy the beauty of the rest of your landscape. The stones can enhance any furnishings you have or any lighting you have set up on your patio.

Do not forget that, with your hard scape professional’s help, you can even build custom features like benches to put around your garden. You can even take individual stones and set them up in various arrangements around outdoor lighting fixtures to hide them in the day, and make them light up with a magical hue at night.

Make your home as beautiful on the outside as you have it on the inside. See what working with nature stone and landscaping designs can do for you garden and outdoor areas.

You can get the best of both function and form with them and increase your home’s value. Many of your stone wall creations will keep your yard and home safe as well as something to treasure for many years to come.