Spending time outdoors is beneficial for the children. Fresh air is good for their health, and they have the opportunity to learn, explore, interact and challenge themselves when they are outside.

But because children these days are exposed to different gadgets like PlayStation, cellphones, Xbox, laptops and tablets, they often spend the whole day inside the house lying on the bed or couch.

The garden is one of the best places that the parents may use to encourage their kids to get out and discover nature, so you must make your gardens appealing to the children. Here are some tips you can use in making kid friendly gardens that they would love to hang out at without you even forcing them:

How To Get Started

The first thing you should do is to create a plan for garden. Ask for the opinion of every member of the family so that the children will get excited from the start.

1. Brainstorm with the whole family.
Gather everyone’s ideas. List down all their suggestions and choose which of the ideas are possible and easy to build.

2. Think of a garden theme.
Ask your children about what theme they might like for the garden. You may try Alphabet Garden, Rainbow Garden and Candy Garden as your theme.

3. Plan according to space.
You should consider the size of the garden when planning. You should also take note of the type of soil and the amount of sunlight available on your garden. Make a sketch of your garden and decide the items you would like to put on the available space.

Choosing The Items For Your Garden

This is the most exciting part. Make sure that everyone is involved in selecting the garden items.

1. List down kid-friendly plants.

You can include flowers and vegetables on your list. Make sure that that the ones included on your list are colorful and attractive for the children. They should match the color of the garden. You may include the following flowers on your options: chrysanthemums, sunflower, spiderwort, geraniums and petunias. You may also like to consider vegetables such as pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, peas, beans and tomatoes. Remember to get rid of dangerous plants when you are making kid friendly gardens.

2. Allow the children to choose what they like.

Let the children decide what they would like to grow in the garden. After all, you are doing this for the kids. Kids will likely prefer those plants they know.

3. Consider the decorations and other kid-friendly items.

Here are some of the additional items you can add to make your garden more attractive for the kids:

A) Artificial Grass
It can provide a soft surface for the children. It may also prevent the children from getting injured since they are likely to run around while playing. Artificial grass is convenient because it doesn’t need maintenance and watering. There would be no mud in case it rains and you don’t have the burden of cutting it because it will not grow.

B) Water
Children love to play with water. You can add water to your garden by creating a fountain. You can put colored marbles and pebbles to make it more attractive. Make it complete by adding a waterfall.

C) Old Tires
Paint the old tires and use it as decoration. You can also make a tire swing if your children are old enough to play with it.

D) Miniatures and Gardening Tools for kids
Put up some decorative fairy objects or create a mini safari park with plastic animals.

Keeping the Kids Interested

The most difficult part is keeping the kids interested in your garden and getting them involved in the growing process of the plants. Try the tips below:

1. Let them dig into the garden.

Children love to get dirty and digging and watering the plants can be fun for them. Let them do the planting and allow them to get muddy. Remember that they should enjoy gardening. Do not scold them for small mistakes.

2. Let them hold the garden tools.

The size of the garden tools you should buy must be colorful and appropriate for them. Giving them the chance to use these tools help them learn and discover what those things are for.

3. Start a contest.

You can start a photo contest for your children.  Let them take photos of the flowers and vegetables you are growing and give them prizes and toys related to gardening.

Parents nowadays are faced with the challenge of encouraging their children to go out and have outdoor activities. The tips given above will surely make your kid enjoy outdoor life. Making kid friendly gardens is very helpful in getting the childrens attention and having them engaged in activities that can help them learn and grow.