A very important consideration to make when you are trying to sell your home is to improve the exterior. This could be a paint job, a new roof, or perhaps touching up the trim, but there is something that may also be just as important.

The landscaping that surrounds your home should be immaculate, something that is able to attract a person’s attention, potentially captivate them, motivating them to find out more about the home that you have for sale.

There are many things that you can do in order to improve the appearance of your property, tips on landscaping to sell your home.

Why Landscaping Is Important

When a prospective buyer looks at the images of your home on the web, and especially when they do a drive-by, the first impression that they get can mean the difference between being able to sell the home or not.

First impressions are very important in social situations, and they also apply to the things that people want to buy. If your yard has not been mowed in many weeks, and the flower bed is dead, these are clear signs to the person that might want to purchase the home that it might not be right for them.

Landscaping creates an image in their mind of what it might be like for them to live at your house. If the first thing that they see is chaos, they will probably move on to something else.

Where To Begin With Landscaping

The very first place that everyone starts is the front yard, that which is facing the street. Doing a drive-by, you should be personally impressed with what you see, otherwise imagine what the other person might be thinking.

It needs to be perfect, everything manicured to the smallest detail, creating a picture-perfect scene. That is your goal when landscaping the front of your home which may include trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn, and ensuring that any type of flower bed is healthy and well kept.

In the backyard, this is the area that typically seals the deal when people come to visit. They will want to see a manicured backyard, flowerbeds if you have any, and trees that have been pruned. Now let’s look at some ways to improve your landscaping if it is very basic as described above.

Using just a few of these suggestions for the front and back of your home can almost ensure that an interested buyer will actually go through with the deal. Now let’s look at some ways to improve landscaping to sell your home.

Ways To Improve Your Landscaping

One way to impress people that are walking up to your home is to put in some type of stone walkway. This could be couple stone or brick, something that looks elegant and potentially European, adding to the appearance and value of the home.

Along the way, there should be flowers on the side, or a linear rock garden with different sized stones of many different colors. As they are walking up, the yard should be perfectly cut, perhaps with ornaments such as gnomes, or adding a fountain out in front of your home can also sealed the deal.

If you are doing landscaping in the back, it’s always important to have as many flowers as possible in a multitude of colors. There is no need for a walkway, but if you do have a patio, make sure that it is swept.

If you have a deck that circumvents the house, be sure to have it freshly painted or stained. This will give the home a much newer appearance, and in doing so, it will allow you to command a higher asking price that the buyer will not have a problem with.

Things To Avoid With Landscaping

Sometimes the problem with landscaping is not so much what you forget to do, but the mistakes that you make if you are trying to landscape at all. For instance, if you are putting groundcover over the areas where you have flowers, they can become over exuberant, growing too fast and giving the wrong appearance.

If you are putting in a rock garden, there is no need to add too many rocks or it will simply look like a pile of stones that is out of place. Likewise, if you are planting flowers, there is no need to land 30 or 40 different types of flowers packed into one small area as this will give the impression that everything is overgrown.

Finally, in the back you need to make sure that everything is orderly, from the patio table and is positioning to the barbecue if you have one in the back. Essentially, you don’t want anything to look cluttered, giving the impression that there is not a lot of space on the exterior of your home, a common reason that people often backout of purchasing a home before the deal is done.

Advanced Landscaping Ideas

If you have a little extra money, you might want to consider hiring a professional that can come out to evaluate your situation. They will take into account everything that needs to be done such as the existing living elements such as the flowers that you are planted, a garden if you have one, and the type of trees that you have on your property.

They will also evaluate the natural elements of your property which can be different for homes that are on small or large parcels. They will look at the terrain, different landforms that may be in the background that can be used to your advantage, something that only a landscaper with horticulture and artistic design skills with be able to notice and utilize in improving your landscaping.

Other forms of landscaping include Aquascaping which is the use of fountains and aquatic plants, carefully constructed using stones, rocks, or even driftwood. Arboriculture is the management of the different plants that you have, as well as the trees, which may include vines, shrubs, and perennials.

All of this will be very obvious to a trained expert in landscaping, and they will be able to present ideas to you very quickly. Based on the recommendations, you can get them started as soon as possible, preferably prior to your realtor coming out to take pictures and people driving by to look at your house.

Although it may seem like a simple project, landscaping your front and backyard, it actually takes an artistic eye. The proper positioning of plants, rocks, and vines that are growing on your house or fence, can make or break the overall appearance.

Whether you decide to add a fountain, a stone walkway, or create a brand-new patio outback, all of this can contribute to the final image in the minds of potential buyers that they will remember, and image that should motivate them to consider purchasing your home based upon implementing these ideas for landscaping to sell your home.