It won’t be wrong to say that summer is the most challenging seasons for maintaining lawns and growing plants. The soil starts drying and plants start wilting with rising temperatures. You may also have to face water restrictions that make plant hydration difficult.

Your garden, lawns, trees, flowers and plants may undergo irreparable damages without proper hydration and therefore, it is important to take proper precautions to ensure that your plants and lawn remains alive during the summer season.

On the other hand, the warm weather during the summer months allows you to spend some relaxing time outdoors. Homeowners should take advantage of the summer months to landscape their home as it not only creates beauty around the home but also increases the value of a home. Here are a few useful landscaping tips for summer.

Summer months are going to be extremely hard on the average grass lawn. Keeping your lawn alive during the summer months can be extremely challenging. It is important to keep in mind that grass lawns can survive during these hot summer months if they have deep root systems. Therefore, the key to keep your grass is greener during the summer months is to encourage deep root development.

The best way to achieve that is to water the lawn for longer durations but less frequently. It is also important that you raise the blade on the lawn mower and allowed the grass to stand at a higher level. It allows roots to grow deeper and it also helps in discouraging the growth of weed which means that you will need to use lesser amount of herbicides.

One of the most often recommended landscaping tips for summer is addition of points of light to the backyards. Evenings are perfect for homeowners to enjoy their backyards. Many people find it comforting and enjoyable to spend some time on their patios and decks for enjoying the late sunset as well as the cool night air. Thanks to the advances in technology and high demand, solar lighting is available for cheap these days.

One of the best ways to add some points of light to outdoor entertaining spaces is to add some solar landscaping lighting to your backyard. You do not need to spend too much money for these lights as these are available for cheap and there is no increase in energy costs.

These self-contained solar lights can be placed around the pole, mounted on the frames, placed underneath the flowering bushes or you can also hang them on trees for a relaxed summer evening.

To add a vertical element to the landscape, you can create shade by adding a pergola to the landscape. This is perfect for lawns that do not have any mature trees. As far as the planting for a pergola is concerned, you can approach it in many different ways. If you want constant colour, you may choose to plant various flowers that bloom at different times of the year.

You may also plant some flowers that attract butterflies and bees. For instance Cypress Vine is available in various colours; it grows fast and attracts birds. Experts recommend mixing slower growing perennials and fast growing vines to add colour to the pergola. This not only provides shade but also provide enough time for the perennials to grow. You may also add some evergreen climbing plants to the mix.

One of the better ways to landscape is to break of various spaces in the yard as per their usage. This not only helps in reducing the amount of money spent on maintenance but it also helps in reducing time and effort needed for the maintenance. The overall landscaping plan should also take into account access to various utilities for watering and electrical outlets.

If a portion of the yard needs to be dedicated to children’s play, you can have a sturdy turf that can withstand a lot of sunlight and air. On the other hand, you can plant more delicate plants in areas that do not see too much foot traffic.

Low maintenance shrubs should be planted in areas that are difficult to access. You may also plant vegetables and high maintenance flowers near your house to make it easy to attend to them on a daily basis.

The best way to cool the landscape is to add some water features. Adding some moisture to the air during the summer weather cools down the landscape and it is also a pleasure to watch. These are not expensive as there are a number of convenient project kits available on the market today that allow you to add a fountain or a pond to the landscape easily. These not only cool down the landscape but also add a soothing feeling to a hectic day.

If you take all the proper precautions and follow the advice given by experts, but still notice that the lawn is not growing, it is important that you get the soil tested. There are a number of lawn care services that can perform a cheap soil test to improve the lawn. The lack of growth may be due to the lack of right nutrients in the soil. It is also possible that the soil may need cultivation or aeration on a regular basis.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind that the fertiliser needed for use during the summer months is different from the fertiliser to be used on winter lawns. Choosing the right type of fertiliser depends on the condition of the grass, location as well as some other local factors.

These are some of the landscaping tips for summer that will help you in keeping the grass green and enjoy the summer months in the outdoors. Do not forget to water your lawn as advised above to ensure that it takes deep roots and does not wilt in the hot summer months.