Having a home pool is something to be very proud of you like to swim or just enjoy the soothing comfort it provides. You don’t need to actually swim in the pool to enjoy it, since today you will find backyards that have a pool as the centerpiece make for a very creative landscaping project.

With so many choices for landscaping around a pool, it is important that you choose something that is functional and fits well into the surrounding area. In other words, you do want it to stand out a look great, but you don’t want it to take away from the natural beauty that the pool offers. The surrounding landscape should compliment the design and shape of the pool so everything flows naturally.

There are many companies that specialize in creating a backyard oasis for those people who love to vacation at home. Today you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy vacations when you can have all of that right at home.

Even better if you live in a warm climate where you can take advantage of the pool all year round and everything else you create in your backyard.

When we think about landscaping around a pool many ideas might come into your head. First and foremost you should take a look at the design of the pool, how much property you have surrounding it and what would you like to accomplish.

If you are someone who throws a lot of backyard parties, you may want a bigger patio surrounding the pool where people can congregate. If you are a party person you probably want to keep the flower beds and wood chips, rocks and boulders away from the walkways to give the area a more open space. This allows people to walk around and not be confined to one particular area.

Many people love to accent their pool with an outdoor kitchen. This is a true backyard oasis when you build a covered kitchen area close to the pool.

You can have something custom built so it naturally flows with the design and shape of the pool all while not getting in the way. Around the kitchen area you can create seating that overlooks the pool. Of course with kitchen you have so many ideas that it can take up an entirely new article.

For outdoor kitchen designs search the internet to see how homeowners integrate them as a landscape project around the pool.

The landscaping around the pool is going to be determined by your budget. The more money you have to spend, the fancier designs you can come up with. This is mostly true when creating gardens or putting in big boulders and stones that tend to be very pricey.

A lot of people like the look of big boulders surrounding the pool area. In fact they like it next to the spa, or a part of the pool area where a waterfall is created.

When trying to create a waterfall effect usually big boulders are necessary, unless you want something that is already prefabricated. Most of the time however people who do have waterfalls flowing into their pool like to go all out and spend the extra money creating big rock formations. Out of these rock formations comes a waterfall that looks spectacular.

It is better to have flower plantings and wood chips outside the immediate pool area, perhaps off to the side of the deck or patio where that stuff cannot get into the pool.

If dirt or wood chips are too close to the pool people may step on it and the result is that you will have a lot of that stuff floating in the pool. It can clog the filter and drain causing all sorts of problems.

Custom made stone work surrounding the pool area is always very nice, and you can accent that with strategically placed lighting. On top of the stones you can have rocks, boulders and a flower bed that is higher up. Inside that can be placed a lot of colored lights, giving the backyard a very nice glow at night.

All walkways and paths can be custom designed depending how much you want to spend. You can have a wood deck surrounding the pool, stepping stones and rocks, or just plain cement that can be colored to look nice.

All the walkways should be accented with nice lighting so people can find their way around the backyard, and in some areas you can have fancy ropes to that are tied to wood posts sort of like how you see on boardwalks.

With so many different designs landscaping around a pool can be a fun project that you figure out yourself. You can do this today thanks to so many wonderful online pool designs where it is easy to see what others have created.

Taking their designs and using them to create something that flows well in your own backyard, while taking into account your property shape can end up looking spectacular.

You don’t need to be an award winning landscape designer in order to create an oasis of fun in your backyard. Using the pool as the centerpiece, there are so many different creations you can come up with that your friends and family will simply love.

Now you have no reason to spend money on costly vacations when you have it all right here at home!