Landscaping is in essence as much about what you don’t see as what you do see. Aesthetically landscaping needs to look good and it also need to be structurally sound and functional. one of the most important aspects of landscaping is the drainage. The only time drainage is appreciated is when it is raining. The rest of the time it doesn’t even really get noticed, especially if the drainage is well done. Anyone can dig a large trench through the middle of your yard to give the water somewhere to run, however it does not look very good.
Drainage should be considered as part of the landscape project as a whole and include solutions such as:-
-setting landscape levels to ensure that water is directed to drain points, street, away from the house.
-implementation of swales and spoon drains
-the use of gravel drains and agg pipes
-the use of pits, strip drains and concealed drains.
-underground piping of water, including extra drain lines if required to accept flows of stormwater
-as a last resort the use of pumps, sumps and pit drains.
Most drainage solutions are not very aesthetically pleasing ,so good landscaping will be built around making the drainage work whilst making it, if not invisible, at least as well concealed as possible. When you are planning your landscape project make sure you consider the drainage first. Ask your contractor what solutions they intend to implement during the construction of your landscape project.