Building a new deck is a great way to make use of the outdoor space. However, the problem a lot of people have is they are not sure what timber they should be using on their decks. Here is some information that will make it easier for people to know what type of features to look for in the timber they are going to want to use on their decking.

Treated lumber is the first thing that people need to look for. When people are building using finished lumber, it needs to be pressure treated and meant for decks. This means people will find the cost is slightly higher, but the treated lumber will have a tendency to last quite a bit longer than what people think. However, if people are using raw wood for their decks, they need to make sure the timber pieces are wood that is bug resistant and rot resistant.

Color of the wood is something else for people to look for. While most people never think about the appearance of the wood, they need to consider the look of the wood. Most of the time people never even realize different types of wood has different color patterns. However, when people are serious about getting a natural looking deck, they need to know about the look of the wood and how it will hold up over time. Sometimes people will think they do not need to get a specialized wood because they can use a stain, but they need to realize over time the stains can fade and require upkeep to maintain the great look.

Footers are needed for a deck and often the footers have to go down into the ground. Since this is the case, people need to make sure the boards they are going to use is ground rated. By getting boards that are only rated for the ground, people can use the dirt from the hole to stabilize the porch, but also avoid pouring any type of concrete into the ground.

Weight bearing of the boards should be a factor as well. When people are building a deck, they normally do not want to have the deck collapse or not be used. So people need to consider the load bearing capability of the decking materials. This means people need to research the wood and timber to see how much weight it can support and figure out how many people can be on the deck at any given time.

While most people, when they decide to build a deck, rely on the builder to select the wood, they need to know some features to look for in the best timber. By knowing these features, it is rather easy for people to find the right timber for their deck on their own. Without this knowledge, people may end up relying on the builder to give them the right information only to find out they were not getting the right wood for their deck or are getting wood that is cheaper in quality.