A garden is one of the best places that you can spend your time during the spring and summer months. It is a place that you can grow virtually anything including vegetables that you will eat, and flowers that you will have on your property.

Many people find gardens to be very relaxing, not only because of their appearance, but they are addicted to planting and growing many different things. It is a form of relaxation to people that they simply cannot get anywhere else, and because of this, they will often spend quite a bit of time looking at many different garden design ideas. Here are 8 garden design ideas that you can consider for your garden this year prior to the planting season.

Plant In A Circle

Most people that plant a garden will do so in either a square or rectangular area. This is the traditional way that any type of garden looks. There are many reasons for this including the convenience of using your rototiller to till the soil before you begin to plant, allowing you to simply go back and forth until you are done.

A circular garden will require you to do the same thing, but to go in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. The benefit of having a garden that is circular in formation is that it looks unique, and by adding pathways through the garden like a mandala, you can easily create a very peaceful atmosphere in which you can plant your garden.

Combine Different Crops

Another way that you can make your garden unique is to plant your crops in certain areas that will create an end result that is beautiful. You may want to consider planting corn in the center, and then planting all of the other vegetables around the corner, creating a fountain like appearance.

By adding pathways to the corn, you can easily tend to all of the other crops you have planted, plus it will be very easy to water. You can add flowers on the perimeter of the garden to create a literal work of art that is easy to care for and will also provide you with plenty of healthy food.

Plant Under A Pergola

Similar to a gazebo, you could create an pergola with a lattice structure up on top. This is something that you could probably make in the span of a day, and because the top is not completely covered, it will provide plenty of sunlight for all of the things that you are growing.

Although these are typically erected over a walkway, these are also great for gardens. If your garden is larger, it could form the entryway to the garden, making it look very elegant.

Add Raised Garden Beds

An easy way for you to prevent animals that live under the ground such as gophers from getting to your crops, especially carrots and turnips, is to actually plant them in a raised Garden box, one that is sitting several feet off of the ground, that you water and care for every day.

This allows you to segregate everything very nicely, and also prevent your crops from being eaten. If you make the boxes nicely, it can actually add quite a bit to your landscaping in your backyard.

Create A Rock Garden

Although a traditional rock garden is comprised of many different types of rock which will include igneous, metamorphic and others, your goal would be to create a rock garden that is in the midst of your actual garden, creating a landscaping masterpiece.

Some people will either build a perimeter using rocks, and also outline the walkway which will allow you to tend to each particular crop you have planted. Others will choose a central location to place their rock garden, becoming a central point of attention.

Make A Fountain Garden

Since you will already have water coming out to this area, you might want to consider adding a fountain in the midst of the crops you are growing. Most of the seeds that you plant will not grow very tall, so the fountain will not be obscured.

You should consider picking one up from your local home improvement store, one that has a very naturalistic appearance. By placing it by itself in the middle, or purchasing multiple fountains that can be situated throughout the garden, it will create a very unique experience for you and those that visit the garden.

Create A Container Garden

Similar to the raised garden beds, a raised container garden can include anything from flowers to vegetables that you want to grow. These are actually mobile, to some degree, allowing you to reposition the different plants and flowers at different locations as you see fit.

Unlike a raised garden bed which will require a couple of people to help you do the same thing, by placing most of the plants that you will grow in medium-size containers, you can create a different landscape every day. There is one final idea to consider for these 8 Garden design ideas, one that involves the use of sand.

Make A Sand Garden

This is a unique idea which more than likely originates from Eastern countries where water is scarce. There is also a bit of classical feng shui built into this idea. You will have specific areas of your garden where you will plant flowers and vegetables, and other areas that are designated with just sand and stones.

Eastern tradition often shows people concentrating on areas where sand and stones are together, creating a very meditative experience. By properly positioning everything, using feng shui, it can create a very balanced and peaceful place where you can relax at the end of the day. Best of all, you are going to spend half the time watering because half of your garden will be made of sand.

These 8 garden design ideas are actually easy to make. It doesn’t take a lot to be creative, especially if you have done this before. Most people that plant a garden simply go out to the garden area, dig a trench, and plant their seeds.

By using one of these 8 garden design ideas, you can create a masterpiece in your backyard, or even in your front yard, that people will want to look at. Of course, you have the benefit of also having access to all of this organically grown produce that will keep your family healthy.

However, at the same time, you can have fun building these gardens, and also sitting within them once you are done watering and weeding, creating a very peaceful moment.