Are you looking to plant new things on your yard? Are you looking to start your own garden in your backyard? Whatever the case, here are the top 7 landscaping tips you should know. There are lots of decisions that go into landscaping and for a newbie, it can be quite overwhelming. However, with the right guidance you will have a fresh idea on where to start and continue from there. Certainly there are more than 7 landscaping tips that can come in handy in any situation but these are just the start.

1.    Make A List Of The Top Priorities

If you have a large yard, you might need to write down a list of what you need or want. For instance, are you looking to install a patio? Do you need to start growing vegetables in your backyard? Or do your kids need some space for their recreational activities? Before you get down to work, you could try making some sketches of what will go where and how to achieve everything on your list of priorities. Remember, nothing has been written on the wall yet but rather, these are just rough sketches of what your yard will look like. You can play around with the sketches till you have the right design for your landscape. Even better, you can ask for advice from people in your close circle or even professional landscapers.

2.    Studying The Weather And Climate Patterns

Certainly, if you are looking to add a patio in the backyard, you need to study the wind or sun patterns. The patio needs to be completely sheltered against any direct sunlight without compromising on the whole design or idea. Also, if you are looking to install a barbecue pit in your yard, you certainly need to study the wind patterns otherwise you will never be able to light up the grill. These are some of the few mistakes that beginners to landscaping often make. However, if you have studied the behavior of these natural elements throughout the year, you should have no problem.

3.    Avoid Making Rash Decisions

For most homeowners, the joy of having the best landscaping designs and ideas come to life can be quite overwhelming. However in the rush of installing these ideas, eventually the long term appearance isn’t good enough. Therefore, take a few months before installing anything and picture how your yard will look once its completed. With these ideas in your mind, you can go ahead and start working on your yard.

4.    Avoid Extravagant Or Giant Landscaping Ideas

If you have been watching the home makeover shows on TV, you are likely to get enticed by the large landscaping ideas and embark on the same road. However, unlike these shows, you don’t have a large crew to make your backyard ideas come to life. Therefore, don’t be extravagant especially if you don’t have the time and space in your backyard. Take your time and avoid sloppy landscaping mistakes that will haunt you forever.

5.    Find A Focal Point And Start There

With a new house and backyard, there are bound to be many landscaping ideas that come to mind. However, you definitely need to start somewhere in order for your ideas to come to life. That’s why it’s important to find a focal point and start there. Whether it’s a sculpture or a water feature, you can work around that and develop your yard according to your designs.

6.    Proper Spacing And Scaling

Definitely, your yard will have an exceptional look if you take into account proper scale and spacing. If there are any water features or sculptures in your garden, make sure everything is spaced perfectly for the best overall look. Don’t forget to add some cohesion by repeating some shapes, plants, colors or anything else that adds some edge to the whole design.

7.    Be Open To Changing Some Things

There are new landscaping ideas, tricks and designs that are revealed every new day so you should be open to changing your original ideas to accommodate new ones any time of the day.

As a beginner to landscaping, always practice patience. Nothing will fall into place upon the first try but with these amazing 7 landscaping tips, you shouldn’t have a problem.