Landscaping can be best defined as the art of improving a land/property’s value by making it environment and family friendly. Although most people see it as a mere waste of money, landscaping has many positive effects on the outdoor space and adds more than just the appearance of a home. Discussed below are seven landscaping facts that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Improves property value:

Having a professional landscaper landscape your home makes your property more attractive and appealing, which increases its base value. Many homeowners take advantage of a well-manicured landscape to sell their properties. Moreover, a well-landscaped landscape does attract high-value tenants and buyers, which means it will fetch more money than it would it wasn’t well designed.

2. Environmental impact:

Flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges planted for beautification purposes has many environmental benefits. To begin with, these entire floras do provide a habitat for birds and insects that are beautiful to watch. In addition to this, the trees and flowers help cleanse the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants while releasing oxygen into the air. This means the air around the landscaped property will be oxygen-rich and very clean.

3. Landscaping creates a safe haven for wildlife:

This is especially the point for vast lands with homesteads in the middle. Planting trees, grass, flowers, edges and life fences not only makes your properly more appealing but also attracts other beauties such as insects, birds and squirrels among others. Using natural landscaping features such as life fence, flower gardens, and waterfalls, also attracts many other animals and fish as well. This means you can step outside and enjoy the beauty of nature in your home.

4. Energy conservation:

Garden landscaping in and around your property does help in lower utility bills thus leading to energy conservation. How, you may ask. Planting trees on your home/property provides protective cover against harsh winter winds during the cold season, which means your home is protected against the extreme coldness. These trees also help capture the winter sun and provide a protective shelter and shade in summer. This means the HVAC systems won’t have to run on full power, or all day long to keep your house cool. Thanks to professional landscaping, your energy bills will be much lower. This is one of the many landscaping facts that many people know very little about

5. Improves property functionality:

Some plots of land are often seen as a wasteland. This be because the place is marshy, or its gradient too steep for any structure to be erected on. The good news about this is that, a professional landscaper can improve the plots functionality by redesigning its slope. This however require earth moving machines, architectural wisdom, knowledge, and precise placing to make the plot usable. Although most professional landscapers may have all the required machinery and devices for the job, many of them can hire the devices/machinery to make the task possible. It doesn’t matter how sloppy or swampy your piece of land is, a professional landscaper can transform it into a highly productive piece of land.

6. Cost:

The initial professional landscaping cost may cost anything between a few hundred to a thousand dollars. This however depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to convert the plot into a paradise. This also depends on the type of machinery and efforts that require precision to achieve the desired professional look. Although the initial task lies with the landscaper, it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure everything is maintained properly. This includes replacing plants, watering, buying pesticides and fertilizers, as well as sealing wood decks. Although many people see this as an unnecessary cost, the cost of maintaining a well-landscaped property is minuscule when compared to the initial costs.

7. Creates liveable buffer zones:

It doesn’t matter where your property is located, a landscaper can transform it by creating green buffer zones that make it healthier and more fun to live in. The landscaper can design the property in such a way that, it reduces heat radiation and noise pollution, especially in noisy neighborhoods. Moreover, landscaping helps in soil conservation through soil erosion control, evaporation control as well as reducing stormwater runoffs that result to flooding.

From the landscaping facts discussed above, it is clear that landscaping has many beneficial impacts on the society, the environment, the economy and many health reasons. Although the initial costs may seem like unnecessary spending, benefits that come from the same are far more beneficial. This because your property will not only have a higher value but also attract high value and prominent tenants as well as help conserve the environment. Planting trees does help preserve the environment as it purifies the air, safeguards our homes from draught, and also prevent desert encroachment. A well-landscaped property is more fun and healthier to live in as compared to any other property in your neighborhood. You can save lots of money in the long run by having your home landscaped.