What Is A Landscape Architect

You have built your dream home and feel like you are on top of the world. A good house is best complemented with a fantastic outdoor design that will make the home a joy to the eye. Most people often take the matters concerning their outdoor living space into their hands and decide to go DIY.

This is a perfect idea that will help you save a couple of bucks and get yourself worked up. Why shouldn’t you let the professionals handle it? It is evident that a professional will get the work done better and make your outdoor space a haven.

The professionals who deal with the outdoor living spaces are referred to as the landscape architects.Most people are not conversant with these professionals and keep on wondering what is a landscape architect. The answers to this question is right below.

What Is A Landscape Architect?

This is an expert who works on landscape architecture. Landscape architecture refers to the design of outdoor area to achieve the desired aesthetic outcomes. This process starts with a careful analysis of the existing social, ecological and soil conditions of the outdoor space in question before coming up with designs that will bring the desired outcome. In a nutshell, a landscape architect is a person who creates beautiful outdoor spaces.

In the modern day, this professional’s duties range from planning, site studies, landscape design and project implementation. The projects can vary in magnitude and nature and could residential designs, recreational parks, educational areas, and industrial projects among others.


Landscape architects are educated experts as they have to undergo some rigorous training before earning their tag. The first requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree in any renown University. In this degree, individuals are enlightened on the concepts associated with biological sciences and horticultural practices.

This gives them a better understanding of the plant life and all that is needed when working with natural beings, specifically the plants and animals affected by the plant life directly. Usually, degrees in this field take four years, but in some cases, they may extend up to five years.

Learners spend a lot of time in their laboratories as most of their work will be practical and not theoretical. They also get trained on coming up with landscape designs on paper and developing proper proposals that are used to back these designs.

Attaining a Degree is not the end of the road as graduates need to pass an examination administered by a relevant Landscape Architecture regulation board. For instance, in the United States, one must pass the Landscape Architectural Registration Examination before earning the tag.

Why Should You Hire One?

The queries associated with what is a landscape architect have been answered and their job has been clearly expalined. However, some people are not entirely convinced that they need a landscape architect and would prefer to do the work on their own.

Several benefits come with hiring a professional landscape architect. There is a clear distinction between a garden that has been done by a DIY enthusiast and those done by a professional. Below are some reasons why you should hire one;

They Increase the Value of Your Home.

Getting a landscape architect to work on your garden is one of the most prudent investments for your home. This does not only apply to the homes but also to the spaces that are worked on by these professionals.

Going to the specifics, a properly done outdoor space can increase the property’s value up to fifteen percent. An architect is well positioned to come up with the best design there is. This does not only add value to the property but also extends your living space.

Fountains, fire places, and patios are examples of things that will make you spend more time outdoors. These features are seen to appreciate in value with each passing year as opposed to the unprofessionally placed landscape features that start losing value the minute they are installed.

They Have Plans.

This is a great advantage of hiring a landscape architect. These professionals do not view outdoor spaces the way any ordinary person would do. They consider the landscapes as systems and analyze all the problems associated with your area technically before coming up with possibilities and plans that will create a bigger picture of how your space should look like.

They come in handy when it comes to the details as they help you select the ideal materials, styles, and colors for your project. They help split the facts to you and leave you with an easy task of selecting the final pieces based on your desires. In such cases, you cannot go wrong as they will explain to you the benefits and demerits of each option you are thinking of.

They Design Low Maintenance Gardens.

Depending on your preferences, a landscape architect can make your outdoor project a low maintenance, good looking haven. These professionals know the kind of plants that are favored by the climate in your area and those that need a lot of maintenance.

Normally, you have to select a compromise between the low and high maintenance ones. The high maintenance plants look better than the low ones but require regular trimming.

The native ones, on the other hand, are not the best looking but have the benefit of being robust and hardy. They can survive through any condition, and once they have fully grown, they are ready to go.

These are the two options people have when designing outdoor projects. However, an architect can come up with a mixture of the two and inform you about the plants that will need regular care. If your area is flood prone, then you have nothing to worry about as an architect will design your outdoor project in a manner that will not be affected by the floods.

This includes the drainage systems and the plants that are not vulnerable to the effects of floods. In a nutshell, an architect will optimize your outdoor space to the conditions of the place you live in.

They Offer Expertise from The Beginning To The End.

Proper landscape architects will give you the required assistance from the beginning to the end. These experts take their projects seriously and would not want to see something they started off with being run down.

This is because their reputation is based on the projects they have worked on before. Right from the prior analysis of your project all the way to the finishing touches, this professional will be there for you.

Whenever you are required to come in, they will effectively communicate and tell you what you are supposed to do. Even after the completion of the project, these professionals will pass by and give you some advice on what you should do on certain parts of the outdoor space in a bid to keep things looking good.

They Help Detect Problems and Help You Avoid Costly Landscaping Mistakes.

You may nice spot and decide to develop an outdoor project on that space. From a layman’s perspective, the things you will typically consider are the proximity to social amenities and climatic conditions of the area among others.

You cannot understand the nature of that landscape and whether it is suitable for what you are thinking about. A landscape architect can greatly help you detect these issues with the landscape and advise you accordingly. If the space is not suitable for what you want to put up, they can come up with suggestions on viable alternatives.

Deciding to go DIY on your landscape projects is a risky venture. You may set up features that will disrupt the flow in your home. These are some deadly mistakes that are very costly to correct. Why make these errors and then hire a landscape architecture to fix them? You are better off hiring the expert from the beginning and saving yourself the trouble and money.

How Do You Hire One?

From the process of becoming a qualified landscape architect, it is quite evident that not every professional
practicing out there went through the process successfully. Some of them could have found things to be tough and opted for shortcuts. In that accord, it is essential to always prudent to hire a diligent landscape architect.

Hiring an incompetent one is even worse than going DIY since you spend money on redundant work. Below are some tips for hiring a suitable landscape architect for you.

Area Of Specialization.

Landscape Architects learn the same things in school but when they venture into the market, they differentiate, and their careers take different turns. Regarding on the kind of outdoor project you have in mind, ensure you find an architect that is specialized in what you want.

Hiring an architect who is specialized in designing massive commercial outdoor projects for your small backyard will be not only costly but also wrong.

Educational Background.

Ensure an architect is qualified before hiring them. The educational experience is the first check in determining whether one is suitable for the job or not. Avoid all the ones who try to take you in circles when you ask them about their educational qualifications.


All countries have bodies that are responsible for licensing these professionals to go out and practice. Licensing is a good indicator of whether one is reliable or not. It also gives you a place to go and lodge your complaint in case the professional shortchanges you in any way.

Licensing boards evaluate these professionals before giving them the licenses. These evaluations are based on their educational background and work experience. Those involved in any malpractice are often rejected or punished in one way or another.

Previous Works

This is a great way of gauging the person you want to hire. Whenever you meet any potential landscape architects, ask for their past projects and see what they look like. These professionals are in a way artistic people and their preferred style and designs can be seen from the work they have done. If the projects are good as per what you want, go on and hire the professional since you have an idea of what to expect at the completion stage of your project.

Reputation And Referrals.

Try and find out what people say about a particular architect before hiring them. If you find that most people keep pointing towards a particular professional due to their strong reputation, consider them. Reputation in this field is built from the good job done over the years, and it indicates a high customer satisfaction rate.

The question “What is a landscape architect?” has been exhaustively answered as well as what their job entails. There are plenty of them out there and selecting one should not give you something to worry about. Let them work on your outdoor spaces and avoiding making costly mistakes that you will live regretting.